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Remagine esports opening - Israel eSports event


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Opening slides for Remagine eSports, the first esports dedicated event in Israel for startups. Learn more at

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Remagine esports opening - Israel eSports event

  1. 1. 2019 expected revenues: >$1Bn, growing at +26.7% Global audience will grow to over 450m in 2019 Total prize money grew by 34% in 2018 to $150m The 2018 LoL World Championship generated 53.8m live viewership hours on Twitch Youtube game videos were watched for 50BN hours in 2018 Every day, more than 200M people went to Youtube to watch gaming content eSports is becoming a mainstream form of entertainment
  2. 2. “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO…” Netflix Shareholder letter January 19th , 2019 Netflix says Fortnite is bigger competition than HBO or Disney
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  4. 4. Israeli eSports is nascent but on the rise
  5. 5. Where can Israeli startups win? Training Video/ Streaming Analytics Sponsorship Skill Betting