Countries with the highest quality of life


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Countries with the highest quality of life

  1. 1. Countries with the Highest Quality of Life Micron Associates
  2. 2. Norway Norway attracts many tourists annually. Cruises to Norway are a popular way of seeing the country. Cruises to Norway are enjoyable as they provide a variety of entertainment, all under one roof. Norway is the beaten track. However, it is easily accessible with more than 240 direct flights from Europe. According to Micron Associates, in Norway you are always close to everything; the cities, the mountains and the can combine midnight sun golf in the north.with a whale watching safari or a fjord experience in the in a state of the art venue in the capital;Oslo,or transport groups into the southernmost ice hotel in Europe in lillehammer. It has a relaxed atmosphere, even in the big cities. So, leave the stress at home and come to Norway, enjoy its silence and get powered by nature.
  3. 3. Sweden In Sweden real estate market sees a regular growth. The Sweden real estate market sells affordable and luxurious properties. The people lead a high quality of life in Sweden. There are five weeks paid vacation to start. More if you’re older or work for the government.Parents get a total of 480 parental days for each child.
  4. 4. Canada There are many jobs in Canada that attract people to the country. The jobs in Canada provide a high quality of living and the country too is a peaceful place to stay in.Canada Rated the BEST Place to Live! Every year since 1994, the United Nations has rated Canada as the best country in the world to live in. Prosperity in Canada The economy is BOOMING! A fast growing, modern, industrialized nation, Canada offers unlimited potential and opportunity. With the highest standard of living, Canada is one of the richest countries and is getting better.
  5. 5. Iceland One can enjoy an arctic time by going for holidays in Iceland. Holidays in Iceland provide with stays in hotels made completely out of ice making one believe in magic. Iceland is encompassing fabulousness, is one of the only places on earth where you will find volcanic activity, hot geothermal soaking pools, and ice blue glaciers set a midst a moon-like landscape.
  6. 6. Netherlands In Netherlandsone never can feel the time passing by. One can see the scenic countryside or live in one of the Netherlands hotels that are built to please tourists. The Netherlands hotels provide just the warmth and comfort one needs to enjoy one’s vacation in Netherlands.The Netherlands is well-known for its tolerance of others. Whatever your race or sexuality, you will be welcomed here and people will respect your rights to live your life the way you see fit.The Netherlands are a place of outstanding beauty.
  7. 7. Japan Tourists who travel to Japan never want to come back as the people and the beauty of the place are so captivating. Tourists travel to Japan and are locked in the fusion of the timelessness and modernity of the country.It is no secret that Japan have the latest technological advancement in the world from your cellphone to the futuristic android that are now becoming a reality. Thanks to their innovation the Japanese have constantly re- inventing how we live our everyday life.The average salary men & teacher are able to earn up to 250,000 Japanese Yen per month and if you are working in the IT ( Information & Technology ) sector you might be able to earn twice or triple the amount mention just now. Japan has a good national insurance scheme which is govern by the government that consider everyone including foreigner (must be employed) benefit from an insurance coverage. It can do you good as you will only need to pay 30% of your medical fees but of course you will need to pay a flat rate each month.
  8. 8. WHAT IS BEST FOR A PLACE TO LIVE? Moving is like an adventure trip yet a very stressful life event. It is not just about packing, loading, driving and unpacking but is also about overcoming the emotional aspects such as letting yourself to love the new and or overtake the old. It is about changing of everything, especially when you are moving far from the place where you get yourself into. Then, if this is the case, there are things that you should consider for you and your family to make a better living.
  9. 9. When you are moving from a distant place like across the country, youshould expect the very unexpected for you to to not come in a surprise.Take time to make a list of priorities to see what aspects of a city aremost important to you in which can reduce the stress level of yourmove. The first thing to come to terms with is that not all places thatare fun for vacations are actually good places to live. Try to look at aplace from a resident’s point of view and not a tourist. Whenconsidering a great place to live, you don’t want to make a decisionbecause you had a great vacation there. You have to be rational aboutthings and remember that you are going to have to pay rent or amortgage, have a job, and actually survive long term. A lot of placesthat attract tourists and that are great for vacations can be moreexpensive. If you are visiting places you are thinking about moving to,check out the local schools, the grocery stores, and even try talking tosome of the locals. They will be able to help you get a feel for the city alot better than an amusement park will. Remember that in choosingfor a place to live, make sure that you and your family can easily copewith the lifestyle considered as your new home.
  10. 10. • By answering these quests can help you to decide where to live. Does the city seem clean and well taken care of? These are things you can’t really know until you visit and look from a resident’s point of view. Is there a lot of pollution? Are the buildings falling apart or well kept? Are the roads taken care of? If they are made of a type of metal such as ductile iron poles, it could show that they are willing to keep the rest of the city’s current and up to date. It also will show they are smart because certain pole types require less maintenance and are more durable. This will show the type of decisions that have been made and will be made in the future. In addition, another thing to consider is what type of neighborhood you would like to live in. Some places offer more of a city life while others are more suburban or even more rural. This decision seems like it would be an easy one, but there are many factors involved in the options.• Every place is different in its own way. Micron Associates suggest, Visiting the area and think with so many times the most important to you and or to your family, the best way to find the right place for you to live better.
  11. 11. Micron Associates Travel Guide: Traveling around the globeAmerica’s Best Cities for Dating Look for love in all the right places, because these 10 U.S. cities rank tops for their dating-friendly credentials. Expect dating pools distinguished by diversity or a high proportion of singles (enhancing your chances of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right), superlative dating venues (rendezvous-ready restaurants, bars, museums, and more), and/or stunning natural settings, primed for swoon-worthy outings. Ready to get your dating game on?
  12. 12. Austin Austin’s music scene isn’t all that rocks – this city’s dating scene doesn’t skip a beat, with singles comprising more than half the local population (thanks largely to the University of Texas campus). For a Texas-size dose of top-notch dating potential, try a toe-tapping night out at some 200 live-music venues (test your inner cowboy or cowgirl at The Broken Spoke honky-tonk), or hit up the nightlife hotbeds in the Warehouse District or on Sixth Street. Plus, year-round sunshine and the great outdoors combine for date-worthy dips at Barton Springs Pool, hiking or biking the Greenbelt, or getting out on the water on Lady Bird Park (a kayak for two, anybody?).
  13. 13. Boston This renowned hub for higher education (50-plus institutes call the Boston area home, including heavyweights like Harvard and MIT) buzzes with the youthful energy of undergrad and post-grad singles looking to pair off. Grab your squeeze and head out on the town for the bustling pub scene (try the historic Bell in Hand Tavern), top venues for sporting events (don’t miss a Red Sox game at Fenway), or strolls along the Harborwalk and the Charles River Esplanade. Foodie-minded duos, meanwhile, can seek out romantic Italian eateries in the North End neighborhood (try Trattoria di Monica) or the food stalls of historic Quincy Market.
  14. 14. Chicago Cosmopolitan Chicago is made for dating: Check out world-class art museums (like the Art Institute of Chicago), comedy clubs (Second City is unsurpassed for laughs), theaters (second only in concentration to Broadway), and sporting venues (catch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field). Then, continue your rendezvous well into the night at smoky blues clubs or trendy rooftop bars showcasing Chi-town’s cityscape. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Lincoln Park or the Lake Michigan waterfront for biking, jogging, or simply unwinding. Or, take your date to new heights – literally – with a whirl in Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel, or in winter, a little ice-skating in the sky at the rink atop the John Hancock building.
  15. 15. Miami Make your way to Miami for its sun-kissed beaches and sexy locals known to show off teeny bikini- and swim trunks-clad bods. A sizzling nightlife scene infused by sensual Latin flavors (clubs pumping salsa, meringue, and more) commands the night, while the beachfront beckons active types who can jog, bike, or rollerblade under the sun. Of course, simply frolicking in the waters off the white-sand beaches or lingering over a sunset-view cocktail (try DiLido Beach Club) or savory seafood meal (The Redfish Grill’s beachfront patio is tops), are perfect tropical-inspired dates all their own.
  16. 16. New Orleans The French Quarter’s wrought-iron balconies and flickering streetlamps; the soaring oak canopies of City Park; and balmy Southern nights combine for romantic only-in-N’awlins’ strolls. Or, snuggle up in a horse-drawn carriage or aboard a streetcar to kindle your date’s desire. New Orleans delivers in the nightlife department, with legendary music venues (try dimly lit jazz clubs like Snug Harbor) and watering holes fueled by classic New Orleans cocktails (300-year-old Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar ranks high for atmosphere). Or, indulge in neighborhood cafés (hit Café du Monde for café au lait and beignets for two) and restaurants flexing their culinary chops (Bayona’s lush courtyard is especially enchanting).
  17. 17. New York City The Big Apple is big on dating, with hip, career-driven New Yorkers oozing unrivaled cultural diversity, perfect for those looking to broaden their dating horizons (plus, a special bonus for the fellows: Females outnumber males here by 52.5 to 47.5 percent). NYC’s abundant offerings ensure a date night needn’t be repeated twice – from music clubs to museums, Broadway to bars, and rooftop lounges to top-ranked restaurants, Manhattan seems designed with matchmaking in mind. Add on a stroll in Central Park, a sunset cruise around the harbor, or a rooftop cocktail overlooking NYC’s twinkling skyline, for some Gotham trysts not to be missed.
  18. 18. Phoenix & Scottsdale The bordering, sun-kissed sister cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale, tucked into Arizona’s palm- and cacti-speckled Sonoran Desert, tout a top-notch dating scene that’s no mirage. The desert delivers abundant hiking, rock climbing, and biking opportunities for outdoorsy types; follow it up with some pampering for two at one of the area’s world- class spas (Royal Palms Resort and Spa ranks tops for romance). After sunset, a foodie scene unfolds at date-primed eateries like T. Cook’s, while chic nightlife abounds, especially in downtown Scottsdale (try Kazimierz World Wine Bar). For dates with an artsy edge, peruse galleries during special evening receptions, courtesy of Phoenix’s Artlink First Fridays, or the weekly Scottsdale ArtWalk.
  19. 19. San Diego Sun-drenched San Diego, with its endless-summer weather, buzzing beach culture, hip nightlife scene, and generous population of tanned, hard-bodied singles, is an easy contender for this list. Head out for a date-worthy dip or a go at surfing at one of 33 city beaches, then stick around for an evening beach bonfire, or hit up the nightlife haunts of the historic Gaslamp Quarter, with chic rooftop lounges primed for alfresco romance (like Ivy Rooftop). The luxe, Mediterranean-style La Jolla neighborhood, meanwhile, beckons couples with elegant bars and eateries (we love The Marine Room) and superlative natural scenery at spots like La Jolla Cove or Torrey Pines State Reserve.
  20. 20. San Francisco California’s cultural capital, San Francisco, is a boon for diverse, creative singles blessed. Cultural venues, museums, and art galleries; world-class dining scene (try romantic Fifth Floor); Golden Gate Park (with its picture-book Conservatory of Flowers); and a vibrant nightlife and café scene rank among the top dating scenes. The City by the Bay’s stunning waterfront setting, moody misty weather, and iconic Golden Gate Bridge are a perfect backdrop for romance, best admired via strolls along the coastline (try Crissy Field) or sunset catamaran cruises on the bay. California Wine Country and the fairytale redwoods of Muir Woods are within easy day-tripping distance and only increase the likelihood that you’ll indeed leave your heart here.
  21. 21. Seattle With coffeehouses on practically every corner (little wonder, given Starbucks was born here), Seattle’s primed for cappuccino-fueled courtships. Or, if Dionysus-inspired dating’s more your speed, romantic wine bars and urban tasting rooms are perfect spots to taste Washington’s top-rate vintages. (Keep both options open at establishments like Fonté Café & Wine Bar.) For an epicurean-edged outing, sample local flavors via the food stalls, fish vendors, and eateries (Café Campagne boasts a woo-worthy setting) of the Pike Place Market. Or, sample Seattle’s natural bounty with outings to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, or to the city’s ample lakes and scenic waterfront. Round it all off with a bird’s-eye view for two atop the city’s iconic Space Needle.
  22. 22. HOMEWelcome! to the most exciting list of tourist attractions andtravel destinations around the world. Our directory helpsyou find information and reviews about activities fromsites all around the world that offers different places ofinterest and types of recreation. Drill down into thelocations below to find out more about each place and seehow the local customs create a unique atmosphere.