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Inadvertant Data Breaches

We've outlined some notable instances of misconfigured databases in this document (this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does give an idea of the magnitude of the problem). To learn more about data exposure risks and data leakage detection, visit

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Inadvertant Data Breaches

  1. 1. Timeline of Inadvertant Data Breaches 2 0 1 7 June ‘17. Pentagon files exposed. Source: AWS S3. July ‘17. 2.2 million Dow Jones records exposed. Source: AWS S3. Sep ‘17. 4.4 million records from Time Warner exposed. Source: AWS S3. Sep ‘17. Accenture Cloud exposed. Source: AWS S3. Feb ‘18. FedEx customer identification records exposed. Source: AWS S3. May ‘18. 3 million records from Californian Non Profit exposed. Source: AWS S3. Aug ‘18. 445 million records from Veeam exposed. Source: MongoDB. Aug ‘18. Thousands of records of GoDaddy configuration exposed. Source: AWS S3. Sep ‘18. 11 million exposed records from Californian email marketing. Source: MongoDB. Jan ‘19. 200 million records exposed by Source: MongoDB. Feb ‘19. 2.565 million records of Uighurs exposed. Source: MongoDB. March ‘19. 364 million records of from Chinese Police Tracking. Source: MongoDB. April ‘19. 188 million & LexisNexis records. Source: MongoDB. June ‘19. Undisclosed # records Attunity (Qlik). Source: AWS S3. July ‘19. 90 million records from Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Dept. Source: ElasticSearch. April ‘19. 12.5 million Indian State medical records. Source: MongoDB. April ‘19. 540 million ‘At the Pool’ records. Source: AWS S3. June ‘19. 5 million records. Source: MongoDB. July ‘19. 14.3 million Chilean Voting Records from 2017 election. Source: ElasticSearch. July ‘19. 44,000 Credit Farr and Chqbook. Source: ElasticSearch. July ‘19. 8 million lines of code AavGo. Source: ElasticSearch. July ‘19. Data on 70% citizens from Bulgarian National Revenue Agency exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. Sep ‘19. 2.5 million Canadian retail customer details exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. Aug ‘19. 27.8 million Suprema records exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. Aug ‘19. 37k Australian medical trial records exposed. Source: MongoDB. Sep ‘19. 198 Million car-buyer records exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. Sep ‘19. PII of 20 million Ecuadoreans exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. June ‘19. 300,000 Medico Inc records. Source: AWS S3. June ‘19. 40GB of Honda data. Source: ElasticSearch. March ‘19. 238,000 records from Family Locator exposed. Source: MongoDB. March ‘19. 60,000 records from EmCare exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. Jan ‘19. 108 million bets exposed by online casino. Source: ElasticSearch. Nov ‘18. 300,000 records exposed by Urban Massage. Source: ElasticSearch. Nov ‘18. 25.9 million records from Data & Leads Inc exposed. Source: ElasticSearch. June ‘17. RNC voter data exposed. Source: AWS S3. July ‘17. 3 million WWE records exposed. Source: AWS S3. 2 0 1 9 2 0 1 8