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Triggered Nurturing using Marketing Automation in Sitecore 9


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In the past, triggering a lead nurturing program off of website behavior necessitated the use of data and analytics integrations of some type. For most platforms, it still does, but Sitecore had brought this functionality under one roof in their last version, and improved it even further in Sitecore 9.

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Triggered Nurturing using Marketing Automation in Sitecore 9

  1. 1. Marketing Automation in Sitecore 9
  2. 2. Marketing Automation – What’s The Purpose? • A marketing automation campaign is a kind of workflow that lets you determine how your brand interacts with your contacts depending on their activities. You can use marketing automation campaigns to nurture the relationships with your contacts by adapting your communication according to the content, channels, and media that are relevant and appropriate for each individual interaction. • Marketing Automation helps marketers to automate complete journey of buyer online campaign. Marketing Automation provides you set of tools that helps you to: Enroll contacts into automate campaign, Evaluate contacts based on defined rule, Perform various marketing actions for individual contacts
  3. 3. Customer Journey
  4. 4. Sitecore Ecosystem Arrives on Sitecore Landing page SignupforWebcast Sitecore EXM Email and webcast invite Email Opened on preferred device Sitecore DB Data updated in database Click on Form Confirmation email sent Event attended Email is deployed via EXM and each activity that is traceable gets updated in Sitecore simultaneously. We can utilize this data for site personalization or upcoming events.
  5. 5. Continued… User visits Sitecore based website Sitecore DB Known Visitor, based on IP or Site Login Datagettingcross checkindatabase Clicks on PDF download Based on existing data and data received via Sitecore, Email with PDF link sent via automation tool and contact entered into nurture program
  6. 6. The Process
  7. 7. Email Personalization
  8. 8. A/B Testing
  9. 9. Creating Campaigns
  10. 10. Marketing automation campaign
  11. 11. Sitecore EXM – A Peek inside
  12. 12. Common Scenarios
  13. 13. Welcome Series
  14. 14. Client Referral
  15. 15. Thank You Any Questions?