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Electicity and Magnetism Review


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Review for science test.

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Electicity and Magnetism Review

  1. 1. Electricity and Magnetism Review Test Monday
  2. 2. The Nature of Magnetism
  3. 3. Magnetism Magnetism is the attraction of a magnet for another object.
  4. 4. Poles Magnets are strongest at the poles The north pole repels the other north poles but attracts the south poles.
  5. 5. Magnetic Fields The area of Force around a magnet is know as magnetic Fields.
  6. 6. Magnets Opposites attract while similar poles repel.
  7. 7. Magnetic Domains In a magnetic material most of the clusters of billions of atoms, or magnetic domains, have magnetic fields that are lined up in the same way. Magnetic Domains- clusters of billions of atoms that have a magnetic field that are lined up parallel in the same way.