Programmatic Branding: Moving Beyond Direct Response


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With the evolution of programmatic inventory and targeting, ad agencies are looking to real-time bidding as a sizable resource for all kinds of campaigns with diverse KPIs. While RTB has moved beyond the display banner ad, marketers are looking beyond traditional direct response calls to action. How have marketers leveraged programmatic branding and where is its place in the media mix?

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  • Total spending is going up and more and more focus on branding
  • Any can be used for branding but typically you will look at the
  • Is branding a primary metric or secondary one?
  • Is branding a primary metric or secondary one?
  • Is branding a primary metric or secondary one?
  • Is branding a primary metric or secondary one?
  • Is branding a primary metric or secondary one?
  • Any can be used for branding but typically you will look at the
  • Any can be used for branding but typically you will look at the
  • Any can be used for branding but typically you will look at the
  • Total spending is going up and more and more focus on branding
  • Total spending is going up and more and more focus on branding
  • Total spending is going up and more and more focus on branding
  • Any can be used for branding but typically you will look at the
  • Any can be used for branding but typically you will look at the
  • Programmatic Branding: Moving Beyond Direct Response

    1. 1. Programmatic Branding Are we Branding yet? Thomas Moyer
    2. 2. Brief introduction
    3. 3. Agenda M&C Saatchi Mobile – agency overview Where is programmatic Today Defining programmatic Branding Programmatic hurdles Addressing the Media plan Takeaways
    4. 4. M&C Saatchi Mobile - Agency overview
    5. 5. WE ARE MOBILE SPECIALISTSWe are a full service mobile marketing agency. •Strategy. •Production. •Media. We understand mobility and how to build ROI driven solutions that effectively reach today’s mobile first consumer. We are experts in developing cost efficient, scalable and measurable mobile solutions that maximize returns for our clients. We have experience in leveraging the power of mobile, social and digital media to build brand awareness.
    7. 7. Experience M&C Saatchi Mobile was one of the first mobile agencies ever launched. We have more knowledge and experience than any other agency in the market today. Global footprint Having 8 international offices and a further 20 M&C Saatchi Group offices ensures we truly understand local markets intimately. Agency network Although we are a mobile agency we understand that a number of our clients require a multi-channel approach. Being part of a world class multi-channel agency allows us to not only keep up with other areas within media but to also lean on the other agencies as and when required. Strategic insight We have invested heavily into strategic resources with specific expertise in mobile. We also have the support of over 60 communication planners from the M&C Saatchi Central Strategy Unit. Full service experience So that our clients can have one partner that they can rely on to cover it all : Strategy + media planning and buying, tracking and optimization, reporting + creative. We Are different
    8. 8. Where is programmatic today
    9. 9. “ROIs have increased as much as 6 times” using programmatic buying” – Bob Arnold, North America Digital Media & Strategy Lead (Google, formerly of Kellogg) We had very specific qualitative and quantitative goals. It’s blown through all of them” – Jeff Holecko, NA Media Manager (Kimberly Clark) “I am hearing more and more marketers say, ‘I want to spend my money this way, so you’d better get on this train – agencies, publishers, technology partners - because it’s leaving the station, with or without you.“ – Joanna O’Connell, Director of Research (AdExchanger) What are people saying? The automation of premium media sales is inevitable and long overdue…media companies have little choice but to embrace programmatic premium advertising...” – Andrew Frank, VP (Gartner)
    10. 10. What are the stats saying?
    11. 11. What are the stats saying?
    12. 12. Mobile Campaign Objectives *IAB and Ovum survey 2013
    13. 13. Overall branding vs Dr split
    14. 14. Defining programmatic
    15. 15. Defining what they are? •Reach & Frequency of target audience •Qualified engagements •Rich Media interactions •Clicks •Views/Awareness •Completed views (Video) •GRPs Setting branding goals •Reach desired target audience •Engagement with ad unit •Engagement with site post ad exposure •Primary or secondary metric •Consideration studies delivered programmatically Defining Branding KPI’s
    16. 16. Video Digital GRPs (Tube Mogul) •Translating traditional television ratings (GRPs) to online Digital GRPs •1GRP = 1% of people in target population Defining Branding KPI’s
    17. 17. Branding can be •Outbound Mobile/Video/Rich Media units that drive ad based engagement: • Promoting television programming • Awareness of event or promotion (e.g. Roadshow, Sponsorships, Contest, Giveaway, etc…) •Accountable site side engagements as the primary KPI: • Engagement with products (e.g. clothing, electronics, mobile devices, etc…) •Support DR efforts with branding as a secondary KPI Ads & Site Side Branding These kinds of campaigns allows advertisers to leverage software to execute digital marketing campaigns across ad exchanges programmatically – Programmatic Branding
    18. 18. Branding – product influencing User clicks banner Product landing page Subpage Visits
    19. 19. Branding – Ad engagement Ocean Spray Drives Awareness for New Diet Line with Engaging Mobile Creative – Millennial Media (Case Study) “Ocean Spray is one of the most iconic beverage brands in the country, and our goal was to create similar fanfare for our ‘Diet’ line. The campaign proved successful with an incredible ad unit expansion rate of 15.65% and an average of 12.7 seconds spent within the ad which exceeded our expectations. By reaching our core consumers on-the-go, we positively strengthened their relationship with our brand and reached them at times when they were more likely to purchase the product.” Christina Lynch, Senior Marketing Manager, Ocean Spray
    20. 20. video branding Quick Service - McDonalds Automotive - Infinity *Brightroll Case Studies
    21. 21. Programmatic Hurdles
    22. 22. Potential Hurdles to programmatic
    23. 23. Potential Hurdles to programmatic Agency Side •Programmatic competency •Positioning •Advising relevant solutions that are in line with client's stated objectives •Ability to get to root and satisfy the questions the client has about how programmatic buying works •Setting realistic expectations of programmatic in the holistic media mix Brand Side •Digital marketing proclivity •Priority of programmatic in organization •Test budget tolerance •Preconceived notions of the value of programmatic (direct response vs. branding) •Perceived time it would take to learn
    24. 24. Potential Hurdles to programmaticGetting the real scoop from Full Service partners •You will find most every vendor pitch to be very similar (no matter what they are selling), so make sure you are asking the right questions. A more informed buyer can make a much more productive test. agencies and brands going solo with a DSP •For agencies taking their programmatic practice in-house, make sure you understand the technology you are investing in. Not all platforms are created equal and some are far better than other for particular ad verticals. •Having the right competencies is essential in both infrastructure and campaign execution. •Consider the cost/benefit ratio of investing in tools such as DMPs, data, and other infrastructure.
    25. 25. Addressing the media plan
    26. 26. Mobile & Tablet Growth Mobile & Tablet devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January 2014, the first time this has happened. New Video Metrics Digital GRPs (TubeMogul) are translating traditional television metrics to online. Growing Rich Media/Display Units Rich Media is growing in scale as more exchanges adopt standard ad units. Rich Media is especially valuable in display branding and mobile web/app. Social Media expansion Facebook has had clear success becoming a mobile first company pioneering FBX. But what about Twitter X? Pinterest? Tumblr? understanding the value
    27. 27. Tracking / Attribution Tracking the events that make up the path to conversion allows us to develop a clear understanding of the media channels, partners, creative etc. that are performing best. Optimization Based on tracking data we optimize the campaign by shifting budgets towards the media channels and tactics that are performing best. Test, learn, and Scale Continue to test new sources of inventory (partners), creative, tactics etc. Based on best performing channels and tactics to achieve volume goals. Ongoing Insights Analyze campaign results and user value and recommend changes that can be made to the media or creative strategy to enhance performance. Let your data do the talking! Strategy defines the Execution
    28. 28. Standard Open Auction This is an open auction with unreserved inventory. Invitation-Only Auction (private marketplace) This is unreserved inventory sold on an invitation based auction. Unreserved (Fixed Rate) This is unreserved inventory sold on a 1-1 basis at a negotiated fixed rate. Programmatic Direct Reserved inventory bought on a 1-1 basis. Negotiated at a fixed rate All can be used to buy “branding” inventory!! Buying Programmatic
    29. 29. Social Media Exchanges Display Radio Online Video Mobile Television Exchanges rich media Where can you find branding inventor y?
    30. 30. Where can you find branding inventor y?
    31. 31. Final takeaways
    32. 32. Programmatic itself isn’t a strategyWhat IT is not… •Have the inventory on every site/placement •Provide a substitute to all types of media buying •Appropriate for every kind of branding campaign •A magic wand to solve other campaign deficiencies (i.e. Non- optimized mobile sites, bad creative, or timing for scale) What it is… •Powerful tool to target your audience •Powerful tool to scale your online efforts cross channel •A complement to current media efforts •Provides real-time and efficient control of your campaigns •On demand inventory
    33. 33. Programmatic branding is hereProgrammatic branding is used today to: •Address advertiser’s target audience in real time •Drive more accountable branding initiatives with real time insights •Finding “Look A Like” audiences to expand the reach of existing campaigns •Target users across Display, Mobile, Video, Social, etc… •Complement traditional and I/O based media mix •Give real time control to advertisers and allowing them to throttle campaigns instantly
    34. 34. Questions??
    35. 35. Thomas.moyer@mcsaatchimobile. com LONDON | NEW York | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Sydney | Johannesburg | Cape Town