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Marketing Automation Law Firms


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Law firms have traditionally failed to embrace the values of marketing automation and relied on traditional single channel platforms. For those firms that are willing to take a closer look, marketing automation can not only help save time and money, it can also increase the book of business of current clients and help convert prospects to new clients.

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Marketing Automation Law Firms

  1. 1. Marketing Automation in Law Firms
  2. 2. Presenter • Marketing Leader with over 17 years of experience in B2B direct market strategies; 8 years experience in Marketing Automation • Experience with integrated, global multi-channel demand generation marketing programs including marketing automation, lead nurture, digital, branding, SEO/SEM, social, content, events and analytics dashboard components. • Worked with legal, high tech, professional services and financial services clientsCaroline Schmid VP, Demand Generation
  3. 3. Topics for Today’s Webinar • The Benefits of Marketing Automation for Law Firms • The difference between Marketing Automation and email service providers • Specific use cases for Marketing Automation at your firm • How Marketing Automation can drive event attendance and thought leadership content • The process for evaluating and setting up Marketing Automation
  4. 4. The legal business is facing and reacting to significant headwinds • Flat Growth • Increase Competition • Increase Client Demands • Diminished Career Opportunities • New Growth Segments
  5. 5. Firms must evolve in order to compete.
  7. 7. 96% Of people looking for legal advice use search engines. 74% Of potential clients will visit your website before deciding to take action. Legal marketers rank Content and 60% email as the most effective channels. 64% Source: Good2bSocial and eConsultancy
  8. 8. Important Digital Trends for Legal • Focus on Social Media Conversions • High Importance on SEO • Customized Practice Strategies • Continued rise of Mobile • “Intelligent Content” • Actionable Insights and Measuring ROI • Multi-channel Marketing • Valuable Marketing Automation Emerges
  10. 10. Marketing automation, simply put, is the ability to automatically communicate with clients and prospects at certain points during their online contact journey with your firm. The aim is to increase their engagement with a minimum of effort and resource, to ultimately provide new or further instructions for the firm.” Nick Andrews
  11. 11. Law firms are their reputation and Marketing Automation connects you with clients and helps you build your practices. 1. Legal marketing automation can build trust with clients, display legal knowledge and proven success. 2. Reach out to clients where they are with their preferred communication method. 3. Nurture clients through automatically personalized campaigns that cater to their personal legal needs. 4. Measure the value of your campaigns and branding efforts.
  12. 12. 86% Improved lead management and nurturing 73% Measurable Results Enhanced Targeting & Personalization 66% Marketers see the Benefits of Marketing Automation Source: Respondents of Marketing Automation Survey B2B Marketers Worldwide 64% Seamless campaign execution & tracking
  13. 13. How Marketing Automation can Benefit Firms • Can reduce costs by automating your on-going processes • Improve reach and productivity by positioning lawyers as thought leaders in their practice areas • Build a client journey that improves customer satisfaction • Allows a law firm to stay top of mind by effectively automating and distributing your content • Helps firms provide targeted communications across channels
  14. 14. GO BEYOND EMAIL While marketing automation is associated with email, you can use the same workflows and mechanisms across channels including SMS, Direct Mail, Social and Online. The best marketing automation campaigns combine multiple channels for a more effective message.
  15. 15. EmailTools vs MarketingAutomation • Broad Message • Same Content • Basic One-off Reporting • Drive traffic blog/website • 1:1 Marketing- ContentTailored to your audience • Segment & Sort your client dB • More than email • Alternate choice- paths • Useful reports over client lifecycle
  16. 16. Align Across Channels • Audience Segmentation- Relevant materials based on their responses to triggers and most relevant to their expressed interest • Subscription/Data Management- Manage subscribers and their preferred methods of communication • Social Postings- Queue, schedule and repeat posts • Email/SMS Marketing- Create automated client journeys for you subscribers- not just one time sends
  17. 17. AUTOMATETHE CLIENT JOURNEY Law firms can automatically send valuable and useful content at each point of the client journey based upon client, in-house counsel’s, recruits and alumni actions. In many instances, they may do some initial research and then not take any further action.With marketing automation systems, they can be placed into a “nurture” campaign, which would periodically send interesting content to stimulate further interaction.
  18. 18. Client Journey Website + Marketing Automation • Creates an environment that focuses on identifying and targeting specific client journeys and use cases. • Client history and interaction data can be used to serve up the most relevant, personalized experience, content, message, and offer. • Nurture campaigns based on website and other channel activity that delivers value through your firm’s most marketable asset, lawyers’ knowledge and thought leadership • Enables a law firm to cross sell its services and to deliver value to their clients even after they have hired the firm.
  19. 19. Unknown Person Orchestrate the client journey Subscription Center manages profile Capture engagement in CRM Anonymous profile created and client is segmented Personalized and Dynamic content Profile is matured Sees Brexit story on social mediaSees article on websiteIs served the next interesting article Subscribes Becomes Known Receives Brexit email on mobile device Share network on social mediaInvited to Event Partner recognize interestEngages with prospect Search delivers next article
  20. 20. POWER YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY Designate the type of content a prospect or client will receive based upon that person’s actions and profile and their response to previous efforts. This allows a law firm to stay top of mind and to continually provide valuable and targeted content.
  21. 21. The Role of Content Automation • Maximize ROI of your content and fuel your Content Engine • Automate the creation and curation of your content • Contextualize Content across Channels • Align Content and Client Journeys • Learn what Works and Rapidly Adjust
  23. 23. Automate Events Automate, personalize and measure event management and marketing activities, to increase event attendance and revenue generated from events while also improving the overall event experience.
  24. 24. Events Management • Pre-Event • Invitation and form sign-up • Event landing page • Multi-channel Reminders • During the Event • Social Updates during the event • Appointment Setting • Upload and capture attendees • After the Event • Post-event follow-up • Measure /Track event ROI • Create attendees profiles and design nurture and follow-up campaigns Event Invitation Practice B Practice A Event Landing Page Form Email Reminders SMS Reminders Event Posting on Social Segmentation of clients by geographic, practice, attorney, interest or combination
  25. 25. Manage Newsletters & Subscriptions Tailor your communications to when, where and how prospects and clients want to receive them. Craft newsletters, alerts and on- going communications that have higher engagement and therefore better ROI. These communications will deliver automated, targeted content that is timely and welcome.
  26. 26. Subscriptions & On-Going Communications • Subscription Center • Data Collection • Communication Preferences • Determine Interests • Customize Communications • Preference-based communications • Targeted content • On-going Communications Stream • Newsletters • Alerts • Blogs Welcome Email Subscription RequestWeb Visit Targeted Newsletter Targeted Alert 1 Targeted Alert 2
  27. 27. Re-engage Prospects & Clients Actively re-engage your prospects and existing clients on a regular basis. Keep your firm top of mind during the awareness stage and follow-up with existing clients with targeted campaigns that align with their interests.
  28. 28. Re-engagement Campaigns Meeting Follow-up Email Targeted Email 1 In-person Meeting • Meeting or Communication Follow- up • Check-in after lack of response • Provide relevant content to them on- going around their particular interests or issues • Have them provide relevant information via survey Wait Engaged Call No Response Survey or Subscription Request Targeted Email 2
  29. 29. Promote your Lawyers Your lawyers are your largest asset. Provide multi-channel content that promotes your lawyers as thought leaders that represent the knowledge of your firm. This improves your reputation and reach in the law community.
  30. 30. Cross-Channel Thought Leadership • Provide Cross-Channel Thought Leadership • Email • Social • Blogs • Website • Promote lawyers and provide automated follow-ups to client interests Subscription RequestWeb Visit to Lawyer Page Social Like Email w Thought Leadership Sign up for Email Content from Lawyer Thought Leadership Landing Page Link Practice Blog Download Follow-up Email
  32. 32. • Align your Business Units Discuss MAP solutions and needs with a cross-section of the business including marketing, sales, support and IT. • Requirements Gathering Gather business and technical requirements that can help you narrow down or pinpoint your best MAP fit. • Select a Platform Compare requirements against specific platforms to get to one that meets your specific needs.
  33. 33. MAP Platform Criteria • CRM Integration/Capabilities • Business Model • Size of your business • Size of your contact list/data base • Basic Platform Use • Higher-level Use • Transactional Capabilities • Cross-channel capabilities • App Community • Vertical understanding/features • Global scale
  34. 34. • Cost savings • Higher Return on Marketing Investment • Improvements in roadmap • Faster time to market • Improved BD and marketing alignment • Expanded capabilities • Improved customer experience(C-SAT) • Better marketing investment and decision- making • Improved reporting and response capabilities Communicating the Benefits
  35. 35. • Platform costs • Implementation costs • Staff and agency support • Training • IT support and alignment of roadmap • Features may require additional strategy, support or investment to accomplish the benefits Expected Costs
  36. 36. Planning your Roadmap • CX Strategy • Understand Goals • Assessment of Email Campaigns & Conversion • Planning & Blueprint • Complex CX & lifecycle • Advanced Personalization • Leverage personas & customized communications • Subscription Center • Data Management Set-up Campaigns Testing & Monitoring Strategy & Discovery Implement your Environment Advance Maturity • Install Platform • Set-up & Deployment • Email Delivery- IP Warming • SPAM Checkers • Integrations • Subscription/Bounce back Management • Campaign Set-up • Custom Email Components • Email Preference • Reporting Setup • Personalization • A/B & Multivariate Testing • Reporting • Tracking KPIs
  37. 37. Questions?