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Customers no longer follow neat, linear paths toward a purchase. Instead, they utilize various channels across their lifecycle and with each interaction, your organization must be able to capture their past interactions, preferences, and data to advance their journey – and provide the right customer experience, no matter the channel. With the modern customer journey being nearly impossible to predict, the impact of omni-channel consistency is key.

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  1. 1. OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING AUTOMATION with Sitecore EXM and Sitecore Experience Platform
  2. 2. Presenters Marketing Leader with over 17 years of experience in B2B direct market strategies; 8 years experience in Marketing Automation. Experience with integrated, global multi-channel demand generation marketing programs including marketing automation, lead nurture, digital, branding, SEO/SEM, social, content, events and analytics dashboard components. Worked with legal, high tech, professional services and financial services clients. Caroline Schmid VP, Demand Generation Amritpal Singh MarketingAutomation Manager Marketing automation expert with experience in a wide variety of marketing automation tools. Responsible for creating strategies for lead campaign and database management. He has worked with leading brands like XLGroup, Inttra, RRD.
  3. 3. Topics forToday’sWebinar • Omni-channel marketing with Sitecore– how automation can align across channels • Benfits/Features Sitecore EXM 3.4 • Developing highly personalized emails • Capturing 360 degree view of customer • Advancing opportunities with Profile Scores • Compiling email & web analytics • Is Sitecore EXM right for your business? • Getting Started/Roadmap • Tool Demo
  4. 4. Thedigitalimperativedemands thatcompaniesexpandtheirdigital footprint. Nolongerisitjustthe websitesitinginasilo. It’saboutthe digitalecosystemandhow companiesmanagetheirdigital customerexperience. Omni-channel Marketing
  5. 5. “Multichannel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers do during customer acquisition.” Omni-channel provides: • Consistent Experience • Increase in Brand Presence and Opportunities for Conversion • Increase leads • Decrease friction in Path to Purchase • Faster sales cycle • Increase relevancy Wordstream
  6. 6. “29% of enterprise marketers find managing offers across multiple campaigns challenging. ” Challenges: • Lack of common technology used across channels • IncreasedTime & Expense • Lack of Expertise in Marchitecture • Coordination across departments/IT • No Centralized Data (37% of enterprise 23% mid-level have a centralized data repository for their client data) The RelevancyGroup
  7. 7. Sitecore EXM as part of the Sitecore Experience Platform
  8. 8. The Power of Sitecore Experience Platform Leverage the power of cross- channel, personalized communications Manage content and provide it dynamically Data that provides context of customer interactions Automate testing, tracking, targeting and reporting to improve CX Integrations that provide a Single View of Customer across your organization
  9. 9. Sitecore EXM Sitecore EXM & Sitecore Email Cloud together offer a one-stop solution for an organizations email marketing needs.
  10. 10. Cross Channel- Adding Email • Schedule a single email or a series of emails • Implement automated or triggered email campaigns • Map email as part of the complete customer journey • Email Cloud Services (Delivery, SPAM, Preview)
  11. 11. Manage Content • Consistent cross- channel content – email that mirrors your website • Match products to prospects for your emails • Drag-and-drop media library for your emails • Attach PDF files, documents or integrate with a DAM solution
  12. 12. Data & Context • Personalize email based on demographics, real-time behaviors, events or any customer experience data • See all activity from customer profile in one location • View complete customer data including email for a Single View of your Customer across channels and systems
  13. 13. Automate, Test & Track your Campaigns • Track customers interactions and goals with email • A/B or multivariate testing: subject lines, messaging, images & timing • Analyze insights and make campaign adjustments • Create dynamic, complex customer segmentations • Determine frequency, sequence and personalization of interactions over any channel • Profiling based on email interactions
  14. 14. Email Experience Manager Dashboard
  15. 15. Single View of the Customer- Across Platforms • Provide cart updates and transaction emails as part of customers’ online shopping journey • Connect your CRM to supplement records bi-directionally between your CRM and with Sitecore profile and experience data • Utilize SPAM & Delivery tools with Sitecore Apps
  16. 16. THE POSSIBILITIES • Meet customers in the rapidly changing digital landscape • Execute on-going complex campaigns efficiently • Automate your customer journeys with complex segmentation and personalization across channels • Manage contacts through the funnel and ensure a seamless hand off between sales and marketing • Gain real-time insights from your analytics
  17. 17. Improve lead management and nurturing Measurable Results Enhanced Targeting & Personalization Align your Omni-Channel Experience Seamless campaign execution & tracking Goals, Automation & EngagementValues SitecoreAnalytics & Experience Profile Email Analytics and Dashboards Sitecore Personalization & Experience Profiles Dynamic, Personalized Email Campaigns Improve value of yourWeb interactions, decrease bounce, increase conversions Improve value of your integrated campaigns, decrease time to market, & reduce leakage Sitecore Experience Platform EXM 3.4 Automated Emails/Flows
  18. 18. Is Sitecore EXM right for your business?
  19. 19. Sitecore EXM Use Cases • Email Sends- Sitecore EXM 3.4 allows for extremely quick creation/sending of email campaigns • Automation-Tight integration of complex Engagement Plans gives you the flexibility to tailor a marketing journey and move visitors from automation plan to automation plan or specific states within each plan • Schedule a Campaign- Sitecore allows you to select a date and time, as well as a time zone with lists segmented by region. • Personalization & Dynamic Content- Sitecore’s Experience Database (xDB) collects cross-channel behavioral data that can be used for personalization and dynamic content • Preview Email- Preview email with Litmus for Mobile & Desktop • A/B & MultivariantTesting- Test multiple components of your emails
  20. 20. Let’s Compare- Email Single Email Campaign Creation Quick creation and sending of email campaigns. Whole process complete in 6 steps Requires multiple assets and settings. Eg. Header, footer, list & Campaign Campaign association is required: creating email template and then final email, list are then selected separately Automation Covers basic automation trigger and also provides flexibility to the developer to trigger using custom code. Helpful in complex engagement plans Drag n Drop interface with preconfigured actions Drag n Drop interface with preconfigured actions Scheduled Select the date and time, allows for the time zone Scheduling of Email can be done Scheduling of Email can be done Personalization + Dynamic Content xDB collects cross-channel behavioural data; which gives it the edge when it comes to next level personalization and dynamic content Available but limited to Eloqua database (and integrated systems) Available but limited to Pardot database (and integrated systems) Draft Previews Integrated with Litmus to provide device and browser views and HTML testing Includes test email send and email screenshot across different platform but with limitations Integrated with Litmus to provide device and browser views and HTML testing A/B Testing Multivariate testing A/B testing only A/B testing only Spam Compliance Sitecore Email Cloud is a cloud service coupled to Sitecore EXM Spam check not an out of the box feature Spam check not an out of the box feature
  21. 21. Let’s Compare- Other features Landing Pages In sync with your website. EXM already includes the latest style sheets, components and tracking of the primary site HTML & WYSWYG Editor. Requires content re- creation for assets of primary site. HTML & WYSWYG Editor. Requires content re- creation for assets of primary site. Forms “Enable Form Dropout Tracking” – sends any data entered into xDB, regardless of the form being submitted. This feature allows marketers to contact the prospect directly or to target the organization through other forms of marketing Captures form data when user submits the form Captures data when user submits the form Campaign Tracking and reporting Associate campaigns with groups and setup tags/tracking options Eloqua provides the campaign tracking Associate campaigns with groups using tags List Management Platforms can handle uploading static lists De-dupe functionality during the list upload and a broader range of fields to map De-dupe functionality during the list upload and a broader range of fields to map Segmentation Sitecore does not have this ability out of the box; it has the capability to create advanced rules to build complex segmentation lists. Out of the box, offers extensive segmentation capabilities. Out of the box, offers extensive segmentation capabilities.
  22. 22. The Difference Where Sitecore Excels • Sitecore is effective at replicating basic email and some automation with great Litmus testing and SPAM check features • Sitecore landing page and forms can be tied closely to website- with both Sitecore with style sheets, content and tracking • Sitecore cost is tied to email sends vs other platforms that charge by the number of contacts in your database Where it Differs from other MAP Tools • Other platforms can develop complex nurture programs that involve complex segmentation and rules • Other platforms tie closely to CRM and provide enablement of the sales and marketing funnel • Reporting and scoring capabilities vary across all platforms
  23. 23. Get Started with Sitecore EXM
  24. 24. Develop a Sitecore EXM 3.4 Roadmap • EXM Strategy Understand Goals • Assessment of Email Campaigns & Conversion to EXM • Align your Customer Journey across Sitecore Experience Platform • Planning & Blueprint • Configure engagement plan • Advanced Personalization • Automated campaigns • Leverage profiling & customized communications Set-up Campaigns Testing & Monitoring Strategy & Discovery Implement your Environment Advance Maturity • Install Sitecore EXM & xDB Infrastructure • Server set-up & Deployment • Subscription/Bounce back Management • Campaign Set-up • Custom Email Components • Email Preference • Integration • Personalization • A/B & Multivariate Testing • Reporting
  25. 25. Getting Started with Sitecore EXM • Get Approved by Sitecore for the platform o Based on Number of Emails sent o Data and reputation management practices o Tool use • Set-up of the Platform (based on # average emails that will be sent) o Enable Sitecore EXM o Sitecore Cloud Service (email delivery service) o xDB Infrastructure set-up o Scale servers o Configure Domains o Decide of subscription add-ons • Start with Email Campaigns, Landing Pages & Forms o Simple sends: triggers, time-based automation o Add goals tied to actions o Set-up Reports & Dashboard o Explore Personalization
  26. 26. Demo
  27. 27. Questions?