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Opera Capital Partners - Corporate presentation

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Presentation ocp linked in2

  1. 1. ServingEntrepreneurs<br />1<br />PARIS STOCKHOLM<br />
  2. 2. Overview – 2 Business Lines<br />-2-<br />1 mission: servingentrepreneurs<br />Family office and Wealth Management.<br /><ul><li>130m€ Assets under management</li></ul>- Founded 2005<br />- 5 partners<br /><ul><li> Regulated by the AMF (French Financial Authority)</li></ul>Corporate finance boutique.<br /><ul><li> M&A, private placement and investor services.
  3. 3. 3 partners located in France and Sweden
  4. 4. Corefocus in technology businesses</li></li></ul><li>Focus On Opera Capital Partners<br />-3-<br />Optimize growth and equity value<br />Private Placement<br />Fund raising<br />Mergers & Acquisitions<br />Corporate & Institutional<br />Investor Services (CIIS)<br /><ul><li>Financing growth
  5. 5. Financing M&A
  6. 6. Financing shareholders exit
  7. 7. Buy-side/sell side advisory
  8. 8. Exit strategies (Spin-offs, carve out, Owner Buy Out, MBO, LBO)
  9. 9. Acquisition negotiation
  10. 10. Strategic Alliances
  11. 11. Coverage of the entire investment process (deal sourcing, due diligence...)
  12. 12. Valuation and fairness opinions
  13. 13. Strategic intelligence </li></ul> <br />
  14. 14. -4-<br />Results Oriented – TrackRecord<br />Internet Media eCommerce<br />Cleantech and Industry<br />Mobile / Telecom / Wireless<br />Closing Q1 2011<br />EUR 18,000,000<br />Financial advisor<br />Q4 2009<br />Financial advisor<br />Q2 2010<br />EUR 3,000,000<br />Private Placement<br />On going<br />Financial Advisor<br />Q4 2010<br />PIXBOOM<br />Seed round<br />Private placement<br />Q3 2010<br />Financial advisor<br />Q4 2010<br /> EUR 1,000,000<br />Private placement<br />Q1 2010<br />EUR 3,500,000<br />Private Placement<br />Q3 2009<br />EUR 1,400,000<br />Private Placement<br />Q1 2010<br />EUR 3,000,000<br />Financial advisor<br />On going<br />CIIS<br />Advisor<br />On going<br />CIIS<br />Advisor<br />On going<br />CIIS<br />Advisor<br />Q4 2009<br />Financial advisor<br />DF01<br />
  15. 15. Connected To The VC Community<br />Finnish<br />US<br />-5-<br />
  16. 16. A Proven Methodology To Reach Success<br />-6-<br />TIME<br />1/ Preparation phase<br /><ul><li>Investor/Acquirerdocumentation
  17. 17. Business planning
  18. 18. Financial modeling</li></ul>1 Mth<br />2/ Marketing phase<br />“Funnel”<br /><ul><li>Roadshow
  19. 19. Continousimprovement</li></ul>4 Mths<br />3/ Negotiation & closing<br /><ul><li>Duediligences
  20. 20. Negociation Terms & Conditions
  21. 21. Closing</li></ul>6 Mths<br /><ul><li> Term Sheets/Letter of Intention
  22. 22. Different syndicates</li></li></ul><li>Why Choose Opera Capital Partners<br />-7-<br />RESULTS ORIENTED<br /><ul><li>Active dealmaker over the last 18 months
  23. 23. Collaboration with leadingindustrialgroups
  24. 24. References available both from CEOs and investors</li></ul>CONNECTED<br /><ul><li>Track record in cross border deals
  25. 25. Active in the investors and industry “community”
  26. 26. Expert reviewers in major IT & Finance conferences</li></ul>PROCESS DRIVEN<br /> & <br />COMMITMENT<br /><ul><li>All in house
  27. 27. Proven process, systems and tools
  28. 28. High quality documentation</li></li></ul><li>Testimonials<br />-8-<br />“ OCP (O. Rieu) was a very solid partner to make a 3m€ private placement by BNP Private Equity possible and efficient. He has been acting as a committed member of our staff along this process, especially on the finance structuring and modeling aspects. I would recommend his services to any technology growth company willing to expand on the European scene.”<br />Per Erik Ångman, CEO at Telogic, August 9th 2010<br />“ OCP (F.Laziou) helped us raise our Series A round of finance. It was the most expensive service I've ever bought and it was in all ways worth it. Frederic helped us raise money faster, to a higher valuation, from a good firm and all this while I was able to manage my everyday work. Frederic is one of the most hard working people I've ever met always doing whatever he believes needs to be done, no matter time, place or type of task. He's also very reasonable when coming to expenses. I'd definitely recommend him.” <br />SoroshTavakoli, Founder and CEO at Videoplaza, March 29th 2010<br />
  29. 29. Opera Capital Partners<br />O<br />Headquarter Offices<br />PARIS HQ<br />12/14 Rd-Point des Champs Elysees<br />75008 – Paris<br />France<br />O<br />STOCKHOLM HQ<br />Gävlegatan 18C<br />113 85 – Stockholm<br />Sweden<br />O<br />NANTES<br />MARSEILLE<br />LYON<br />-9-<br />CONTACT<br /><br /><br />O<br />O<br />O<br />O<br />Offices in<br />