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It's the way of the present - Why you should use


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A introduction to the state of p.a.c replaces the default content-types in Plone with Dexterity-based types. Presented at the Plone Open Garden 2013 in Sorrento, Italy.

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It's the way of the present - Why you should use

  1. 1. Philip BauerIt‘s the way of the presentWhy you should use
  2. 2. $ whoami• Philip Bauer• Location: Munich• Education: Historian• Choice: Web-Developer• Plone: since version 2.1• Founder of
  3. 3. The way of the futureDecoOne content-type to rule them all... or maybe two?
  4. 4. WHERE IS IT?
  5. 5. Meanwhile...• I love Dexterity!• It‘s lighter• It‘s faster• It‘s much better to develop with• It‘s more powerfull, more pythonic and uses less boilerplate• It has killer feature #1: ttw-schema-editor• It has killer feature #2: behaviors
  6. 6.• Started during post-conference-sprint in San Francisco• Limi said it will not be part of Plone• In production for more than 1.5 years
  7. 7. Features• 1:1 replacement (almost)• Works with a mixture of Archetypes and Dexterity• Browser views (finally)• Works with (which also works with AT)• TTW-editing of schemata
  8. 8. Features II• Better collections: merged from 2.x• Better events: (works in a branch)• Better widgets: (works in a branch)• This is the achievement of: - Timo Stollenwerk - Johannes Raggam - Rok Garbas - many others
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. Migration• Old default types to• (... except collections)• If you don‘t want to migrate: Viewing AT-instances still works (but not editing)• Needed: AT-Collections to DX-Collections (1.x -> 2.x)• Needed: Old p.a.c.-event to
  11. 11. The Future• PLIP 2344 targets Plone 4.4• Pre-installed (with upgrades) vs. installable addon• DX or AT as default for new sites?• We will see a lot of behaviors
  12. 12. What you should do today and tomorrow• Test and report bugs• Improve and write migrations• Improve and write tests• Help get ready and test them• Test in Plone 4.0+• Test documentation• Add translations (e.g. leadimage-behavior)• Improve templates (e.g. show references)
  13. 13. What you should do next week• Make sure your addons work with Dexterity and p.a.c• I did TinyMCE and eea.facettednavigation you do the rest...
  14. 14.