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Manifesto Francine Denis

  1. 1. 1N Item 14(iv)(b)ECU Secretary Election ManifestoGeneral Council Meeting1st June, 2011, ZurichMANIFESTO<br />Francine Denis for the position of ECU Secretary – Zurich, June 1, 2011<br />Dear ECU General Council Members,<br />I graduated from Palmer West College of Chiropractic in 1991 and moved to Spain the following year. Since then this has become my home and place of practice. I have been a member of the Executive Committee of Spain’s national association, the AEQ, for the past four years and in April I was reelected for another two year term. During my years as the AEQ’s International Vice President I have also served as the AEQ’s delegate to the ECU General Council. I am inspired by the changes that I have observed over the past year in the ECU and I am motivated to contribute by working with the other members of the ECU Executive Council toward the growth and enhancement of our profession.<br />I fully support the need for legislation in each ECU member country. I believe such laws should be in the best interest of public safety and allow for access to quality care by chiropractors practicing as primary contact health care providers. The importance of this goal has been greatly reinforced during my time on the AEQ’s Executive as it is one of our primary goals in Spain. This has made me determined and committed to working hard to see it come to fruition both in Spain and throughout Europe.<br />For the past year I have been a member of the AEQ-BCC Liaison committee, meeting with representatives of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic on a quarterly basis in order to facilitate communication and cooperation between the two entities. I support the need for more university affiliated chiropractic educational programs in Europe which meet and exceed ECCE standards. I believe that the health of the chiropractic profession in Europe depends upon its continued growth, thus I fully support the Educational task force, EAC’s and ECCE’s ongoing work towards ensuring the formation of highly qualified, competent and ethical graduates.<br />I believe that we need to further develop the profession’s research resources and research grant accessing ability. This should be aimed towards increasing the profession’s knowledge base and to improving important patient reported outcomes like health status, quality of life and patient satisfaction.<br />To further the improvements already made to communication within the ECU I would like to see implemented a means by which to update key ECU documents for use by member associations and ECU committees. <br />As a woman I believe l bring a valuable perspective to the EC. This along with my commitment to working tirelessly with other dedicated EC team members toward the fulfillment of the ECU’s goals and objectives make me an excellent candidate for the post of ECU Secretary.<br />Francine Denis, DC<br />International Vice President, AEQ<br />