Sourcetec energy street lamp 10 oct 2012


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The Economics of a Solar Powered Street Light.

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Sourcetec energy street lamp 10 oct 2012

  1. 1. Since 1993Solar Street LampMiles
  2. 2. OverviewAbout SourcetecVision, Mission and GoalsWhy Solar Pole Mounted Lamps?The LightThe PowerA Financial ComparisonSignificant benefits to the communitySummary and Next Steps...
  3. 3. Who is Sourcetec?• Sourcetec is a full service (Canadian owned) engineering company• We design, manufacture, install and maintain solar turn key solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sector clients (Since 1993).• Our customers include the Canadian Department of National Defence, Toronto Community Housing Corp and the Government of Ontario• Sourcetec is an approved OPA (Ontario Power Authority) vendor for Ontario.• We are channel partners for high quality companies such as Mitsubishi Electric, Canadian Solar, Heliene, Sharp and others.• We have very strong highly trained professional engineering, design build and technical support teams with global experience in the solar business.
  4. 4. Sourcetec – Vision, Mission & Goals Providing Solar Engineering Solutions for your Green Energy Needs…Our vision is to provide leading edge green energyengineering design, installation and maintenance solutionsOur goal is to deliver the highest quality ROI to our customers,by providing the highest quality equipment, best in class serviceand technical support along with industry leading warranties.
  5. 5. Sourcetec – Why Solar Street Lights? Applications: Major Roadways Residential Streets Pedestrian Walkways Parking Lots Docks and Piers Remote and Rural Locations Areas with safety concernsWHY USE SOLAR STREETLIGHTS?A Sourcetec Solar Outdoor Area Lighting system is a reliable and efficient stand-alone system. It consists of a SolarPV module, a Battery & a Luminary with very high efficiency electronics all mounted onto a pole with necessaryhardware & cables.The outdoor area lighting system is powered by a Solar Photovoltaic Panel and is completely independent from utilitypower. There is no need to excavate for underground power lines, because the system is powered by clean solarenergy.The energy is generated & utilized at the same place; there are no long distance cables running and hence lesstransmission losses. You will enjoy freedom from monthly electricity bills as well as satisfaction that comes withowning and operating a environmental friendly, renewable light source.This fully integrated system combines the latest and the most innovative solar technologies available providing yearsof convenient trouble free area lighting.
  6. 6. Sourcetec Solar Street Light – First: The Light
  7. 7. Sourcetec Solar Street Light – A comparison of lamps by light delivered for power consumed lm/W (actuallyLight Type Typical lm/W Lifetime (hrs) delivered)Incandescent 17 14 3kHalogen 16 16 10kMetal halide 60 <40 5k-15kLED 100 55-75 > 60kHigh-pressure sodium 80 <50 20-24k• The light delivered varies with the power factor• Ballasts, photocells and lights can all fail. Lights can also lose their lumen efficacy.• An LED has no ballast. A Sourcetec Solar LED street light uses no photocell. The solar panel generates voltage when there is light and the controller uses this information to determine when to switch the light on• Traditionally the rated lamp life of light sources is determined by the average time it takes for 50% of lights to fail. LED’s do not typically fail; they decay.• Lumens per watt for all lamps decay over time.
  8. 8. Sourcetec Solar Street Light –Source: Cooper Crouse-Hinds This chart shows how the light from a lamp can decay over time.
  9. 9. Sourcetec – Solar Street LightsSource: Kauffman ConsultingAn example of the effects of lumen decay. When the light emitted dropsbeyond an acceptable threshold they must be replaced. LEDs do nottypically fail and they decay at a much slower rate than non-SSL lights.
  10. 10. Sourcetec – Solar Street Lights A more evenly distributed light…
  11. 11. Sourcetec – Solar Street LightsSource: US DOEA direct comparison: Same light pole, same distance betweenpoles. LED’s versus High Pressure Sodium lights. Notice theconcentration of light around HPS pole and the equaldistribution around the LED poles.
  12. 12. Sourcetec – Solar Street Lights Second: The Power
  13. 13. Sourcetec Solar Street Light –Why Use Solar Energy? – Annual Cost of Power: Zero – Solar Production of CO2: Zero – Effect on Total Cost of Light Production: Profound – No Trenching required – No heavy cable, quick easy installation anywhere – Have lights in days – not months – Ultra-low maintenance and long product life. LED light rated for 50,000 hours – Sealed deep cycle maintenance free battery (2,200 cycles) – Solar panel warranty for 25 years. – We can make it work in Canadian winter sunlight so we can make it work for you Actual Installation – Brampton, Ontario
  14. 14. Sourcetec – Solar Street LightsThird: A Financial Comparison
  15. 15. Sourcetec – Solar Street Lights This chart describes the financial benefit of using solid state lighting (LEDs). It does not address the solar production. The cost of the LED is high; the lower cost of solar production and negated cost of trenching installation is significant. So? Using solar energy garners an additional benefit in further reduced upfront capital cost and ongoing energy cost.Source: LED Transformations
  16. 16. Sourcetec – Solar Street Lights Some major assumptions on a paved parking lot installation (Toronto, Canada)grid connection versus 20 w Solar LED from SourcetecComparison: 100 w High Pressure Sodium standard DESIGN PARAMETER COUNT COST EXTENDED 1 Parking Lot Project 550 ft X 180 ft 2 Traditional Lamp Source 100W HPS 3 Traditional Light & Pole 110 $700 $77,000 4 Cost of Local Hydro Company work 110 $500 $55,000 5 Cost of trenching 3300 $2 $6,600 6 Cost of disruption to parking revenue (days) 0 $25,000 $0 7 Cost of wiring and conduit 3300 $6 $19,800 8 Cost of solar alternative ($ per lamp) 110 $1,500 $165,000 9 Installation of Solar Alternative 110 $300 $33,000 10 Time per fixture for lamp maintenance (hours) 1.25 $100 $125 11 How many people required for lamp maintenance 2 $100 $200 12 Battery Replacement 110 $300 $33,000 13 Cost of 100 W HPS lamp 110 $30 $3,300 14 Cost of 20 W LED lamp 110 $100 $11,000 What is energy cost on site? (# lights X hrs use) 15 1.65 $0.10 $602 ($/kWhr) (10 yrs) 16 Enter lighting hours of operation per day (12, 24 etc) 15 17 Truck Rolls per lamp maintenance 1 $100 $100 18 Equipment Costs per maintenance (cherry picker) 1 $500 $500 19 Assumed Life 10 years
  17. 17. Sourcetec – Solar Street Lights Total Cost of Ownership Summary Energy Savings 100 W HPS Solar Light SystemWe have not Annual energy consumption (kWhr) 821 0extended the Annual energy cost ($) $82 $0analysis to 20 Energy Cost over 10 years $821 $0 Annual Energy Savings ($) $82or 30 years – Energy Savings over 10 years $821merely tenyears. Maintenance Savings Light Maintenance (every X years) 3 10 Cost of Replacement Lamps (amortized) ($) $16.67 $10.00The annual cost Battery Replacement amortized for annual cost $0.00 $60.00savings are clearly Annual averaged Maintenance Costs $341.67 $162.50significant. Annual Lamp & Maintenance Savings ($) $179.17 Lamp & Maintenance Savings over ten years $1,791.67The system capitalcost can be closer if Total Cost of Ownershipthere is no revenue Total Initial Investment $1,200 $1,800loss due to Total Savings on initial capital cost $600 -$600pavement trenching Total Savings over 10 year Life (Solar Light System) 0 $2,012.92for a traditional Payback Period on the Entire Lighting Installationsystem. NEVER! 2.9 (years)
  18. 18. Sourcetec – Solar Street Lights Street Light Maintenance is costly. This example shows four trucks and five men on an ‘as needed’ basis. Not every pole is serviced.
  19. 19. Sourcetec – SummarySourcetec Solar Street Lamps require no other parts. They are self-containedWe can install or you can installThe capital cost is comparable to traditional lighting systemsSolar Street Lamp Grid Usage: ZEROSolar Street Lamp Maintenance program: About half the cost of traditionalBOTTOM LINE: An extremely cost effective outdoor lighting solution LED light vs HPS light Photo credit: U.S. Dept of Energy
  20. 20. Sourcetec – Next Steps and DiscussionMiles McDonaldVP MarketingMilesm@sourcetecenergy.comNext Step: Contact me for a scenario analysis and Proposal (based on identified project) A few of our installations