IdeaSpace 2013 and Southeast Asian Expansion for cohort 2


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IdeaSpace is an incubator and accelerator based out of Manila, Philippines to support technopreneurs focusing on solving the greatest needs in emerging markets. For cohort 2, we are inviting not just applicants from the Philippines but from Southeast Asia and beyond. Apply today to be part of cohort 2 at and win up to $25K which includes seed funding, legal support, mentoring, and housing for non Manila incubates.

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  • TimeFree, PortfolioMNL,Arthrologic, Tudlo, theKard, PinoyTravel – with customers
  • IdeaSpace 2013 and Southeast Asian Expansion for cohort 2

    1. 1. IdeaSpace Philippines Multi-industry start-up incubator to help solve the biggest issues in the emerging markets Earl Valencia (@earlvalencia) - President, IdeaSpace Foundation - Head, Corporate Innovation, SMART; @ideaspaceph;
    2. 2. IdeaSpace by the Numbers 150k 16 5 6 Students and professionals who have listened to an IdeaSpace technopreneur talk Investments made across multiple industries Number of patents that have been filed or will file within 2013 Number of incubatees with companies that have launched, One of which will has $100k in revenue
    3. 3. Who have we invested in? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. ARMTech – Water Purification Machine using nanotech Arthrologic – Joints for the Asian Market PortfolioMNL – Linkedin for Creative Professionals WeGen – New more efficient windmill design TimeFree – SMS based queing system PinoyTravel – provincial bus reservation system theKard – Promos on the go using analytics DateCola – natural-enriched beverage out of dates PGRS – Power Generating Rumble Strips Tech4Health – monitoring chronic patients via SMS and Apps – Technologies to help people with disabilities Tudlo – Disaster Preparedness Application PageSnapp – Page to App in Snap SMS.AWT – Home Energy Efficiency Monitoring System OrangeApps – mobile-based education – Racing applications Pilot in the Philippines. Scale to the World. Local Needs. Global markets.
    4. 4. 2013 Highlights • • • • • • • • • Revenue Stage (2), Launch Stage (3), Pre-Launch/Prototype (5) TimeFree will close the year with more than $100k in bookings and got a contract to deploy with a financial services company in HK PinoyTravel now has 3 routes they are servicing (Baler, Baguio and Tugegarao) with ticket sales Two start-ups have launch thousands of users (mobKard, PortfolioMNL) Healthcare start-ups be able to do operations to actual patients 3 patents with 2 invention patents filed in IPO with 3 on the pipeline Regional Competition finalists (APEC-Intel, IBM Smart Camp, ITU-UN, e27 satellite) Incubator: IP Champion Award from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, 2 Philippine Quill Awards and 1 Anvil Award Landmark events: Demo Days, Geeks on a Beach, AngelHack, SW Manila, and the 20+ bootcamps and 40+ talks all over the Philippines 4
    5. 5. Continuously building the advocacy Intra-national • Manila • Santa Rosa • Laoag • Puerto Princesa • Davao • CDO • GenSan • Naga • Tacloban • Bacolod • Cebu • Ilo-Ilo • Baguio • Pampanga Inter-national • Indonesia (APEC) • Singapore (GAN) • Silicon Valley-SF • Kuala Lumpur (IBM)
    6. 6. IdeaSpace as a full model accelerator/incubator Next page Idea Flow R&D Idea to Product Market and Acquire initial customers Scale and Generate revenues Expansion Approach Find Ideas • Find greatest ideas from the Philippines and SEA to support Provide Capital • Initial support of P1M: P500K investment over 6 months ($12k) plus a P500K grant ($12k) After Incubation: Up to P5M of additional investment on a convertible note ($120k) to few start-ups • Provide Expertise Provide Facility • • • Provide legal support on incorporation, IP Provide financial planning capability support Provide technical support and mentoring from the executives of First Pacific Group • • Provide office space in Makati Provide housing for non-Metro Manila incubatees 7
    7. 7. What’s different in this year’s program Idea Flow R&D Idea to Product 6 weeks incubation for the top 20 • • • • Each team gets a grant of P50K 6 weeks (late March to early May) Each week has a deliverable By the 5th week, draft AOI, Bylaws, SHA are done, and Invention Disclosure are done • 3-day bootcamp Market and Acquire initial customers Scale and Generate revenues Expansion 4.5 month acceleration for the top 10 • Each team gets seed capital of P500K • Each team gets a grant of P500K that covers the expenses • Focus is on the 5 Cs of IdeaSpace: Customer, Contracts, Contacts, Conversion and Country
    8. 8. Inviting the ASEAN Countries to the Philippines Location Increase Diversity of Experience s and Network 1. 2. 3. 1. Global Standard All-English Program First Pacific Group footprint in SEA 2. 3. 1. 2. Diversity Breeds Innovation: Bring the world to the Philippines Grow the Network within the region as preparation for ASEAN 2015 Multi-cultural class for market expansion opportunities and cross-culture learning Use Philippines and a pilot ground for the rest of the world with a base of 100M people English speaking country that could help innovations scale across Southeast Asia MBA-level courses and mentors that are top notch in the region and the world (EIR Program) First Pacific Group has presence in the Philippines, HK, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia Infrastructure, energy, telecom, technology are all needed in emerging SEA and would be able to tap into regional network of resources Source: Development of Labor and employment, UNCTAD 9
    9. 9. Buzzing filipino startup ecosystem Idea Flow Players R&D • • • • • • • Valuation Investment Size Idea to Product DOST Develop Net PhilDev ITSO Google Developers Group Startup Weekend • • • IdeaSpace LaunchGara ge Hack2Hatch Market and Acquire initial customers • • • • • Started after late 2011 Scale and Generate revenues KickStart Ventures Hatchd Wireless Wings Oxygen Capital ON3/PlugandPlay Expansion • • • • • < $100K < $500K < $2-5M $10 50K ~ $100K ICCP Narra Venture Capital Brummer and Partners Bonifacio Capital Nova Founders > $5M ~ $500k 10
    10. 10. IdeaSpace backed up by First Pacific Group Corporate Network Across SE Asia Background IdeaSpace is tied to First Pacific Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in Asia • >$10Bn annual revenue in aggregation • $5B Market Cap standalone • Listed in NYSE First Pacific committed $12.5M to IdeaSpace over 5 years with strong human resource support IT and Telecom Infrastructure Agriculture 11
    11. 11. Thank you to third party/government support Partners Support Academic ITSO to assist patent search, patent filing BizSpark: License forMS Software products during incubation Free licenses for all IBM software and paired up with a mentor ISV $2500 amazon credits with mentoring and training from Amazon Specialists from Singapore Mentoring and assistance on Hardware based prototypes Internship for MBA students, lectures and case study writing DOST TRC, TAPI and ICTO Office – to support start-up ecosystems Stanford GSB Global Group – MBA intern funding from Stanford National Instruments – Enrollment in Planet NI Program Freelancer– P10K in Freelancer Credits Cloud-based ERP Software for IdeaSpace and start-ups 12
    12. 12. Apply to 2014 Cohort Calling all Technopreneurs! Please Tell Your Friends! • Deadline to apply in mid-January 2014 • Application is now available at: – –