Stolen love


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Stolen love

  1. 1. Stolen love By Nathanael W. Dungan The phone’s been ring off the hook all day. But I don’t answer. The machine is full of messages from her. “We need to talk, please pick up the phone.” But I can’t pick up. I need this time alone to figure out my thoughts. The doorbell chimes and the knocking follows. But I remain in bed. I know who it is and what he wants. “Come on man, open up, you can’t stay inside forever.” I just roll over. I can’t talk to him not after what he did. She was my true love until he came along. Now she is with him. and I sit alone in my dark apartment. “This was an accident, he and I were just friends.” That’s what she said. But she fell for him and left me far behind. He was a real friend, or that’s what I thought. But now I doubt he was. A real friend has respect for another’s relationship. “You were miles away, and she needed a friend.”But feelings grew between them. And I received a messagesaying things were different now. Alone watching the television; flipping through the channels. But there is nothing good on. All the shows are about couplesand are a constant source of pain. “Things will be better soon, and you will find someone new.” That’s what my parents said. But they don’t have to see the two of them together.