Sony eBridge: Case Studies


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Best practice eBridge case studies including Google, Lufthansa and many more

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Sony eBridge: Case Studies

  1. 1. Sony DADC eBridge personalised integrated media clients + case studies personalise. engage. measure.
  2. 2. eBridge is a unique advertising concept that fuses traditional direct mail and digital media to close the gap between offline and online. 9 of the top 10 global brands on the 'Interbrand ranking' rely on solutions by Sony DADC, find out why... personalise Tailor the disc content to your audience, with unlimited variations. Reflect their particular interests, they‘re hooked! engage Captivate all of your customers with bespoke personalised content and add media richness to the brand experience. measure Capture the customer journey through the life of the disc and the online landing page. www + + = Dear Mr. Citizen To John Citizen Dear Mr. Citizen eBridge personalised integrated media
  3. 3. Automotive Retail + mail order Telecom + internet Audi Aeropostale Google BMW BAUR Versand Intel Ford La Redoute Kabel Deutschland Land Rover Otto Versand Sky Lexus Weltbild Telecom Italia Maserati Yves Rocher Tourism Mercedes Pharmaceutical Burgenland Tourismus Porsche Cerner Multum Pharma Lufthansa Financial services Januvia SalzburgerLand Tourismus MSD Pharma Sheraton Hotels Flatex easy online broker Lloyds TSB Sandoz Skandia Postal services UBS Deutsche Post La Poste Poste Italiane Royal Mail TNT Post Clients
  4. 4. Audi
  5. 5. Details Targeting a mix of warm prospects and cold list data, the campaign fulfilment came in the form of a personalised eBridge that was mailed to each recipient. Upon placing the disc in their PC, the recipient was addressed personally using pre-loaded information from Audi’s database. Alongside a 360-degree tour of the car’s interior and exterior, the disc hosted the TV commercial and gave the recipient a co-driver’s view of an off-road test drive through forests and across moors. A key feature of the eBridge is its rich and sophisticated interactivity with a clearly defined return path to Audi. With just one mouse click each time, recipients could confirm their data, request a printed brochure and, importantly, book a test drive at their local Audi dealership by using the pre-filled registration form. DIN A5 Expericard Mailing including personalised eBridge Client Agency Partner BBH, London, UK Audi, UK Good Technology, London, UK The First Mailing Company, UK
  6. 6. Goal The major goals were to generate requests to test drive the new Audi Q7 and to gain the tracking data in regard to the Audi 360-degree tour. Results The eBridge has had 3,480 unique users so far (from a total of 33,400 mailed – a response rate of over 10%) and of these, 24% (830) have gone on to request a test drive, which was the primary objective of the pack. Pre-Filled Registration Form Exterior 360° Tour Solutions by Sony DADC
  7. 7. Deutsche Post
  8. 8. Details A wide variety of Christmas specials and offers reached German consumers through the innovation of eBridge in the form of a co-branded Christmas mailing of an A5 'Expericard'. Identified through careful market research, the 500,000 recipients were young (20-39), urban and possessed an internet affinity. Customers were treated to interactive and video content from Deutsche Post partners. One-click-confir- mation technology allowed customers to breeze through ordering and information requests – customer details were pre-filled into the online forms, awaiting confirmation. DIN A5 Expericard Mailing including personalised eBridge Client Partner Weltbild, Lech und Zürs am Arlberg, BAUR, Deutsche Post Yves Rocher, SONY,, Gamedisk,
  9. 9. Goal The disc encourages the recipients to visit the company websites, experience and buy their products and build awareness of their brands. Results Total number of eBridges distributed was 500,000. Engagement rate*: 35% Average response rate: 4.36% Top target group response rate: 7.07% Average household retention**: 4 weeks *: Describes how many recipients had been using the eBridge **: Describes how long an eBridge mailing is retained Personalised Multimedia Interface Personalised pre-filled Online Registration Form Solutions by Sony DADC
  10. 10. Google
  11. 11. Details DIN A5 Expericard Mailing with personalised eBridge – on reverse side Google is indisputably one of the best-known brands in the world and earns its money mainly from selling text adverts. With Google AdWords, adverts are listed adjacent to the search results for relevant themes. However, the advertisers are only required to pay when a user actually clicks on their advert. In this way Google also provides smaller companies with an efficient and affordable advertising platform, as the advertising can be limited to local towns or areas. For an online company such as Google, conventional paper mailings cause extreme media disruption. eBridge facilitated a seamless transition from offline to online. After inserting the disc, the recipients received a personal welcome and were given a guided tour through the world of Google Ad- Words. An eVoucher to the value of 30 Euro was used as an incentive; this eVoucher was displayed as a unique code on the surface of the disc as well as digitally stored within the data division of the eBridge CD. This meant that this unique voucher code could be stored on the desktop with just one click of the mouse. Client Agency Countries Google KloseDetering Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  12. 12. AdWords presentation and registration page Online-registration for Google AdWords Goal Results The primary objective was to market Google AdWords to The campaign reached 50,000 small and medium-sized small and medium-sized companies. As email marketing was companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The out of the question for legal reasons, Google decided to results of the campaign exceeded Google’s expectations. use direct mailings, whereby the recipients’ addresses were selected objectively using Affinity Scoring. "The eBridge campaign was an unmitigated success for us! eBridge has given us a way to explain complex products like The secondary objective was to avoid the media disruption Google AdWords creatively and so acquire new customers. between a paper mailing and the marketing of online Confirmed by the initial success we have planned further services. eBridge was a suitable instrument for this purpose. campaigns with eBridge within a very short time frame." Katharina Friedrich, Product Marketing Manager Google Germany Solutions by Sony DADC
  13. 13. La Redoute
  14. 14. Details DIN A6 Card eMotion Mailing with personalised eBridge Like many companies in the mail order business, La Redoute may only use a fraction of its full address list of active customers or prospects for e-mail marketing purposes. The company was looking for a tool to use to approach customers effectively through direct mail. At the same time, they needed to be able to generate e-mail addresses easily, including obtaining permission, and ultimately inspiring customers to make online purchases. eBridge offers this solution and minimises the media disruption between direct mail and on-line application. Potential customers were given a personal greeting after inserting the personalised disc into their PC. The disc contained customised content depending upon the target group, such as videos of fashion shows or offers for young mothers. One click took the customer to the online shop, where the address fields were already filled out. Client Agency Countries La Redoute Card eMotion Austria, Switzerland
  15. 15. Multimedia Interface – Landing page with personalisation Multimedia Interface Goal Results The hurdle that had to be overcome was the challenge of introducing The total circulation of 110,000 copies were sent to addresses in target groups who had little affinity with the internet to the idea of Austria and Switzerland. On the basis of the integrated real-time online shopping. For this reason, the emphasis was on the conveni- analysis and a market study, it was possible to measure the success ence of the purchasing process, as well as providing an incentive to of the campaign accurately. “first timers”. Response Rate: 6,3% Conversion Rate (purchase): 3,6% Recall (after 2 months): 65% Solutions by Sony DADC
  16. 16. Lexus
  17. 17. Details DIN A5 Expericard Mailing including personalised eBridge – Rear eBridge was the choice of automotive manufacturer Lexus to reach its target audience in a personal and compelling way via Direct Mail. The primary goal was to lead people to the IS 250 online micro site in a convenient, exciting way and encourage them to book a test drive. The eBridge disc was mailed out within a DIN A5 Expericard postcard. After loading the disc in their PC, the recipients find themselves to be the main character in a mysterious intro movie about a Lexus car which is mounted on a rolling road at a secret location. They are at the controls and can drive the vehicle as they wish. This was made possible by the personalisation of the intro sequence using the recipient’s data to build the sentence: "At a computer in London, John Citizen takes control." Afterwards the recipient is automatically transported to the IS 250 micro site where the car is viewed by CCTV cameras and controlled by the recipient’s keyboard. With just one click recipients could confirm their data for a test drive via pre-filled registration forms. To further improve the ROI, existing marketing collateral and websites have been repurposed for this eBridge campaign. The existing Lexus micro site has been extended with pre-filled test drive and brochure request forms as well as campaign reporting. Client Agency Lexus, UK Partners Andrews Aldridge, London, UK
  18. 18. The Recipient finds himself as the Main Character in a mysterious Intro Movie Interior Tour Goal The major objectives were to generate test drive requests and to increase consumer awareness of the Lexus brand and the IS 250 car. Results The campaign achieved a response rate of 11.1% representing 1,811 unique consumers who experienced the 'virtual test drive' and engaged with the Lexus brand. The conversion rate of 4.42% represents the test drive bookings. The campaign objectives have been reported as "over achieved". Solutions by Sony DADC
  19. 19. Lufthansa
  20. 20. Details A first introduction for the target group to Lufthansa experts using a new communications vehicle for this airline, centred on and embedded into the creative concept movie/X-files. To fulfill the concept, the agency used brand new eBridge-technology developed by Sony DADC – a completely personalised CD, that encourages recipients to insert the disc into their computer and automatically routes them to an online login site. eBridge completes a questionnaire with the recipient’s information, so they only have to click the "Yes" button. Packaging Client Agency Lufthansa Wunderman
  21. 21. Goal Results Awarded with the Finalist Award The main goal was to sign up the travel agents for the loyalty Total number of eBridges distributed was 5,000. From this programme. A further object was to increase the awareness campaign, more than 60% of the target audience signed up amongst small travel agencies of Lufthansa’s customer loyalty for the loyalty programme – a great success for Lufthansa. programme – "eXperts". In the past, there was no pro-active communication with this target group. DVD, Movie Pack, DVD Movie Pack Brochure and personalised eBridge Personalised pre-filled Online Registration Solutions by Sony DADC
  22. 22. Maserati
  23. 23. Details The new Maserati GranTurismo range is characterised by a unique sporty and powerful style. In order to introduce the target group to the vehicle and to offer an easy response channel, Maserati chose eBridge. The mailing looks enticing because of its packaging, which skilfully builds up the suspense and shows the name of the recipient (on the disc’s surface) through a window. After inserting the disc, the recipients were greeted with a personalised introduction with a high-resolution full screen video. Pre-completed forms provided the recipients with a simple online response channel. DIN A5 Card eMotion Mailing with personalised eBridge Client Agency Country Maserati Card eMotion Austria
  24. 24. Goal Working with eBridge, Maserati planned an exclusive multi- media presentation of the new model resulting in high lead generation (test drive booking, orders for brochures and call-back), which was automatically forwarded to the local dealers. Exact access statistics showed the usage of the discs and brand exposure. Results Usage rate – Offline (market research/telephone interviews): 51% Online Response Rate: 23,45% Response Rate (Test drive bookings & leads): 65% Multimedia Interface – Landing page Registration form Solutions by Sony DADC
  25. 25. SalzburgerLand Tourismus
  26. 26. Details Mailing including personalised eBridge SalzburgerLand Tourismus is the leading tourism organisation in Salzburg and uses eBridge to encourage German citizens to spend their next holi- days in Salzburg. Three different mailings were analysed by the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences to assure, that the new eBridge technology increases response compared to traditional printmailings. Goal Analyse the potential of eBridge as an interactive media for the Tourism industry. Market research should give insights about consumer behaviour and acceptance of the technology. Results Response rates increased from 8.8% (print campaign) to 22.2% with eBridge. According to the market research the new media is considered as an innovative format and is well accepted. Direct Marketing concepts will use more eBridge features to bring even higher CRM and Multimedia value in the future. Online Incentive Lottery, first prize was a family holiday for one week in Salzburg. Client Agency SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Austria Card Emotion, Austria
  27. 27. Multimedia Interface – Raffle Personalised pre-filled Registration Form Results of the Market Research Why did you use this eBridge? Would you use eBridge again? 55.56% The region Salzburg was interesting 64.9% yes 32.3% probably 2.8% no 42.06% I was curious about the content Did we spark your interest in booking a trip to Salzburg? 41.67% The disc made me curious (it‘s something new) 55.4% yes 40.6% probably 4.0% no 33.33% Because of the lottery (free vacation) 23.81% I did like personalisation of the disc 21.03% Because of the bonus content Source: Survey of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, 2006 Solutions by Sony DADC
  28. 28. Austria, Germany & Switzerland Sony DADC Sonystrasse 20 5081 Anif / Salzburg, Austria Phone Austria: +43 6246 880 555 Phone Germany: +49 6074 498 106 United Kingdom Sony DADC UK Kent House, 14-17 Market Place, 5th floor London W1W 8AJ United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7307 9775 Find more compelling interactive case studies on France Sony DADC France 140, rue Gallieni 92100 Boulogne Billancourt France Phone: +33 1 6413 8242 Nordic Region Sony DADC Nordics Sluseholmen 2-4 2450 Copenhagen Contact Denmark FoldeB0209E Phone: +45 7070 2725 Solutions by Sony DADC