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Build a Lead Management Process Today!


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Studies upon studies have been done on how efficient you could be, and how much more ROI you’d gain, if you’d just put an organized lead management process in place. Easier said than done though, and best practices are only a good starting point to get your mind around the concept.

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Build a Lead Management Process Today!

  1. 1. Building a Lead Management Process Today A Simplified Guide
  2. 2. edynamic is an award winning global digital marketing and technology agency focused on customer experience
  3. 3. 3 • Sitecore Gold Partner, since 2003 • Over 200 Sitecore projects successfully delivered • Over 40 ongoing clients • 150+ trained Sitecore resources • 4 Sitecore MVP’s • Reusable Sitecore connectors built to extend the ecosystem • Industry accelerators and reusable frameworks WE STARTED OUT AS SITECORE SPECIALISTS
  4. 4. Key Partnerships and Supported Platforms edynamic has marketing cloud partnerships with industry leading marketing automation solutions
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES DRIVE GREAT CX OUTCOMES 5 • Demand Generation Managed Services • Content Strategy & Production • Personalization Strategy • UX Research • Customer Journey Mapping • Multi-Device, Multi-Channel experience design EXPERIENCEMARKETING • Platform Selection • Mobile Readiness • Marketing Automation • Social Listening • Content Management Systems • CRM Platforms • Platform Coaching and Training • Analytics and Business Intelligence • ROI Attribution • eCommerce Platforms TECHNOLOGY
  6. 6. What is Lead Management?
  7. 7. Lead management is the process of capturing leads, nurturing them through the buyer’s journey, qualifying and scoring them, and passing them on to the sales team with all relevant information.
  8. 8. Lead Nurturing and Outbound Marketing Strategy Advertising, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Strategy Opportunity/Deal Management Cross Sell/Upsell Strategy The Ubiquitous Lead Funnel Anonymous Website Traffic Track and profile Inbound Personalization Lead Capture Lead Assignement Sales Qualified Lead Identified Opportunity Opportunity Stage Messaging Top of Funnel Middle of Funnel Bottom of Funnel Identifying Event (Form Submit) Known Contact Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Marketing Qualified Lead Qualified Response Sales’ Unqualified Leads and Closed- Lost Opps are recycled, NOT dropped!
  9. 9. Starting a Simple Lead Management Process
  10. 10. Lead Stage Mapping: Fully Mature, Best Practices Version $$ - Closed Revenue -$$ Nurture Marketing Qualified Lead Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) Prospect Sales Qualified Lead Customer’s Buying Process New Customer Onboarding Raving Fan Acquisition Onboarding Service and Retaining Re- Purchase Sales & Marketing Process
  11. 11. Campaigns to Lead Stage Alignment How are you Advancing the Conversation at Each Stage? Purpose •Solve a problem •Solicit pain points •Become SME Sample Messages •Did you know •How to •Use Cases •Tips & tricks Purpose •Features/benefits •Brand promise/valProp Sample Messages •Comparison •Reiterate value prop •Include relevant case studies, testimonials •Provide analysis tools Purpose •Remove roadblocks •Speed purchase decision •Close deal Sample Messages •Provide decision tools (calculators) •How create a business case/ •Convince your boss, mom, husband, friend Purpose •Thank customers •Reiterate brand promise •Clearly state next step Sample Messages •Thank you •Highlight value of purchase Feel good about your purchase •Identify next steps – what now? •Surveys – are you satisfied? Purpose •Retain, develop, and expand customer lifetime value •Customer engagement Sample Messages •Reiterate purchase/ relationship benefit •Seek feedback/information •Tips/tricks to get most of product •Exclusive content •Reward schemes Purpose •Brand induction •Recognize relationship w/target •Identify interests Sample Messages •Brand promise/ reiterate benefits of purchase/subscription (why us) •What to expect •Subscription service content Lead Stage Supporting Campaign
  12. 12. Your First Lead Stage Funnel SQLNew Lead Engaged Lead Prospects (NOT leads yet!) MQLLead Capture Pass to CRM
  13. 13. Setup Your Infrastructure
  14. 14. Nurture Campaign Elements in MarketingAutomation Element Value Emails Sender (“From”) Message Format Call To Action Landing Pages Form? What Fields? Pre-populated? Qualified Response (MQL threshold)? Click? Form Submit? Call? Path for Warm Leads (Non MQLs) Wait and repeat? Send to different Campaign?
  15. 15. Lead Management Elements Element Value Lead Stage Picklist New Warm MQL SQL CRM Integration Calls Create Lead Update Lead Activity History Lead Assignment Round Robin? Regional? Other? Non-SQL/Closed Lost reason picklist No Budget, Wrong Product, Wrong time Not right person in account, etc.
  16. 16. Quick Example