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Published in: Travel, Business
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  1. 1. What commerce meansfor hotels?F-commerce is : - a new channel by which hotels can engagepotential customers and drive reservations = social mediadistribution. -tool for spreading news thanks to “Like” and“Wall Post”; promoting the hotel (your hotel’s friends becomebrand loyalist and they promote the hotel via Newsfeed)
  2. 2. Socia lBooker is a social media reservation platform for hotels specifically on Facebook.Via Social Booker the hotel can:• maximize sales,• build legacy,• lower distribution cost,• deliver improved customer service,• receive feedback,• stay in touch with potential customers,• reach a bigger percentage of clients: friends, corporate clients, working group, conference organizers.
  3. 3. OTA increase demand share => good or bad for hotels?+ Good because for instance checking a property listed on the first results page of Expedia can create an increase in bookings for the same property on the brand website. (People are “shopping around” on a number of hotel and travel websites before narrowing their search: jumping from an OTA website to a hotel branded website and vice versa.)Hoteliers need to focus on distribution channels that :• Are cost-effective• Generate the most bookings• Protect rate parity and price integrity• Reach the targeted customer segments
  4. 4. OTA increase demand share => good or bad for hotels?- Bad: As a result of this market share gain by the OTAs, revenue is leaking from hotels to the OTAs in the form of commission.