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This is a presentation that was created for a univeristy lesson. We were instructed to create a web page promoting a travel destination. We all used Powerpoint as the web page.

If you down load this presentation you will find it has hyperlinks and works pretty well as a web page.

I thought I would get away from the norm and do my web page on the Martian city of Mindaroo. Everyone else was doing real locations, and I though that was boring. This was about the only assignment at uni that we could do where you had to use your imagination.

This is about 15 years old now, but I still like it. Yes it has mistakes, but I still got a high distinction for it. Please enjoy.

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Web page

  1. 1. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face
  2. 2. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Welcome to Mindaroo. Mindaroo is the second largest city on Mars and the closest city to the famous Face of Mars. Please follow any of the links below to find out more about this famous city. •Facts on Minadroo The history of Mindaroo •Attraction How to get here/how to get around •Martin laws to be obeyed •The Climate •Convention Centres •Darlek Duranium Mine •The Presidents Report •Links Cruise ships arriving at Mindaroo And remember if you get lost Click on Marvin and he will gladly guide you back to the main page
  3. 3. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Mars is such a welcoming place that even the President wants you to come. “I have been told by many people that the only thing I ever talk abut is Mars. I know that that is how it must seem at times but once you have been to Mars you will see why I can’t stop talking about this wonderful planet. One of the greatest places to visit when on Mars is Mindaroo. A beautiful city with warm people who love have a good time. And of course Mindaroo is the closet city to the Face of Mars. If there is one thing I feel very strongly about is that, every one at one stage of their live should come to Mars and see the Face. The mystery that surrounds the Face and the fact that it proves that we are not alone in the universe should be reason enough. Who knows you may even crack the mystery while you are here. But what ever your visit to Mars please know that you will be welcome at any time. I hope to see you in the future” President of Mars B. Kenobi The President Main Page
  4. 4. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Not only are we good for tourist but Mindaroo can handle any function you wish With Mindaroo itself being a hub of trade and business we know that holding meetings, functions and conventions is important. That is why Mindaroo offers convention centers that can cater for any business no mater how large or how small. Below is a list of some of the more popular centers in Mindaroo. Main Page •The Kirk Hotel •The Mindaroo Convention Center •The HAL Entertainment Center •The Krypton Function Centers And of course the University of Mindaroo also has rooms for any occasion. Each of the centers has their own web site through which bookings can be made. To contact any of the above address please follow the links on our link page. The Krypton Function Center
  5. 5. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Before coming to Mindaroo it is important to understand the some of the finer points of Martian laws. Mars follows most of the laws set down by the Tri-system government but like most planets we have adjusted some laws to fit our customs and beliefs. We know that people want to come to Mindaroo for a good time but please don’t break the law and spoil it for other people. Some of the laws to be aware of, •Tobacco and non prescription drugs are banned on Mars and there are serve penalties for those who try to smuggle prohibited items to the surface •ALL forms of Religion is banned on Mars. Any one caught with a religious icon,bible or found trying to preach their religion on Mars will be crucified. The people of Mars and Mindaroo respect your beliefs customs and habits but please remember that they are your beliefs, customs and habits, and are not welcome on Mars. For more information on Martian Law please contact The Martian Police Departments Community Information Center, or follow the links on our link page. Main Page
  6. 6. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Now matter how you come, getting to Mindaroo is not hard. Located on the southern half of Mars, Mindaroo is easy to find and even easier to get here, whether you come in your own solar yacht or a cruise liner. Minadroo offer daily shuttle to all planets within the Sol System. For further information on shuttle flights please click on the link for the Department of Transport. If you live outside the Sol system in either the C.Clark or Asimov systems then the best way to come to Mindaroo is via a cruise liner. Most cruise ships stop at Mindaroo and the space port is design to handle most of the larger ships. For further information on cruising to Mindaroo contact either the Bova Travel Center or Lucas Travel. Of course you can always make your way to Mindaroo on your own and the Port authority welcome private yachts to use their facilitates. To arrange your trip via a private yacht please contact The Mindaroo Port Authority to make arrangements Getting around Mindaroo Map To Mindaroo Robotic Tourist guide of Mindaroo Main Page
  7. 7. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face If you enjoyed you trip to Mindaroo then you will love getting around our beautiful city. Mindaroo has the Tri-Systems most envied transport system. •Rail links to all major cities on Mars including the Face and SpielBerg •The Tunnel, Mindaroo’s underground rail system, delivers over 6 million people to the destinations all over the city ever day. •State of the art Herbert Hover buses that are never run more than a minuet behind schedule •Over 10,000 taxi’s. Mindaroo taxi driver must pass an exam to achieve their license so they know their way around the city •Clean easy to use walkways and cycle tracks. Mindaroo may be large and hold a lot of people but we want you to get where your going. For more information please contact the Department of Transport via our link page. Main Page
  8. 8. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face No matter which planet you have been born on there is little chance that you have never heard of Mindaroo. So many people have heard of Mindaroo that every year millions of tourist flock to the city to enjoy not only the delights of the city but of the Face. Buy clicking on the pictures below you will get a detailed map on how to find Mindaroo. Main Page
  9. 9. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Mindaroo Duranium Mine The Face of Mars South Pole SpielBerg Previous Page
  10. 10. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Mars Mindaroo Pluto Earth Venus Mercury Jupiter Uranus Saturn Neptune Asimov Previous Page C.Clark
  11. 11. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face One of the best features that Mindaroo has to offer to any person from the Tri-system league is our wonderful climate. As most locals know there is nothing like feeling the sun on the Face to brighten up any day. Like most planets in the Sol system Mars uses a Hypieron Fusion Star Generator to increase the temperature levels of the planet to a comfortable level. The man made star is in a fixed orbit around Mars and in perfect alignment with the Sol’s systems star so you won’t even know it was there. Mars also uses a Profine Weather Control System to coordinate the Martian weather. This not only helps the local farmers to keep control of their land but allows tourist to know when there will be rain to plan their days. But for most of the time the weather is fine with temperatures in the mid 20’s Celsius and short shirts sleeves very popular. To help you plan your trip to Mindaroo below is the time table for the weather pattern. Rain Fine Monday 13am – 13pm All Day every other day Wednesday 6pm – 13am Main Page Mindaroo at sunset
  12. 12. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Mindaroo is a city on the move. With tourist, mining and wine producing Mindaroo is a hive of activity with enough facilities to please anybody. •Mindaroo is home to over 10 million people with a varied cultural background that gives Mindaroo a distinctive feel. •Mindaroo has over 100 public schools and 53 private schools all offering quality education in line with the Martian education standards. •The hospitals in Mindaroo are of the finest quality, with over 46 public and private hospital treatment is never far away. •Over 3 million people a year flow through Mindaroo, either visiting as tourist or to do business with Mindaroo’s thriving business center. •Mindaroo boasts over 200 hundred hotels, hostels, and camping facilities. •Mindaroo produces over 100 tonnes of gold each year and 20 million tonnes of Duranium with the mines employing well over 5000 people. Mindaroo is a modern city and one of the most popular places on the face of Mars. So what ever you reason for coming to Mindaroo, business, pleasure, or to live Mindaroo has everything you need to feel at home. The Old Navigation Beacon House Main Page in Mindaroo
  13. 13. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face The History of Mindaroo Mindaroo has a proud history with the city being the first settlements to established on Mars. The early settlers was primary scientist who wish to scourer the Face Of Mars and unlock the secrets which the Face held. Though the face proved to be nothing more than elusive with the creators of the Face still being unknown the pull of the Face has always when popular with tourists. Once the Martian surface had been successfully Terra Formed non military personnel began colonise the planet and Mindaroo changed from being a scientific outpost to one of attraction and fun. In the year of 02 while Mindaroo's vineyards were being created, gold was discovered around Mindaroo and the still fledgling town attracted more people who were out to make a their fortune. While the mining of gold helped to establish Mindaroo than more than just a tourist destination, it was the discovery of Duranium that cemented Mindaroo as a leading commercial centre. Now days the mines around Mindaroo are the largest supplier of Duranium and gold in the Tri-System League. With the introduction of mining to Mindaroo a space port was built and the doors opened up for both commercial and private ship, and transport carriers to fly in and out of the city. From there the city exploded and has grown in to the city that it is today. Main Page Early out post at Mindaroo
  14. 14. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face While Mindaroo may be the leading commercial centre on mars we still know how to party. Every year Mindaroo opens the door on the fun factory and the inhabitants let there hair down. Some of the big parties include Settlement Day, The Burroughs Festival and every spring the Annual Mars Balloon Races start from Mindaroo attracting thousands for the festivities. Though while the residents like to let their hair down on different occasions, Mindaroo offers a range of attractions for the whole family or for the individual. Some of the more favorite attractions of Mindaroo are •Cycling around the Face •Morning and Evening Balloon flights over the Face with lunch or dinner at one of Mindaroo’s Award wining Vineyards •Take a tour of the Darlek Duranium mine site •Or just visits some of the cites art galleries or museums What ever it is that you seek to do at Mindaroo, we have the attraction that will keep you happy. For More information please follow the links on our link page. Main Page Cycling around the Face Street performers at the Burroughs Festival Ballooning Over the Face
  15. 15. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face No other planet in the Sol system has wine as fine as Mars, and Mindaroo’s Tardis Valley is the biggest and best producer on Mars. Just a lazy 60 kilometers from Mindaroo, on the opposite side of the Face lies the Tardis Valley. Stretching for over 150kms the Tardis Valley is home to the Mars’s award winning vineyards and some of the most beautiful scenery any planet in the Tri-System League has to offer. The Tardis Valley is home to over 85 Wineries will graceful rolling hills, rustic cottages and tranquil surroundings. Most of the wineries are well know through out the Tri-System League including such names as, Adam’s, Who, Foster’s and Vader. Though aside from fine wine the vineyards offer so much more. • Horse/Rancor pulled cart rides •Balloon flights across the Valley •Over 50 Hotels •45 Restaurants Whether to extend your holiday from Mindaroo or just a day trip the Tardis valley will delight you. For more information please follow the links on our link page Main Page Vader Winery below Jedi Mountain
  16. 16. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face At Mindaroo there is something for everybody. With Mindaroo attracting thousands of visitors each years for the wealthy through to galactic backpackers the accommodations through out the city have been designed for all. What ever the price range that is required there are is a place that will accommodate your needs •Mindaroo Host the only 6 star hotel on Mars, The Bradbury, as well as 10 five star hotels and 15 4 star hotels •Mindaroo has a total of 140 hotels, with price varying from the expensive to the inexpensive. There is something for everyone. •Mindaroo also hosts over 20 backpacker hostels for those on a tight budget. •Also Mindaroo has 20 camping sites for people who like to camp out in Mindaroo beautifully controlled climate Mindaroo has everything that you would want for a stay whether it be a be a day or a week. Come and see for you self you will not be disappointed. Please follow the link on our link page for more information Main Page
  17. 17. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face The Darlek Duranium Mine is the largest mine on Mars and the largest in the Tri-system league. Duranium was first discovered on mars in the year 2113 by the Martian explorer Davros. Davros knowing the potential of Duraium the power the FLT Hyper drive system on most space vessels established the mine in 2119 and help not only turn himself into one of Mars richest men but establish Mindaroo as a commercial trade center. The mine is only one of hundreds around Mindaroo the Darlek mines is the largest and a key tourist attractions and now allows tours through the mine. For more information please contact the Darlek Tourist Office Main Page
  18. 18. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Since man first began to look into the heavens Mars has held a special place in the human imagination. Hundreds of books and movies have been made about the planet and the life that it might have held, yet no one was ready for the impact that the Face of Mars would have. Constructed by still an unknown race the face has become one of the most intriguing artefacts ever discover by man. The Face of Mars was the first symbol of other intelligent life in the universe, suggesting that the Human race is not alone. The Face was first discovered by an early space probe from the now decimated planet of Earth. Though the records of the space probe were destroyed after the war of 2045 many scientist believe it was the Viking space probe that captured the first photo’s in the late 1970’s. Click face for enlargement Though what ever the reason for the Face or when it was discovered it still remain a great feat of engineering by any race. Visible from orbit the Face stands out like a beacon for ships arriving at Mindaroo. This is a site that no person should ever miss. It is the greatest mystery of all time and waiting for you today. Main Page
  19. 19. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face The Face Mindaroo Darlek Mine site Click Here to Return The Tardis Valley
  20. 20. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Main Page Accommodation Hotels Hostels Camping sites Convention Centers The Kirk Hotel The Mindaroo Convention Center The HAL Entertainment Center The Krypton Function Centers University Of Mindaroo Martian Law The Martian Police Departments Community Information Center The Martian Legal Committee Travel Department of Transport. Bova travel center Lucas Travel. The Mindaroo Port Authority Attractions The Face of Mars Tourist Center Ballooning over the Face Vineyards Darlek Duranium mine site Art galleries and museums The Face of Mars Facing the facts information canter
  21. 21. Start Page Mindaroo Accommodation History Attractions The Face Error 40112 The page you have requested is either unavailable, congested, temporary out of service or still not to be created for another 150 years. Please click here to return to the last page
  22. 22. Start Page References NASA Home Page Views Mindaroo of the Solar System The Solar System Mining Technology - The Palabora open pit. Peschar Family Vineyard Coffs Harbour NSW Australia Welcome to Noosa Shire, Queensland Australia Newcastle City Page Newcastle Regional Museum - Newcastle - NSW – Australia Guide to the Hunter Valley Hunter Valley Ballooning Lake Macquarie City (Home Page) Barrington Guest House – Accommodation Eleon's Fantasy Art Page and Links DORMANART: THE ART OF DAVE DORMAN The Art Of Michael Whelan ImageNETion: Star Wars :Official Site Star Wars: The 3D Modeling Alliance With special thanks the George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Ray Bradbury, Gene Roddenberry,Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Ben Bova, Allan Dean Foster, Edgar Rice Burroughs,the creators of Dr Who, Douglas Adams, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Bob Kane and Queen, for the inspiration. Accommodation History Attractions The Face