Sony eBridge: Automotive Case Studies


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Best practice eBridge automotive case studies including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover and many more

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Sony eBridge: Automotive Case Studies

  1. 1. personalise. engage. measure. automotive case studies
  2. 2. eBridge is a unique advertising concept that fuses traditional direct mail and digital media to close the gap between offline and online. 9 of the top 10 global brands on the 'Interbrand ranking' rely on solutions by Sony DADC, find out why... personalise Tailor the disc content to your audience, with unlimited variations. Reflect their particular interests, they‘re hooked! engage Captivate all of your customers with bespoke personalised content and add media richness to the brand experience. measure Capture the customer journey through the life of the disc and the online landing page. www + + = Dear Mr. Citizen To John Citizen Dear Mr. Citizen eBridge personalised integrated media 2
  3. 3. Contents Editorial Direct 2.0 – Perfectly integrated campaigns 4 Audi Agencies: BBH (London), Good Technology (London) 8 BMW Agency: Interone Worldwide (BBDO) (Munich) 12 Land Rover Agency: Wunderman (Frankfurt/Main) 16 Lexus Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge (London) 20 Maserati Agency: Card eMotion (Vienna) 24 Mercedes-Benz Agency: RMG Connect (Frankfurt/Main) 28 Porsche Agencies: Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler, Chromedia 32 Other clients Google | Lloyds TSB | Skandia | UBS | Aeropostale | BAUR Versand | La Redoute | Weltbild | Yves Rocher Cerner Multum Pharma | Januvia | MSD Pharma | Sandoz | Deutsche Post | La Poste | Poste Italiane | Royal Mail TNT Post | Intel | Kabel Deutschland | Sky | Telecom Italia | Lufthansa | SalzburgerLand Tourismus | Sheraton Hotels 3
  4. 4. Editorial Direct 2.0 – Perfectly integrated campaigns 5
  5. 5. Editorial: Direct 2.0 – Perfectly integrated campaigns Build bridges into the web with networked communication 360 degrees, crossmedia or integrated communication? The synonyms for integrated communication are as varied as their interpretations. Many advertisers have now turned their backs on the misunderstanding that integrated communication means simply communicating a subject including its claim and link across the widest variety of channels. The industry has learned that the well-intentioned but simple adaptation of a campaign for all media is not enough. Efficient integrated communication comprises two essen- tial elements: the message and the communicative idea. Both elements are media neutral and can therefore be considered to be detached. In practice, this could appear as follows: In the context of a multi-week campaign, print advertising is used to attract attention. The main aim of using direct mail is to trigger an impulse in the target group that leads them to the microsite advertised, wins them as a new customer and increases the efficiency of traditional advertising. In order to achieve this aim, traditional print advertising is broken down into its individual components and an attempt made to filter out the message and the communi- cative idea. The next step is the planning of the crossmedia campaign with the aim of effecting an emphatic but gentle transfer of the target group from offline to online. Direct mail serves as a key medium while the microsite acts as the target medium. The agency briefing comprises only the derived message and the communicative idea. This approach frees the agency from the tight corset imposed by traditional advertising and leads to highly efficient integrated communication. In the final step, visuals for all channels are homogenised as far as is necessary. From offline to online with no media break? For many years, advertisers have tried to re-educate consumers to abstain from changing channels during the commercial break. It is, however, extremely convenient for the consumer to use the remote control to escape the onslaught of advertising. With just one click you're on another channel. Many advertisers are now hoping that a similar switch from offline to online can be made. Bridges can be built to minimise the media break between direct mail and online. A demonstrably functioning bridge, for exam- ple, is a personalised DVD or CD that not only personally greets the interested party once the disc has been inserted into the PC but also immediately leads to the website in question after a 20-second commercial. It also offers the possibility of transporting advertising via DVD player directly in to the consumer’s living room, the so-called lean back environment. Consumers in an age of change in media use The “Institute for the Future” published a study back in 2006 entitled “Marketing 2.0” with the result that consumer responsiveness must be adapted to socio-technological and socio-cultural innovations. In this way, there is a paradigm shift from lean back to lean forward that is already crossing over into mainstream. Unfortunately, Germany is lagging far behind in the field of interactive television and TV is, unlike SMS and telephone, a one-way street for direct response. Given the current change in media use, lean forward media such as Web 2.0 hypes YouTube and JOOST have an effect where consumer responsiveness in direct marketing must be changed. Lean forward requires en- gagement on the part of the consumer. And engagement leads to an increased brand experience and thus an emotional bond to the brand. Therefore, integrated campaigns between direct mail and online only work if the rules of the respective channels are respected. So the content must lead the consumer to active, multimedia interaction with the message. 6
  6. 6. Integrated campaign for Lexus UK For the launch of the IS 250 model of the prestige car brand Lexus, the London agency Partners Andrews Aldridge developed an integrated campaign, networked across several channels. A traditional print adver- tising route coupled with posters was used to attract attention. Existing interested parties were contacted by e-mail. All channels led to the micro- site with the theme “TAKE CONTROL OF THE IS 250”. As direct mail components of the new crossmedia Lexus IS 250 cam- paign, the manufacturer used a disc that was personalised both inside and out and packaged in an A5 postcard mailer, thus making it possible to address its target group both personally and in an arresting manner. Its primary aim was to lead the recipient conveniently but excitedly to the IS 250 microsite and to encourage him to take a test drive. Once the recipient had inserted the disc into his PC, he found himself to be the main player in a mysterious film intro sequence in which a Lexus on a simulated track in a gloomy hangar is put to the test – steered by You can find more detailed information on the Lexus case study the user. The intro sequence was personalised throughout, the name and on page 22. home town of the recipient being directly incorporated: “At a computer in Frankfurt, John Citizen takes control.” Afterwards, the user was directed immediately to the IS 250 microsite where the car was steered by him using the keyboard. With just one click, the recipient could confirm a test-drive booking using the ready-filled-in forms using his data. Conclusion With an above-average response rate, Lexus’s expectations of this campaign were far exceeded. This article was published in the DDV 2008 year book. 7 Solutions by Sony DADC
  7. 7. Audi 9
  8. 8. Details Targeting a mix of warm prospects and cold list data, the campaign fulfilment came in the form of a personalised eBridge that was mailed to each recipient. Upon placing the disc in their PC, the recipient was addressed personally using pre-loaded information from Audi’s database. Alongside a 360-degree tour of the car’s interior and exterior, the disc hosted the TV commercial and gave the recipient a co-driver’s view of an off-road test drive through forests and across moors. A key feature of the eBridge is its rich and sophisticated interactivity with a clearly defined return path to Audi. With just one mouse click each time, recipients could confirm their data, request a printed brochure and, importantly, book a test drive at their local Audi dealership by using the pre-filled registration form. DIN A5 Expericard Mailing including personalised eBridge Client Agency Partner BBH, London, UK Audi, UK Good Technology, London, UK The First Mailing Company, UK 10
  9. 9. Goal The major goals were to generate requests to test drive the new Audi Q7 and to gain the tracking data in regard to the Audi 360-degree tour. Results The eBridge has had 3,480 unique users so far (from a total of 33,400 mailed – a response rate of over 10%) and of these, 24% (830) have gone on to request a test drive, which was the primary objective of the pack. Pre-Filled Registration Form Exterior 360° Tour 11 Solutions by Sony DADC
  10. 10. BMW 13
  11. 11. Client Ziel DIN A5 mailing with personalised eBridge Lorem Germany BMW, ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis no- Agency strud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex Interone Worldwide (BBDO) ea commodo consequat. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hend- rerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim Goal qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te Generation of leads feugait nulla facilisi. for CRM Qualification of leads Generierung von Probefahrten e-mail permission Qualifizierung von Leads für CRM eMail Permission Print run 200,000 Country Germany Period July 2008 14
  12. 12. Multimedia Interface – Landing page Personalised pre-filled Registration Form “With eBridge from Sony DADC, we at Interone Worldwide were presented with an innovative and, above all, effective tool which suits our agency portfolio perfectly. Perfectly because eBridge represents a highly effective link between traditional dialogue marketing and digital communication. Both fields are highly pronounced at our agency and at our client BMW.” Marcus Kikisch, Managing Director, Interone Worldwide (BBDO) 15 Solutions by Sony DADC
  13. 13. Land Rover 17
  14. 14. Client The eBridge disc was included in the customer magazine as a cover mount. Land Rover Deutschland GmbH, Germany Agency Wunderman, Frankfurt/Main Goal Generation of e-mail permission Introduction of “Summit” magazine Transfer from offline to online Print run 25,000 Country Germany Period January 2007 18
  15. 15. Multimedia Interface – Landing page Online Magazine "Summit" “For us, eBridge means successful integrated communica- tion with personalisation and involvement, that previously were not technologically possible. Simply brilliant!” Bernd Fliesser, CCO Wunderman Germany 19 Solutions by Sony DADC
  16. 16. Lexus 21
  17. 17. Details DIN A5 Expericard Mailing including personalised eBridge – Rear eBridge was the choice of automotive manufacturer Lexus to reach its target audience in a personal and compelling way via Direct Mail. The primary goal was to lead people to the IS 250 online micro site in a convenient, exciting way and encourage them to book a test drive. The eBridge disc was mailed out within a DIN A5 Expericard postcard. After loading the disc in their PC, the recipients find themselves to be the main character in a mysterious intro movie about a Lexus car which is mounted on a rolling road at a secret location. They are at the controls and can drive the vehicle as they wish. This was made possible by the personalisation of the intro sequence using the recipient’s data to build the sentence: "At a computer in London, John Citizen takes control." Afterwards the recipient is automatically transported to the IS 250 micro site where the car is viewed by CCTV cameras and controlled by the recipient’s keyboard. With just one click recipients could confirm their data for a test drive via pre-filled registration forms. To further improve the ROI, existing marketing collateral and websites have been repurposed for this eBridge campaign. The existing Lexus micro site has been extended with pre-filled test drive and brochure request forms as well as campaign reporting. Client Agency Lexus, UK Partners Andrews Aldridge, London, UK 22
  18. 18. The Recipient finds himself as the Main Character in a mysterious Intro Movie Interior Tour Goal The major objectives were to generate test drive requests and to increase consumer awareness of the Lexus brand and the IS 250 car. Results The campaign achieved a response rate of 11.1% representing 1,811 unique consumers who experienced the 'virtual test drive' and engaged with the Lexus brand. The conversion rate of 4.42% represents the test drive bookings. The campaign objectives have been reported as "over achieved". 23 Solutions by Sony DADC
  19. 19. Maserati 25
  20. 20. Details The new Maserati GranTurismo range is characterised by a unique sporty and powerful style. In order to introduce the target group to the vehicle and to offer an easy response channel, Maserati chose eBridge. The mailing looks enticing because of its packaging, which skilfully builds up the suspense and shows the name of the recipient (on the disc’s surface) through a window. After inserting the disc, the recipients were greeted with a personalised introduction with a high-resolution full screen video. Pre-completed forms provided the recipients with a simple online response channel. DIN A5 Card eMotion Mailing with personalised eBridge Client Agency Country Maserati Card eMotion Austria 26
  21. 21. Goal Working with eBridge, Maserati planned an exclusive multi- media presentation of the new model resulting in high lead generation (test drive booking, orders for brochures and call-back), which was automatically forwarded to the local dealers. Exact access statistics showed the usage of the discs and brand exposure. Results Usage rate – Offline (market research/telephone interviews): 51% Online Response Rate: 23,45% Response Rate (Test drive bookings & leads): 65% Multimedia Interface – Landing page Registration form 27 Solutions by Sony DADC
  22. 22. Mercedes-Benz 29
  23. 23. Client DIN A5 Expericard mailing with personalised eBridge – reverse Daimler AG, Germany Agency RMG Connect Goal Generation of e-mail permission Introduction of online magazine Transfer from offline to online Print run 100,000 Country The Netherlands Period June 2008 30
  24. 24. Multimedia Interface with personalised pre-filled Registration Form Online magazine “We developed a CD Rom in conjunction with our partners RMG Connect and Sony DADC. Its aim was to draw the attention of customers and parties interested in the Mercedes-Benz brand – who, at this point, were familiar only with the printed version of our Mercedes magazine – to the online version and to achieve new subscriptions. We are very satisfied with the result, as is the market.” Tanja Weber, Loyalty Programme Manager, Interactive Marketing BC/MI, Mercedes-Benz Cars 31 Solutions by Sony DADC
  25. 25. Porsche 33
  26. 26. Client Print run Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG 100,000 Agencies Countries Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler USA, EMEA Chromedia Period Goal April 2008 Launch Porsche 911 Generation of test drives Hardcover book “The new 911 Carrera model” with personalised eBridge 34
  27. 27. Multimedia Interface – Landing page The history of the Porsche 911 35 Solutions by Sony DADC
  28. 28. Find more compelling interactive case studies on Sony DADC Sonystrasse 20 Sony DADC United Kingdom Kent House 14-17 Market Place, 5th floor Sony DADC France 140 rue Gallieni Contact FoldeB-AUT-0908E 5081 Anif / Salzburg London W1W 8AJ 92100 Billancourt Austria United Kingdom France Phone: +43 6246 880 555 Phone: +44 20 7307 9771 Phone: +33 1 6413 8260 Solutions by Sony DADC