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History coins


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History about coins in Ecuador

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History coins

  1. 1. Universidad central del ecuador History coins DIANA FERNÁNDEZ
  2. 2. The numismatic of Ecuador could be described liketheir country, very diverse. There are a variety ofcoins and banknotes in designs, rarities, minting.Now, the dollarization has been finished the mostimportant chapter of the numismatic of theEcuador.
  4. 4. APRIL, 1620 1627 1789
  5. 5. With the First PoliticConstitution, the sameconfederation maintained theaspiration of the PresidentFlores, Ecuador is called the"State of Ecuador in the Republicof Colombia." It was urgent thenecessity of coining the owncurrency and tackle the crisiscaused by the movement offoreign currency, counterfeitingand in particular to assert thenational sovereignty of Ecuador.
  6. 6. President Flores authorized by ExecutiveOrder that permitted the movement andtrade across Spanish coin or currency ofthe new American states, except the"real" coined in the House of Popayan.In this same decree provides for theadmission of Granada currency, this mustbe presented to the Mint of the Capitaland be stamped on the reverse theinitials "MDQ" in handwriting, andinterlaced. This coin is the precursor ofthe Ecuadorian currency. The appliedcountermark seen in coins minted inBogotá in the dates 1820 and 1821 andthese coins are known in Colombianhistory.
  7. 7. February, 28th, 1833 1838 1858
  8. 8. Primer MacronumerarioMonedas con lenguajeBRAILEMonedas de 2 y 5 sucresacuñadas en 1973 VDMAlemania