INSIGHTS                                                                 December 2010                      The Caribbean ...
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3                       Membership Update                          CICMC membership continues to increase.               ...
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5                    CICMC NEWS                    Member Profile – Andrea Livingstone-Prince                             ...
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7                      Flashback to “Principles of Management Consulting Training”                      The second session...
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9                       Spotlight on a Sister Institute (source IMC Bangladesh)                        In this issue we fo...
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11                                   Technology Tip – Animate an Excel „O7 chart in PowerPoint „07Excel charts aid inthe i...
On the lighter side …        ““There is only         one boss. The       customer … and             he can fire       ever...
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Insights Newsletter December 2010


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Here is an update on Caribbean management consultants are becoming more competitive

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Insights Newsletter December 2010

  1. 1. INSIGHTS December 2010 The Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants Volume 2, Issue 7 In this issue  President’s Message Message from the President As usual, let me first welcome all those who have become new members of the CICMC and  CICMC launch in ICMCI family since the last newsletter in October. Since that time two months ago, there has Jamaica  “Principles of MC” been a tremendous amount of activity, and of vital importance as well is that much of it has Training in St Lucia occurred around the region – from St. Lucia to Jamaica, and St. Kitts to Barbados.  CICMC presents with CE at Commonwealth Following closely on the heels of the launch of CICMC Trinidad & Tobago in October, I am Secretariat Workshop delighted to announce the launch of CICMC in Jamaica. Full details are in other sections of the  Using our newsletter, but this milestone represents continuing success in our journey towards becoming International Linkages the recognized voice of Management Consulting across the region.  Membership Update  Tips of the Month In that regard we are also extremely pleased to have also held our first “Principles of Consulting  Technology Tip Training” three (3) day training course in St Lucia, in conjunction with the Association of  On the lighter side Management Consulting of St. Lucia (AMCS) with sponsorship from SEQUA. Individual … Continued on page 5 Highlights:  Member Profiles CICMC officially launches in Jamaica CICMC in collaboration with Caribbean Export Development Agency (CE) and the University College of the Caribbean (UCC), JAMPRO and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) hosted a one day Symposium on Management Consultancy to launch the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) – Jamaica Chapter on st Tuesday December 21 . The event was held at the JAMPRO offices in Trafalgar Road. The Symposium was also intended to sensitize attendees to the existence of the CertifiedContact Us Management Consultant (CMC) certification and CICMC as the organisation through which theyCaribbean Institute of can gain certification. Participants were also informed about existing and emerging trends inCertified Management Management Consultancy, its role in the development of Micro, Small and Medium SizedConsultants Enterprises in Jamaica and Funding Opportunities for Professional Services via CaribbeanP.O. Box 1330 Export.c/o Goddards Shipping and Tours … Continued on page 4Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle,St. Michael, BarbadosWest Indies CICMC President presents at Commonwealth Secretariat workshopemail: On December 2, 2010, in St. Kitts, CICMC presented jointly with Caribbean Export (CE) at aphone: 246-228-2640 three day (3) services capacity building workshop organised by the Commonwealth The fifty+ participants from across CARICOM and CARIFORUM territories represented various public and private sector service organizations. The joint presentation positioned CICMC and Management Consulting as providers of the capacity development / technical support other sectors need to become competitive service exporters. This is particularly critical given the EPA commitment re development funding for capacity building & competitiveness enhancement. … Continued on page 2 The entire CICMC family take this opportunity to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year Foundation Partner 1
  2. 2. 1222 2 CICMC presents at Commonwealth Secretariat workshop... cont‟d Activities and speakers for the three days included:  Trends in professional services trade: issues and strategies for the Caribbean  Exporting professional services: opportunities and challenges: a private sector view (Bahamas, Grenada and St. Kitts)  Strategic frameworks as catalysts for greater competitiveness: country experiences (St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica) “High  Priority sectors: A case study of health and wellness: including socio-economic issues achievement in exporting medical services (St. Kitts), Positioning for medical tourism (Bahamas) and always takes Developing a regional wellness package (Caribbean Health and Wellness Association) place in the  Inter-agency co-ordination to promote services: Country Papers (Jamaica, Antigua & framework of high Barbuda, Belize & Guyana) expectation.”  The role and experience of regional organisations in promoting services: support to the Development of the Services Sector (Caribbean Export), A Case Study on Charles Kettering Management Consulting (CICMC and Caribbean Export)  The future of services in the Caribbean. Group shot of the conference participants taken in front of the Marriott hotel. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Professional Development (PD) Opportunity in Barbados The next edition of the “Principles of Management Consulting” training will be held on January Save the Date 17-19, 2010 in Barbados. Interested persons should reserve their places through the CICMC Alert office as soon as possible, as places are limited. The fee for members is US$900 and non- members US$1300. Members or non-members who register and pay by January 4, 2010 will receive a further discounted price of US$850 or US$1200 respectively. Overseas participants are invited to contact the secretariat for special accommodation arrangements and rates that have been arranged. Additional workshops will be scheduled in other countries based on demand over the coming months. Americas Hub Meeting in Toronto The next Americas Hub meeting will take place in Toronto, Canada on May 8-9, 2010. This Save the Date meeting provides a forum to raise and discuss current issues in the industry, and their impact Alert on MC practice across the regions. It also gives participants a chance to contribute to the direction the hemispheric institutes are taking and by extension ICMCI globally. Finally it provides a unique opportunity to network and establish or deepen alliances and business relationships with our counterparts in the US and Canadian institutes. All members of CICMC are strongly urged to plan their schedules to try and attend if possible. We hope to have a strong and representative contingent!! 2
  3. 3. 3 Membership Update  CICMC membership continues to increase.  Membership now stands at sixty-four (64) of which seven (7) are CMCs.  CICMC still has members in fourteen (14) countries  There are also now twelve (12) members enrolled as CMC candidates and a further seventeen (17) who have expressed an interest in enrolling and starting the CMC journey. “If there is anything that aman can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.”Abraham Lincoln 3
  4. 4. 1242 4 CICMC NEWS CICMC launches in Jamaica . . . cont‟d The target audience was professionals of all disciplines who were interested in acquiring certified and globally recognized competencies that would enable them to assist organisations in assessing their business situation, challenges and opportunities and develop and implement strategies for improvement. The session was well attended by over 80 persons: management consultants, sole practitioners as well as individuals from firms and other persons interested in the area of management consulting. The programme was varied and informative and a number of people expressed appreciation for both the event and the knowledge imparted about CICMC, the CMC designation and the funding opportunities now available through Caribbean Export. The day’s programme included:  Opening remarks and welcome by Dr. Canute Thompson, Chair – CICMC Jamaica Committee, who also chaired the whole event;  Other welcome remarks by representatives of the following organisations – JAMPRO/JCSI - Marjorie Straw, Manager, Special Projects – Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) - Harold Davis, Executive Director “If you cannot – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade - David Prendergast, Head, CSME Unit work with love but – University College of the Caribbean (UCC) - Winston Adams, President only with distaste, – Institute of Management Consultants of Jamaica (IMCJ) - Henley Morgan, Fellow it is better that you  The keynote address by Dr. Ashwell Thomas, CMC – CICMC Director on “The Business should leave your of Management Consulting and the Management Consulting Industry – Existing and work.” Emerging Trends” set the scene for the day, providing valuable insights and perspectives on the direction management consulting was taking as well as brief highlights of the Khalil Gibran Nathan EME study on Caribbean Management Consulting commissioned by CICMC;  An absorbing overview of “ICMCI, CICMC, and CMC Designation” by Brenda Pope, President of CICMC, who brought participants up to date with both ICMCI and CICMC history, CICMC achievements and progress to date, as well as providing an introduction to the CMC designation and paths to achieve it; A lively presentation on “The Role of Caribbean Export and Funding Opportunities for Professional Services” by Kirk Brown, Senior Grant Advisor, Caribbean Export, which elicited many questions and interest from those present; … Continued on page 6 Canute Thompson, Brenda Pope, Ashwell Canute Thompson: Andrea Livingston-Prince: Marjorie Straw: JAMPRO/ JCSI Thomas & Kirk Brown in conversation CICMC Jamaica Chair CICMC Jamaica Deputy Chair Bottom left: Kirk Brown (CE) & Brenda Pope (CICMC) Bottom middle: Winston Adams, President (UCC) & Ashwell Thomas (CICMC) Bottom right: Harold Davis, Executive Director (JBDC) 4
  5. 5. 5 CICMC NEWS Member Profile – Andrea Livingstone-Prince Company: Business Works Limited Position: CFO/Senior Management Consultant Address: PO Box 2616, Kingston 8, Jamaica Email: Tel: (876) 819-2225, (876) 496-0550 SKYPE: thebusinessadvisors URL: Blog: Key areas of expertise:  Strategic Planning and Implementation  Business Diagnosis and Turnaround  Certified CEFE Entrepreneurship Trainer ( Member Profile – Stephen Louis New Member Profile- Mrs Katia Café-Fébrissy Company: BusinessTech Research, Inc. Position: Managing Director Address: Vide Bouteille, PO Box GM663, Castries, St Lucia “Innovation Email: distinguishes Tel: (758) 451-9694between a leader Fax: (758) 453-1289 and a follower.” SKYPE: slbtri URL: Steve Jobs Key areas of expertise:  IT Policy and Strategy Development  IT Project Management and Implementation  ICT Research President‟s Message ... cont‟d The joint presentation with Caribbean Export entitled “A Case Study on Management Consulting” also provided information about ICMCI, CICMC and the CMC designation. CICMC was also invited to participate and present at a one-day national symposium in Barbados entitled “Strengthening the Capacity of Barbadian Services Suppliers to Compete effectively in the EU and Other Developed Markets”. Both the CICMC TT chapter President Dave Kowlessar and I made presentations. 2010 has ended on a high note for CICMC and 2011 is already promising to be a year of growth, opportunity and achievement. I invite each and every one of you to continue to be part of the journey. Let me also take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Productive New Year! Best regards Brenda Pope, CMC, President 5
  6. 6. 1262 6 CICMC launched in Jamaica ... cont‟d  A presentation on “The Role of an Organised Management Consulting Industry in the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Jamaica” by Harold Davis, Executive Director, Jamaica Business Development Corporation. This was followed by a panel discussion on the Way Forward moderated by Andrea “Most of the Livingston-Prince – Deputy Chair, CICMC Jamaica Committee with panellists including: important things in  Brenda Pope, President CICMC the world have  Dr. Ashwell Thomas, Director CICMC been accomplished  Trevor Hamilton, Fellow IMCJ by people who  Dr. Nsombi Jaja, Management Consultant have kept on trying when there seemed The final item on the agenda was the establishment of the Interim Committee for the next six to be no hope at months, a process which was facilitated by Dr Ashwell Thomas, CICMC director. The persons all.” nominated to serve were as follows:  Canute Thompson, Ph.D. Dale Carnegie  Andrea Livingston-Prince  Jacqueline McGregor  Trevor Hamilton  Nsombi Jaja, Ph.D.  Lancelot Henry  Harold Davis  Cloreth Greene The Committee will meet early in January to flesh out plans and activities for the first half Interim Committee of 2011. Top row: (L) Participants listening attentively to one of the presentations; (ML) David Prendergast , CSME unit; (MR) Henley Morgan, welcome remarks, IMCJ, (R) Trevor Hamilton, IMCJ, panellist Middle row: (L) Participants enjoying one of the humorous exchanges during the day; (R) Attendees absorbed by one of the speakers. Bottom row: (L) the UCC secretariat – Tracy Dunn, Shanique Moss and Shawna Campbell; (R) Nsombi Jaja, panellist 6
  7. 7. 7 Flashback to “Principles of Management Consulting Training” The second session of the new CICMC “Principles of Management Consulting“ training was conducted on December 6-8, 2010 in St. Lucia, in conjunction with AMCS (Association of Management Consultants of St Lucia) and with significant sponsorship from SEQUA. The training again utilised our own specially modified and tailored training materials aligned and mapped with the ICMCI Competency framework and offers regional consultants a practical approach to their skills development. Once again the feedback on the revised content and format was overwhelmingly positive. Additional workshops will be scheduled in other countries based on demand over the coming months. “Nothing so conclusively proves a mans ability to leadothers as what he does from day to day to lead himself.”Thomas J. Watson Top: Attendees in practical group sessions during the 3-day training sessions Middle: Dennis Strong, CMC – facilitator, (L), Jacqui Archer, co-facilitator (M), Together (R) Bottom: Participants receiving their certificates from Reinhard Danneleit (SEQUA) and Dennis Strong (CICMC) 7
  8. 8. 1282 8 Using our International Linkages: CMC & PMP, working together The extract at left ® ® What exactly is the PMP certification and how does it co-exist with the CMC ? is taken from an  The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a knowledge-based certification, article by Susan based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and offered through the Dodia, PMP, Project Management Institute (PMI). First launched in 1984, there are now close to published on the 400,000 PMPs worldwide. IMCUSA website  The Certified Management Consultant™ (CMC®) is a competency-based certification explaining how the awarded to management consultants who have met global professional standards of CMC certification competence, professionalism and ethics in accordance with the knowledge and skills is complementary defined in IMC USA’s Competency Framework and Certification Scheme for Certified to other Management Consultants. professional certifications. IMC has several members who hold both certifications, and they discuss the differences between Source IMCUSA the two and articulate the value of each certification to their customers, prospects and peers. Project Management Skills Are Critical The ability to organize people and resources, communicate a shared vision and lead through influence are key skills for both project managers and management consultants. Nitin Kumar CMC, PMP, a member of the New Jersey chapter, explains, "Project management is a different profession, but project management skills are a core competency of management consultants. I need PM skills as a management consultant, but there are many other skills I need as a CMC: communication skills, consulting skills, skills around organizational change management.” Knowledge versus Application One primary difference between the two certifications is the certification process itself. The PMP is a knowledge-based certification and is granted to anyone who passes the certification exam. The CMC process is more thorough; a CMC candidate must submit to a rigorous vetting process that includes blind satisfaction surveys from clients, in-depth examinations covering consulting competencies and ethics, and a panel interview conducted by senior CMCs. “One of the tests of "The PMP certification is heavily skewed towards a body of knowledge (PMBOK) and tests a leadership is the candidate’s familiarity with it, but in reality, project management is a skill and requires application,” ability to recognize says Kumar. "The fact that someone has a PMP does not mean that they are a stellar project a problem before it manager; it signifies that they understand the basic concepts of the project management body of becomes an knowledge. emergency.” "The CMC certification puts you though rigorous case studies based on real life application, a Arnold H. Glasgow body of knowledge based on consulting competencies and professional behavior, and a panel interview with other CMCs, which thoroughly tests your application skills around that body of knowledge, which makes the process as close to real life consulting as possible.” PMP and CMC, Working Together Members who have both credentials are positive about how they complement each other. "The CMC has helped me meet, associate and learn from outstanding consulting practitioners. In this regard, it is more internal…within the consulting industry, so to speak,” says Rick Hubbard CMC, PMP, of the Northern California Chapter. "The PMP helps me enter into discussions with certain clients or prospective clients with a higher degree of credibility. In this regard, it is more external…and appealing to the market.” "Having both helps my prospecting; the PMP positions me as a results guy and the CMC lets them know Im good in the CxOs office and Board Room on a deep tactical level,” says Pacific Northwest Chapter member Barry Otterholt CMC, PMP. "I view them as very complimentary. The PMP has been the core and the CMC has been the bonus”. Kumar sums up the cooperative nature of these two credentials succinctly "The two certifications are different in nature but they can form a very powerful combination when their value is articulated to clients appropriately.” 8
  9. 9. 9 Spotlight on a Sister Institute (source IMC Bangladesh) In this issue we focus on the IMC-Bangladesh, the Institute of Management Consultants of Bangladesh. Established in 1997, IMCB is the professional body representing management consultants in Bangladesh and sets and maintains the standards for management consulting in Bangladesh. IMCB seeks to make the profession of management consulting recognised, respected and accepted as providing a valuable and indispensable service to organisations in Bangladesh and the Asia Pacific Region. Vision The Vision of the Institute is “to be the body that qualifies management consultants by establishing such professional standards that client will want to use only members” The Institute of Management Consultants of Bangladesh campaigns for greater recognition of the profession and is active in pursuing its goals through negotiations with the Government,“The great leaders and major client organizations in Bangladesh and overseas on standards, methods of are like the best consultant selection, conditions of contract, training, resolution of disagreement and ethics. conductors - they reach beyond the The Institute will set and maintain high standards of independence, objectivity and integrity fornotes to reach the Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) in Bangladesh. It seeks to make the profession of magic in the management consulting recognized, respected and accepted as providing a valuable and players.” indispensable service to organizations in Bangladesh. Blaine Lee Mission This Institute is committed to:  Improving the quality of management consultancy in Bangladesh  Promoting greater recognition of the value of Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) to public and private sector clients  Increasing the status of the profession  Improving business opportunities for its members  Providing guidelines, information and support to help consultants work more closely with their clients. Contacts Email: Website: Phone: 0088 02 883 40 46 Fax: 0088 02 883 40 46 Visiting address: House 357, Lane 27, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh Postal address: House 357, Lane 27, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh 9
  10. 10. 12102 10 Tip of the Month #1 (source IMC USA) Several of my colleagues First, be clear what you want Third, make a list of specific get business - a lot of them to value. They hired you people or types of people for business - through for a reason but you might whom youd like a referral. referrals. This isnt my want referrals in another area. This may or may not be the situation at all. Maybe Ill Tell them specifically what same as your "ideal client" get one or two referrals a skills and behaviours you but is likely close. Dont make year but these rarely turn want them to tell others your clients work hard to into business. Whats the about. They will know of a lot create referrals on your secret? more potential work using behalf. Better they look at a services other than what you list youve given them and A referral is a testimonial by provided them. think of people to whom they someone who sees value in could make a referral that what you have to offer. But Second, clients are not mind you didnt even know existed. this doesnt happen without readers. Your relationship is some intervention on your based on you helping them, Tip: Finally, make it worth part. Four things must not the other way around. their while. Why would they happen to get great referrals. Tell them youd appreciate a take time and risk their The referrer must (1) referral. Most will be happy reputations? Because you recognize specific value in to do it if you just ask. can provide a clients what you have to offer, (2) Delivering exceptional value colleagues with the same know that a referral is of cant hurt their desire to look value you provided them. “There are two value to you, (3) know to a bit harder to find you a Just like you are more than kinds of whom they should make a referral. willing to recommend a great companies, those referral, and (4) have a restaurant, create a desire in that work to try to reason to make the referral. your client to make the charge more and referral on your behalf those that work to charge less. We will be the second.” Tip of the Month #2 (source IMC USA) Jeff Bezos I have what I consider a Where we get tied up is in will tell you a lot about your clear "elevator speech" or balancing a clear general success in explaining "value proposition." What I response with our wealth of yourself. Once you can am not so confident of is knowledge and experience in explain your service in a way my ability to express in the similar situations. This is not that doesnt require next 2-3 minutes what I the time to tell everything specialized knowledge, you can do for a client. What I you know, especially since, will have the basis for a 2- 3 do is pretty complex and until you know more about minute introduction to your depends on the clients the situation, your services. need but I seem to fumble experience may or may not the explanation. be relevant, or the Tip: Removing all the jargon, information premature. historical examples, and This is not unique. In the arcane references to the absence of specific details Explain to high school best practices literature on on the client situation, needs, seniors what service you consulting will give you a capacity for change, provide to managers and clear, understandable and resources, and history, it businesses. Ask them to concise pitch that connects often requires some restraint explain back to you what you on an emotional, not for a consultant not to reply do, and be open to clarifying intellectual, level. And "it depends" in response to questions. remember, it is not what you an inquiry of "what can you do that is interesting, but do for me?" A blank look from them or a what the client becomes as a flurry of clarifying questions result of what you do, that is of greatest interest. 10
  11. 11. 11 Technology Tip – Animate an Excel „O7 chart in PowerPoint „07Excel charts aid inthe interpretation of Step 1 - Create a chart in Excel. For this module, a chart ondata. If you are Memphis rainfall was created.displaying the chartin a PowerPoint Step 2 - After the chart has been created, click in the white areashow an effective surrounding the chart to select the entire chart. Copy the chart;way to display the hold down the Ctrl key before you tap the C key, or right-clickchart is one column and select copy, or click on the copy button on the Home tab inat a time. the Clipboard area. Use the method that you are most comfortable using. Step 3 - Open PowerPoint and select blank slide for slide one. Paste the copied chart onto the slide; hold down the Ctrl key and tap on the V key one time, right-click and select Paste, or click on the Paste icon in the Clipboard area of the Home tab. Use the method that you are most comfortable using. Step 4 - On the Animations tab, select Custom Animation in the Animations area of this tab. Step 5 - A Custom Animation pane opens on the right side of your screen. If Add Effect is grayed out, the chart was not selected before you went to this step. Click on the chart one time and Add Effect will be available. Select Entrance and then Checkerboard. If you do not see Checkerboard click on More Effects. (Note: some animations will not work for chart animation. After trying the recommended effect, go back and try some others.) “The first rule of any technology Step 6 - After selecting the effect, a rectangleused in a business with a green star appears just below the effect is that automation speed block. Click on the down arrow at the applied to an right end of the rectangle, and choose Effect efficient operation Options. will magnify the efficiency. The Step 7 - When the Effect Option dialog box second is that pops-up, select the Chart Animation tab. Whatautomation applied you select next depends on how you want the columns to appear on to an inefficient the chart. Using the chart seen below step 1 above, here is what the operation will choices would mean: magnify the  By series would display all of the red bars at once, and then a inefficiency.” click would display all of the yellow bars  By category would display both bars in a month, and then a Bill Gates click would display the next month  By element in series would display the January red bar and then a click would display the February red bar  By element in category would display the January red bar and then a click would display the January yellow bar Step 8 - Before you click OK in the window seen at left, click in the box labeled Start animation by drawing the chart background to deselect that option. You may try it both ways, but I prefer to have the basic chart grid on the slide as soon as the slide is displayed. That is just personal preference however. 11
  12. 12. On the lighter side … ““There is only one boss. The customer … and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Sam Walton Dolly Parton We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future issues of CICMC INSIGHTS. Please send us:  short, relevant articles (up to 500 words)  news of your activities that you want to share (up to 100 words)  brief descriptions of management consulting opportunities of interest to members  announcements of upcoming workshops, seminars, conferences and so onDesigned by  internet links of value to membersKathy-Ann Scott-Bladesmembership 12