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Contains detailed informations about solutions HotelToWeb for Hotels (channel management, web marketing, gds, ıds...etc).

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HotelToWeb Catalogue

  1. 1. HotelToWeb© Unique Hotel Solution Management, Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Reports Dear Valued Customer, All of the distinguished hotels prefer HotelToWeb© with their sales and management. HotelToWeb© is one of the best and easiest CRS systems for gathering your internet sales and sales management.  Automated online sales and management tools over your website (Booking Engine). As HotelToWeb© we provide your establishment the GDS connection with one of the most powerful and common switch channels, the technology that has the most distinguished and advanced infrastructure as well as the most dynamic and flexible Booking Engine  Sales and Sales Management for the Global Agency Web over GDS which has over 600.000 agencies  Sales and Sales Management for more than 1600 travel portals over GDS  A single management panel and dynamic sales management for our individually signed global and major travel portals (dynamic quota management)  Competitor price follow up, analysis and reports HotelToWeb© is the solution partner with the world’s leading firms which possess online reservation Technologies HotelToWeb©maintains the same quality with after sale support, technology and product range We would be honoured to see your establishment among our happy customers. HotelToWeb© Online Sales and Marketing Technology Production Centre HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  2. 2. 1.HotelToWebDMS© (Internet Distribution Management System) HotelToWebCRS© GDS Channel ADS Channel Channel Management GoWellGo Booking Engine RFP Online Agency Sales 2.Business Intelligence Competitive Analytics Services Competitive Report Service My Status (Sales Analysis Reports) Reservation Reports Service 3.Web Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) PPC (Pay Per Click) SMO (Social Media Optimization) GDS Marketing Tools Website Design E-Mail Marketing Mail Archive Creation E-inspection and Reputation Management HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  3. 3. HotelToWebDMS©  HotelToWebCRS© HotelToWebCRS© (Central Reservation System) is the sales platform which handles the entire internet sales and management tools. The HotelToWebDMS© items below are managed through a single HotelToWebCRS page. HotelToWeb establishments conduct their fast and reliable sales through the easy to use online sales management tools HotelToWebCRS© which can be accessed everywhere that has internet.  GDS / ADS Channels HotelToWebDMS©, uses the existent electronic distribution channels to reach and sell to your customers so you can sell to the maximum level. HotelToWeb connects to internet sales locations directly and without an intermediary which is easy to use and can be applied to the sales management staff. GDS Channel The world’s leading distribution channels Sabre, Amadeus, TravelPort (Galileo/Worldspan) are used as an electronic search engine and a reservation tool for more than 600.000 travel agencies. HotelToWebCRS© is 100% GDS integrated and works in real-time to provide you with a sales channel for maximum puplication and sale. The experience and standards HotelToWeb uses are of global standards. HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  4. 4. The HotelToWeb© member hotels maintain their GDS sales management transactions 7 days – 24 hours from anywhere around the world with no interruptions over HotelToWeb© is not an application which forces its users to be dependant to one machine. HotelToWebCRS© infrastructure works 100% integrated with GDS. HotelToWebCRS© distributes the information through GDS effieciently so all users can easily track hotel vacancies, price, action through the HotelToWeb management panel. ADS Channel (Travel Portals) Over the GDS HotelToWeb© infrastructure not only reaches over 1600 holiday and hotel reservation travel portals, but also puts your hotel advertisements on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels that are members of HotelToWeb© can manage their transactions for those travel portals that gather hotel information over GDS via from any computer anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HotelToWeb© works integrated with the travel portals that gather information from GDS channels. HotelToWeb© users can easily distribute information in one transaction such as vacancy, price and action through HotelToWebCRS©.  Channel Management - HTWRateHunter© Rates&Inventory Service With the increasing rate of reservations coming through third party travel portals and distribution channels, hotel staff are finding it difficult to manage the extranet of these portals. To secure the continuity and efficiency of the reservation volume a staff member needs to be put in charge of these extranet systems and needs to continually check the systems. HTWRateHubter Rates&Inventory Service, helps hotel staff with these confusing and time consuming distribution channels. Product Features;  Websites for over 500 international third part distribution channels  Ability to see different room distribution and pricing on different websites  Plans for price/room for manual intervention during updating  Updating the revised distribution and price  Setting the room stock status open/close  Keeping records of updates as well as the information on who and when the update was done  Summary of all inventory reports  The ability to see hotel/distribution channel rules (agreement conditions) within the system, adding capacity and restrictions to every website  To be able to see your every reservation from all websites on one single system  Warning settings for adequate allotments on websites HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  5. 5. HotelToWeb users can get access to information on establishment, price, commission rate and vacancy with those they have direct agreements with and with all third party users (see attached travel portal users list) which have HotelToWeb integration through HotelToWebRateHunter© without a need for their extranet log-in information. With those connections made over GDS, travel portals can reach your establishment’s information over the GDS pool. HotelToWebRateHunter© is a system working integrated with HotelToWeb and it is connected to popular travel portals. Due to this connection establishments can manage the special sale agreements they make through HotelToWebCRS©. HTWRateHunter©, apart from the sale power direct access provides, it creates a very easy online management system. Users with this application can gain dominance over price, information, stop sale and as such updates for each portal on different websites without losing time-labor force. One of the biggest advantages HTWRateHunter© brings is dynamic sales management. The quota you have defined for each portal can be automatically managed through the “smart sales management system” in HTWRateHunter©. This means that, imagine having 5 travel portals you have signed agreements with. You have defined a specific amount of quota to each one. In the case of a demand coming into the system which has no quota left, HTWRateHunter© will catch this demand and direct the other inactive quotas on other websites to it. This way many lost sales which are not even realised will be caught. As an active member of OpenTravel HotelToWeb© works with the newest editions of XML standard interfaces. This way the number of travel portals which are integrated increase everyday and a new integration is very easy with these global standards.  Online Reservation System - HotelToWeb© Booking Engine and HotelToWebCRS© Today the hotels’ websites are an important part of marketing and sales plans. HotelToWeb© online reservation system guarantees turning site visitors into hotel visitors. HotelToWeb© is the online reservation system that allows the visitor to inquire between two dates and shows the available rooms, packets, actions and then to pay with credit card or any other payment method approved by the hotel. HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  6. 6. HotelToWeb© users can reach and sell to their target audience via their websites (potential customers, existing customers, special customers, companies, etc) in real-time, online rooms, products and packets. HotelToWeb© Booking Engine, is developed after marketing studies by the hotel management or at times the clients who will use the hotel, customer feedbacks and works which can be useful. HotelToWeb© is renewed every day by the global technology developments, industry affinities and the consumer behaviour, it works to maximise sales of the hotels and to increase the revenue for each reservation. HotelToWeb© Booking Engine together with HotelToWebCRS©works in complete integration with all the HotelToWeb© products, this way hotel information, rates and vacancy information is distributed to other channels via our online reservation systems (GDS, ADS, HTWRateHunter©). HotelToWebCRS© database is developed according to the international OTA standards (please see OTA is the procedure for the world tourism online programming and database development. All the programs developed according to these standards, global office programs (Fidelio, etc), global distribution webs (GDS, ADS, GoWellGo, etc) and special websites serving specific areas (online revenue management sites, online golf sales management, etc) can work together. Credit Card Payment Infrastructure HotelToWeb© Bookine Engine infrastructure allows all cyber pos and credit card payment systems to work in realtime and 100% online. With HotelToWeb© the safety of online shopping is at a maximum global level and standard. The credit card information of our clients are encrypted and saved. This information is not held within the bank, the hotel or the HotelToWeb© database, they cannot be viewed by a third person, gathered, they are encrypted with SSL and work with only the approval procedures. Hence every transaction is safe and under protection. HotelToWeb© uses 3D secure XML interface which is developed in accordance with the international security and standards of all the banks and payment systems. Special Customers and Direct Sales to the Companies Special customers need special attention! To make your special customers feel special HotelToWeb has tools to show the same care you would such as infrastructure, honour card, member systems, corporate or special customer prices and price reduction rates. HotelToWeb© online reservation and sales system through the same reservation page allows sales with specific reduction rates to all of your special customers. HotelToWeb© Search Page HotelToWeb© Online reservation system can work in 4 different languages – Turkish, English, German and Russian. It can also work with an extra preffered language which will take only a few hours. The screens are all parametric in context and infrastructure. The webpage that has been designed for the establishment can be adapted into the system, it can also work within its own web domain. Interaction completion steps, reservation completion page number (single page, more step etc), the information asked from the customer performing the search and information as such, the needs of the establishment, wishes, sale and marketing strategies can all be modified. HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  7. 7.  Otel Online Agency Sale System HotelToWeb© ‘s aim in all its products and services is to use the internet to the maximum and to bring increase in revenue. With the HotelToWeb© Online Agency Sales System, you will be able to recieve and direct all the sales from the agencies you work with. Online Agency System will make it easier for agencies to reach your establishment, buy your products and make it easier to pay – therefore increasing the single agency sales volume. All the management of the system is within the control of your establishment and inititive. Management tools like creating a new agency, creating a password, agency information (commission rates, payment types, quota numbers, etc) are always within your control with HotelToWebCRS©. Business Intelligence  HTWRateHunter© Shopper Service This is the tool for allowing you to watch and interpret internet prices of competitors on over 300 major travel portals. Specialised reports of the competitor establishments you pick, the prices on the internet pages you choose, sales, ranking etc. According to the information gather via the Shopper Service your daily revenue can be maximised. Product Features;  Online price comparison within seconds  Ability to access over 400 websites and many hotel websites  Reports that include different weeks 30, 60 and 90 day or 7/24 online views  Pricing for single, in bulk, complete or in parts, uninterrupted revenue  The ability to report taking website, date, hotel as basis or graphic format and in any currency  Access according to requirements of single or double room and one or more nights System Main Features;  Online “real time” shopping – different online channles report according to their web sites  Weekly reports – the weekly reports can be viewed 30, 60 and 90 day intervals with the Shopper feature, giving a more complex market analysis  Daily reports – makes your comperative efforts more effective  Different room type comparison – user, alike room types (eg single, junior suite) and comparing the prices published on websites of the hotel and competitive hotels (despite the different technology) HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  8. 8. Web Marketing  Web Site Installation and Development Your website is the most effective sale channel you have, which is why it requires constant attention; web based tools and applications such as HotelToWeb adds to the development of your website and provides full support for your update needs. The websites created by the HotelToWeb tools are dynamic and flexible. They are created in accordance with presentability and visual presentation principles. HotelToWeb web sites provide instant graphic and context updates and is integrated with the latest technologies. During your designing phase, our team of experienced designers and programming specialists will use the latest technologies and creative standards. HotelToWeb web based tools online presents its clients and their brand as well as their marketing services and increase of income at its best  Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) If it cannot be found, owning a website has no meaning. A website and a functional reservation system that is rich in context, dynamically managed and approved the latest technologies is only the beginning of our services. Our internet marketing services bring very effective results and are very important tools for creating a difference for your brand, revenue increase and maximum recoverable revenue. HotelToWeb internet marketing strategy is to optimize the search engine, making effective media investment, search engine advertising (pay per click) and reliable statistics as well as analytic report packages. What is Web Sitesi Optimization? Web site optimization is to maximise internet search engine context with target audience, strategies, so your site will show on top of the list increasing the chance to reach target audience hence keeping its place steady. With optimization the aim is to climb higher in the search engines and keep its place steady. With web optimization the first aim is to make the site easier to find. This means that search engines need to be aware of your website beginning with www. This is only the beginning of the optimization stage. The important thing in optimization is the site context and what you wish to bring forth in that context for searches. HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  9. 9. Almost 85% of all vacationers use the internet for gathering travel information and making reservations. With HotelToWeb you can gain a view of scientific and essential information, measurments and optimization. Why Optimize? When looked through an angle of advertising and marketing, optimization is being able to reach and stand out to someone who is looking for information with no regard to where they are in the world. In our day internet is an effective, powerful and crucial introduction and advertising channel. The importance of being able to use internet as an advertising and declaring tool has been adopted by all private and corporate companies. The method internet has of directly comunicating with no intermediary, it has become more powerful than any other media. This is used by all private and public sector carefully and accurately, internet investments are planned out in a very serious manner. Product introduction launch processes and even creating a public opinion have picked the powerful communication media of the internet. This movement is the most effective way of carrying the firms entire activity and events introduction, etc to the targetted crowd. Without a doubt the first step of using the internet as an advertising channel is optimization. The biggest difference between the internet and any other effective media channel is the fact that it is cheap and influential. An internet strategy planned out correctly will become your most effective advertising and notification channel. Internet is the fastest and the only technology without an intermediary to reach your targetted crowd and the public. These two features are the reasons for its fast climbing success rate among other media channels.  Sponsor Link Connections – Pay Per Click Apart from the optimization for search engines HotelToWeb makes it easier to use PPC programs for online introduction of your website as a brand. PPC advertising can be used as an effective tool for calculating promotions, viewing interest and when the need be revenue. With PPC you can pay to be among the “Sponsor Connections”. Sponsor link work budget is linked to the clicks and the demand on the search engine. HotelToWeb minimizes the sponsor link costs of your establishment and will continue the work of gaining maximum revenue with minimal cost. The HotelToWeb staff will lead your website to the most accurate place with a very effective advertising plan within your internet budget.  GDS Advertising The latest studies show that GDS online travels have higher revenue by 50% and 30% by all hotel reservations. GDS harbours information of thousands of establishments and it helps all the travel agents working with GDS to increase profit. HotelToWeb staff will work together with you to create a special advertisement to put on GDS and will support you in all your needs.Please ask for a booklet for detailed information on GDS Advertisement and Marketing tools.  Reporting & Analysis HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  10. 10. HotelToWeb reporting programs have a far more complex reporting tools than any other conventional reporting program. HotelToWeb will present to you the tools you need to make your website an effective sales tool and a reporting tool appropriate to your general sales-marketing strategies. HotelToWeb is a powerful analysis tool watching the behavioural pattern of the client while they make the reservation. The analysis gift of HotelToWeb include, figuring out the client affiliations, the ability to see the reason behind lost revenue, focusing on the elements that increase sale capacity, increasing and creating that capacity, reselling to the same customer, decreasing lost revenue. HotelToWeb report tool will give the hotel staff the capacity to analyse the web reservations, turning the data at hand into revenue and instead of making rash decisions, to make calculated marketing moves.  E-Mail Marketing HotelToWeb E-Mail marketing tools consist of products which make the internet a useful channel that will increase your online selling power by turning the data gained from the website into useful marketing information and will keep the relationship between you and your existing as well as potential clients alive. Mail Saving Tool: As an online reservation and sale system HotelToWeb will serve to save and analyse the information gained via the internet allowing the sale and marketing to benefit. Thanks to the “automatic mail save” tool nested in the online reservation system infrastructure of HotelToWeb, hotels can save the email addresses of all the potential customers which query over room/package. In similar global applications client or potential client information is gained during reservation. With HotelToWeb the information of the client (e-mail) is automatically saved during a query over room or any other product. Especially popular hotels gain a very serious and real potential data e-mail archive in a very short period. With this application the HotelToWeb online reservation system users can create an archive both real and has thousands of records allowing them to create potential sale via this archive. Mail Sending Device : The mail sending tools of HotelToWeb targets the continuous communication with the clients over their webpage, this also will bring in lost revenue. Thanks to the “automatic mail save” tool nested in the online reservation system infrastructure of HotelToWeb, hotels can send an email to the potential customers which query over room/package. While working with a classic listing and searching HotelToWeb will keep the communication going with the customer which will increase the revenue. HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  11. 11. HotelToWeb will send an automatic email to the potential client while they query on the webpage. With this email the person will be reminded of the list of rooms they have queried about and the other rooms available at the same period. The email will be in a format that will look customised and will have room pictures as well as other information. Thanks to these emails, HotelToWeb members will make their online reservation systems into an application which communicates with their potential clients. While some clients return with a thank you note, many return with a reservation demand. This way without buying from your website there is a second chance to sell to the potential customers who was there to just make a query.  E-Inspection/Follow-Up HotelToWeb follow-up systems have various management alerts which minimises the user’s work and also minimizes material and emotional losses which can be caused by wrong information entry, forgotten transaction, etc. Tools like simultenous reservation information sent to the mail addresses, unsual entry and data entry follow-up, price updates, information update reminders allocate users a more active role as well as checking the system itself.  Prestige Management - HTWBrandHunter © Prestige management will help you to keep a watch over and direct the important references when vacationers’ affiliations, interests and decision making takes place. Prestige management reports, will help you to analyse your status on many reference sites like and will help you to watch your place opposite your competitors as well as to gather and present all the written and visual things aimed at your brand. • Integrated infrastructure with prestige sites • Reports with Mail • Simultenous published update context news • A chance to intervene with bad and unfair comments HotelToWeb© CUSTOMER SERVICES HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71
  12. 12.  Customer Relations Management Customer Relations Management (CRM) is on of the most important parts of developing the HotelToWeb online reservation systems. Apart from tracking global technology, it is the main principle of customer relations management to realise real needs and to support product development over both channels. Our idea of the way CRM works during the development of product, service and application is to create solutions at the shortest time period in the light of wishes and needs of your customers within global technologies and developments. We develop new effective working environments by constantly communicating with our establishments; trainings; information meetings and discussions  Education HotelToWeb among our education services we have seminars, information manuals sent during membership activation as well as presentations and on-site educations during requirement recieving phase. HotelToWeb users have screens with accurate hardware and directions while in system. Therefore it is a userfriendly system that is easily learnt and used by the staff. This feature directly affects the user education and will shorten the education given during membership activation. To this day, the need for education after membership not considering the use of information manuals, is 2%. We constantly update ourselves so we can be up to date on new developments so we may be able to educate the industry workers.  Customer Satisfaction HotelToWeb sees every customer as a partner. It our aim to make sure our partners gain their investment 100% back. Our partners trust us at any time - night and day for support while working on a dynamic and different platform such as the internet. HotelToWeb reaches every client query given it will add value to the product. HotelToWeb members can use tools to customize their system. HotelToWeb is one of the flexible and rare online reservation programs creating its own dynamic structure and development. HotelToWeb Online Rezervasyon ve Satış Teknolojileri Fener Mah 1952 sok no:8/2 ANTALYA +90 242 324 40 71