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  • Teaming up with IRL & now, lots of media coverage
  • Teaming up with IRL & now, lots of media coverage
  • Teaming up with IRL & now, lots of media coverage
  • Illuminer

    1. 1. Preferred LED Lighting for Commercial Facilities
    2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTECompany Overview VISION: To transform our world with “Green” energy efficient, environmentally responsible LED lighting. MISSION: To be the market innovator and leader of “Green” technology through high quality LED lighting solutions that conserve energy, preserve the environment and provide the best value. SOLUTIONS: IlluminerLED™ tubes and bulbs continue to earn the highest industry certifications for safety and performance from the world’s most respected testing laboratories. With patents filed for its unique product innovations, IlluminerLED replacement lamps are the preferred choice in today’s energy efficient commercial facilities. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with operations in Guangdong, China CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Vast Market Opportunity The potential U.S. market for LED Roughly 30% of total U.S. lighting replacements includes 4 million energy (1.5 billion lamps) is consumed commercial office buildings and 40 by commercial fluorescents million square feet (1)  IlluminerLED T8 replacement tubes alone could save 16,500,000 kwh/yr… 12,828 metric tons of CO2… electrical output of LED industry expected to exceed several large coal power plants $5 billion in 2012 (2)  Compound annual growth rate of 107% through 2013 for lamp revenues Recessed down-lights represent the largest annual electrical Overall U.S. lighting market is consumption and savings category currently estimated at $15 billion of indoor white-light applications, and globally at $75 billion (3) yet LED market penetration is  8% of all U.S. energy consumption and currently 0.0%(5) 22% of electricity nationwide (4)  If LEDs replaced all existing lights, the DOE estimates customer savings of $115 billion by 2025, and 10% reduction in greenhouse emission gases (4)(1) U.S. Dept of Energy, 2003 (3) Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (5) Navigant Report prepared for(2) LEDs Magazine, March 4, 2009 (4) U.S. Dept of Energy, 2003 U.S. Dept of Energy, September 2008 CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Vast Market Opportunity Worldwide LED adoption is a certainty, and it will happen fast…Source: Philips CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEIlluminer Delivers SolutionsIlluminer produces quality LED bulbs & tubes that offer advantages overtraditional (and other LED) lamps… Energy Efficient: produces more Preferred Features: compatible with lumens/watt, can save 80% in energy standard dimmer controls, quickly costs, highly directional to project light reach full brightness (no delays), no exactly where needed without reflectors loss when frequently powered on/off, shock-resistant, easily retrofits into Environmentally Responsible & Safe: existing fixtures 100% recyclable, no toxic mercury or lead, safe surface temperatures, no Trusted Reliability: UL listed, CE exposure to fragile glass, ultraviolet light approved, Energy Star compliant, or infrared radiation produced with exceptional quality control and direct oversight of Longer Life: useable of 60,000 hours manufacturing (16 years @ 12hrs/day 6 days/week), virtually maintenance-free, reduces volume of lighting products in landfills … all with lower cost of ownership CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEIlluminer Advantage Six distinct quality models (over 90 SKUs) ready to ship now  Proven commercially successful formats with preferred features  Validated performance: UL listed, CE approved, Energy Star compliant  Patent-pending technology Existing market presence, partnerships & publicity Operational capacity for immediate high-volume production  Onsite quality control & oversight at overseas manufacturing facility  In-house design & engineering of advancements and future LED fixtures Value-added service & expertise for distributors & end-users  Consult on tax credits, utility rebates, financing, LEED certifications, disposal of hazardous fluorescents Immense flexibility through strategic manufacturing partnership  Greater concentration of Illuminer’s intellectual resources into product development and marketing  Migrating production jobs to U.S. is viable CEO has proven prior success in alternative lighting sector CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Product Advantages BRAND MODEL RETAIL WATTS | LUMENS EFFICACY CRI LIFE DIM WARRANTY UL ILLUMINER LP20-D $37.06 5.5 | 350 63.6 80+ 50,000 yes 5 years* pending PAR20 GE 73718 $40.00 7.0 | 200 28.6 82 20,000 no unpublished no GE 73717 $40.00 7.0 | 200 28.6 82 20,000 no unpublished no Sylvania 78637 $44.00 8.0 | 350 43.8 85 50,000 yes unpublished yes ILLUMINER LP30-D $58.03 8.0 | 500 62.5 80+ 50,000 yes 5 years* pending PAR30 GE 75376 $58.51 10.0 | 340 34.0 82 20,000 no unpublished no Sylvania 78639 $81.39 15.0 | 770 51.3 87 50,000 yes unpublished yes Philips 40810-4 $71.08 11.0 | 440 40.0 83 40,000 no 3 years yes ILLUMINER LP38-D $83.68 14.0 | 900 64.3 80+ 50,000 yes 5 years* pending PAR38 Cree LRP38 $125.00 11.0 | 600 54.5 90 50,000 no 3 years no Sylvania 78641 $75.00 18.0 | 900 50.0 87 50,000 yes unpublished yes Philips 40816-1 $86.31 16.0 | 650 40.6 85 40,000 yes 3 years yes ILLUMINER LMR16-BP12V $19.32 3.5 | 200 57.1 80+ 30,000 pending 5 years* n/a Sylvania 78635 $28.74 6.0 | 300 50.0 87 35,000 yes unpublished n/a MR16 Philips 40674-4 $39.27 4.0 | 130 32.5 80 45,000** no 3 years n/a ILLUMINER LA-ST-D $33.33 9.0 | 600 66.7 80+ 50,000 yes 5 years* yes Lighting Pharox $49.95 6.0 | 336 56.0 86 5 years yes unpublished yes A-LINE Sylvania 78642 $49.00 8.0 | 430 53.8 85 50,000 yes unpublished yes Philips 40795-6 $34.00 7.0 | 325 46.4 80 25,000 yes 3 years yes All models are current, latest offerings, no obsolete stock at distributors are considered here. *Effective September 2010.**Based on 50% light output remaining, which is far below the industry standard of 70% that Illuminer complies with. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTECurrent Market Needs Misinformation about efficiency Complicated, costly disposal of & cost savings of incumbent hazardous fluorescent bulbs fluorescents  Users are burdened with costs and  Lamps waste 30% of energy logistics (or penalties) consumed as heat; ballasts  71% of toxic fluorescents in businesses consume even when “off” are not being recycled(1)  Frequent on/off reduces life while continuous “on” draws more energy Consumers are unsatisfied with current fluorescents Environmental & health/safety  Buzzing, flickering, delays, undimmable, hazards of traditional lighting fragile glass, toxins… fluorescents have  Energy efficiency “green” dominated energy efficient lighting by campaigns for fluorescents have default, not preference ironically lacked warnings/guidance about toxic mercury & PCBs in Public is confused about viability of lamps & ballasts LEDs – undermining adoption  High surface heat of all fluorescents  Unreliable LED products being rushed & incandescent bulbs are fire into market are performing poorly hazards  Lack of regulations/standards; utilities & government distracted with fluorescents CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEMarketing Plan2010 Implementation: Accelerate mass adoption of reliable LED lighting: Market Research & Case Studies Supply to high-volume commercial Events & Demos lighting & electrical distributors Product Testing & Credentials Earn exclusive, multi-year Public Relations ($1+ million) supplier contracts for Service federally-funded lighting retrofits Training & Education Incentivize large marquee brands Strategic Partners to participate in pilot installations & Industry Leadership case studies Corporate Website - Phase II Educate consumers about Advertising responsible lighting solutions & Marketing Collateral LED product distinctions Memberships Guide prospects from Sales Rebates/Incentives Illuminer brand recognition to brand preference & loyalty CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEStrategic PartnersWith the support of these influential organizations to test, showcaseand endorse IlluminerLED™ products to their stakeholders andcustomers, Illuminer has immense leverage for gaining brandawareness and marketshare. Adura Technologies Presidio Graduate School, California Lighting Technology Center Sustainability Program (at UC Davis) Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions California Product Stewardship Council Commercial Energy Silicon Valley Power Dept. of Energy Lighting Facts program Sustainable Contra Costa Energy Connect Sustainable Energy Partners Energy Star Underwriters Laboratory Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) US Green Building Council City of Palo Alto Utility Veolia Environmental Services Commercial Energy WattStoppers Palo Alto Research Center (PARC, a Xerox company) CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTECompetition OverviewIlluminerLED™ retrofit lamps (and future LED fixtures)are competing to serve general illumination and display needswithin the commercial market.There are no clear leaders yet in this space yet.Where do the traditional lighting leaders currentlystand with LED technology? (Philips, Sylvania & GE) Protecting their core business Seeding the new frontier Targeting retail consumers first Watching and waiting Planning ahead Gaining market share through acquisitionsNone of them offer a T8 tube or cite UL-listings or Energy Starstandards on their product specs. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTEPrimary Competitors Companies that control their Even the traditional brand own innovations and manufacturing of interior leaders have rushed LED commercial LED lighting retrofit products into the retrofit lamps that are branded market that fall short of in their name (and include UL-listed linear T8 or T5 the features, performance models) are primary and certifications of competitors for Illuminer. IlluminerLED™ lamps. Currently, there are no significant competitors. None of them offer a T8 tube or cite UL-listings or Formidable competition with Energy Star standards on the best chances of catching their product specs. up long-term include: GE, Sylvania, Philips, Cree, Lemnis, ATG Electronics CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESecondary CompetitorsIt’s difficult to distinguish manufacturers/developers frombrokers because so many foreign manufacturers areprivate-labeling their products to resellers. A growing number of licensed resellers in this space do not control manufacturing, innovations or any intellectual property: Seesmart, Nexxus Lighting, Green Ray Technology, Green Edge Lighting, (Some perceived or represent selves as producers) As Illuminer refines its designs for integrated single-solution LED fixtures, it will compete for market share with these companies: Lunera, Go Energy Effective Lighting, Intense Lighting CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    15. 15. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTECompetition Summary Illuminer recognizes other companies will catch up with features, performance, UL listings and Energy Star standards… there is a unique window of opportunity to capitalize on NOW. By meeting the needs of commercial LED customers and creating market-leading products, Illuminer is positioning itself as a strategic and profitable acquisition by brand leaders seeking market dominance in LED lighting within the next five years. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    16. 16. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESuccess Stories CUSTOMER PROFILE This county has 1.8 million residents, and is nationally recognized for leading implementation of alternative fuels, reducing solid waste and creating clean tech jobs. FACILITY GOALS • Reduce operating costs • Serve as a model for all other SCC buildings to retrofit lightingSanta Clara CountyJuvenile Detention Center RETROFIT PLAN Jan 2010: Install 58 T8’s in Juvenile HallSCC has federal stimulus funds for May 2010: Conduct T8 tests in officesretro-commissioning their diverse Oct 2010: Garage & conference room installsportfolio of buildings, along with greatpolitical momentum to get projects REVENUEimplemented. Yet until Illuminer’s To be phased based on test approvalsdistributor AIES demonstrated its $30,000 by end of Q410LED retrofit lamps to SCC facility $100,000 in Q111maintenance teams in October 2009,the County was considering delayingadoption of LEDs because noproducts had met their expectationsbefore. SCC placed an order forIlluminerLED T8s the very same daythey saw the demo, for use in theCounty’s highest profile lightingretrofit. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    17. 17. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Success Stories Santa Clara County Juvenile Detention Center AFTER: IlluminerLED T8 Commercial 4ft, 277v (soft white) providedBEFORE: aVery high traffic lobbywith 18 3-lamp fixtureswired for multi-level clean, day-litswitching in a master-slave configuration (9 pairs of2- and 4-lamp power sets). Fluorescent tubes in feel in thisvarious brands and color temperatures (due to on-demand replacements); many casting a dingy, lobby; fixturesartificial glow onto furniture and visitors. perform more CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    18. 18. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESuccess Stories CUSTOMER PROFILE The 426-acre SLAC campus is an internationally respected multipurpose laboratory, most known for its six Nobel Prize winners and the two-mile linear accelerator (the longest in the world) that runs through its property. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and the progressive city of Palo Alto, SLAC sets the bar very high for science and technology. FACILITY GOALS • Reduce energy demand and operating costs • Simplify/minimize lighting maintenance RETROFIT PLAN Feb 2010: install T8’s & PAR38’s in several out-buildings -Stanford Linear Accelerator Lab Campus great success! Oct 2010: begin ordering for accelerator buildingThe SLAC campus is comprised of many old,diverse industrial buildings that vary in size. REVENUEMost of the outlaying units are minimally occupied $112,500 by YE2010by people (contain self-running equipment), sothey’ve incorporated occupancy sensors as partof effort to reduce energy costs. They have thebudget to retrofit many of the old fixtures withLEDS to further reduce energy consumption aswell as to reduce heat accumulation in thesebuildings. IlluminerLED T8s are being estimatednow for the 2-mile accelerator. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    19. 19. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESuccess StoriesStanford Linear Accelerator Lab Campus AFTER: IlluminerLED™ PAR38 Utility (pure white)BEFORE: AFTER:Random fluorescent bulbs and IlluminerLED™ Utilitytubes in various shapes, color 4ft, 120v (pure white)temperatures and wattage. Allfixtures are open industrial style. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    20. 20. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESuccess Stories CUSTOMER PROFILE The City of Palo Alto has a population of 60,000, whom are very progressive about technology, energy and environmental issues. Since 1896, they’ve supplied utility services for its businesses and residents (independent of PG&E). PROGRAM GOALS • Collect residents’ feedback on LED bulb optionsCity of Palo Alto • Reduce residential energy usage and environmental impacts of lightingThe City received funds from the CAEnergy Commission to support a STATUSresidential energy efficiency • Success – residents praising IlluminerLED product in surveys,program. Through a direct response and logging direct calls and emails to Illuminer to purchasecampaign centered around Earth more units and styles.Day, the City is featuring two unique • The City plans to issue additional bid requests for more units.LED light bulbs for residents to tryand vote on – our distributor AIES REVENUEwon the nationwide bid to supply The amount of CEC funding is unknown, but we are told2,500 IlluminerLED A-Line dimmable program will run to the end of the year...bulbs, with option for additional Q110: $30,000orders if product is well-received. Q210: $45,000 2010 total: TBD CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    21. 21. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESuccess StoriesCity of Palo AltoDirect response campaign mailed to1,000 residents in March 2010 and1500 residents in May 2010. PRODUCT: IlluminerLED A-Line Dimmable, 9w (warm white) CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    22. 22. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Technology What is proprietary? How to maintain lead?  LEDs designed from the CHIP  Smart LED Drivers: improve power level, not outsourced use, efficiency & extend life of LEDs, modular for field replacement  PCB circuit board configuration (patent app. #200920062301.1*)  Proprietary Dimmability: more efficient than standard dimmer controls  Heat management & dissipation systems (patent app. #200920062302.6*)  Increased CRI: 95+  Circle line LED bulb used for  Sensor Controls: responsive flush mounts & fans self-adjusting brightness levels (patent app. #200920062300.0*) based on daylight or target LUX  Smart LED Emergency Drivers: What is advanced? external uninterrupted power supply  Detachable drivers in T8 and PARs that meets emergency lighting  Circuit design regulations (i.e. CA Title 24)  Built-in dimmability  Smart LED Fixtures: designed  LEDs at 80+ lumens/watt for low cost from the ground up to optimize  Lamp designs to reduce parts & labor efficiency of LED light & power consumption*Application patents are filed in China under Joint Patent Application Agreement between Illuminer and MLS Electronics.Illuminer will be filing U.S. patents and sharing with MLS under joint patent agreement. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    23. 23. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE Leadership MICHAEL ERNST ALAIN CORCOS Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder, Executive Vice President Leads overall business strategy and & Chief Operating Officer financial operations. Over thirty years of Leads day-to-day manufacturing activities entrepreneurial experience in senior and aligns corporate-wide operations to executive roles. Previously CEO and achieve financial targets. Alain enables Co-Founder of Fiberstars (NASDAQ: Illuminers business strategies to be FBST); led the initial start-up, venture achieved by ensuring integrity of its products capital funding and initial public offering; and services. He directs product board director (1984-1998); launched the development, quality control, testing and Fiber Optics Medical Products division overall operations in China; currently resides which developed innovative medical in China. He was previously Vice President devices at Stanford Neonatal Center. of Production and Finance at Mobius After Fiberstars, he became President of Entertainment, Inc. and supported the Metropolis Publications. Prior to negotiation and closure of over $50 million in cofounding Illuminer, Inc., he was a financing and several actual production for business strategy consultant. several films. Previously, he was Business Manager for Alliance Business Management, Inc., responsible for development of financial systems and general operations including revenue and sales growth; and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management.[1] In May 2007, Fiberstars changed its corporate name to Energy Focus (NASDAQ: EFOI) to improve its positioning inthe market by emphasizing energy efficiency, though its core business did not change markedly. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    24. 24. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTELeadershipTRACY BAUER JEROME SWARTZ, PhDVice President, Sales & Marketing Innovative Technology & EngineeringDirects the development, distribution, Leads our technical team to bring advancements andcommunications and service of our proprietary solutions that give Illuminer products aproducts to ensure our customers enjoy competitive advantage. Dr. Swartz co-founded Symbolrelevant, value-driven solutions. Tracy Technologies, Inc., and served as its Chairman andbrings 20 years of strategic, tactical and Chief Scientist until his retirement in 2004. Throughoutoperational expertise to Illuminer. She the 1980s, he led Symbol to pioneer and patent thehas won landmark contracts, directed worlds first hand-held, scanner-integrated wirelessaward-winning campaigns and launched computer and the first spread spectrum wireless LANdiverse products for dozens of emerging (WiFi), enabling real-time mobile data-transactions. Inand Fortune 100/500 brands, including 1999, President Clinton presented him with theAT&T, VISA, Bank of America, National Medal of Technology (the U.S.s highestNeutrogena, Merck, Chevron, Federated honor for technology innovation) for his patent andDepartment Stores, Kodak, Microsoft, development of the first hand-held barcode laserSunPower, Wind River and Blue Shield. scanner. Dr. Swartz is a recognized expert in the alliedTracy has served as Vice President at engineering physics fields of electro-optics, laserKane & Finkel Communications, as systems and optical design, with particular applicationDirector of Marketing & Production at to new product development. He is credited with moreLink2 and Director of Creative Services than 200 U.S. patents and is the author of over 30at WCJ Advertising. Since 2002, she has published papers. In 1994, he established the non-led outreach and educational campaigns profit Swartz Foundation for Computationalto businesses and the media on Neuroscience. Dr. Swartz holds a dual Adjunctsustainability and corporate Professor appointment at Stony Brook University in theresponsibility. departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Applied Math & Statistics. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    26. 26. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTECapital RequirementsIlluminer intends to use total proceeds forthe following general purposes: Research & Development Marketing and Sales Purchase of inventory Accounts receivable Fixed asset purchase General working capital CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
    27. 27. CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTESummary LEDs are the future Illuminer is already a leader in quality and product innovation Illuminer is positioned for rapid expansion and revenue growth The market opportunity is now CONTACT: Michael D. Ernst Office: 925-837-8099 | Cell: 925-963-5691 Email: Web: CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE