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Global Cmc Magazine No 1 Pdfwebb


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Global Cmc Magazine No 1 Pdfwebb

  1. 1. The Global CMC 1ST EDITION 2011 CMCs Management Consultants Business StudentsBuild Networks Get Business Gain Knowledge
  2. 2. Affiliates Contents 1 Affiliates 2 Editors note Features 3 We improving management consultancy in SwedenPublisherEditorial Production: Mikael Jensen 4 An executive guide to employing consultants 5Design: Sitarah Dahya, Felicia JensenBusiness Development: Mikael Jensen,Sitarah Dahya, Felicia Jensen Driving CMC Value Through the New Media & Global CMCWebsite: CommunityE-mail: office@globalcmc.com1 6 Are you an archetypal consultant?
  3. 3. Features Editor’s Special Improving Management ConsultancyEditors note in Sweden It is a market need to clarify the definition of Management Consultant and who demands them. Mikael JensenAs CMCs we are alwaysexpected to offer customizedsolutions tailored to clientneeds, consistent with his An Executive Guide to Employingorganizational culture. To Consultantsattain and retain this status Incompetent and unprofessionaland reputation we need theright clients, proliferating consultants would not stand a chance ifaccess to client segments and executives and managers had the skillsa well replenished knoweldge to identify and avoid them in advance.resource. Richard E ZackrissonKeeping these professionaland industry needsin perspective we havedeveloped Global CMC, an Driving CMC Value through the Newaccredited website of ICMCIwhere we cater our members, Media & Global CMC Communitythe consultants and clients can potentially beby offering them customized a powerful platform in connectingpackages where they can get CMCs to eachother and selectedtheir right matches, buildsuccessful networks, gain communities.knowledge and get access Liew Shin Liatto a global platform of greatopportunities. To createfuture management leadersand professionals Global Are you an archetypal consultant?CMC is open to the student Some interesting terms and phrasescommunity worldwide as well. used frequently by consultants during their conversation with clients and withWe look forward to yourmembership at global CMC each other have been compiled to ato drive your business and checklist given below. Read and see ifadd value to the profession of you use some or most of these phrasesmanagement consulting. as well? The Global CMC Team 2
  4. 4. We improving management consultancy in SwedenIt is a market need to clarify the definition of Management Consultant and who demands The definition of a CMCthem. There are alot of people in the market operating more as qualified salesmen for should be clarified to definebusiness systems or pure specialist but proclaim themselves as Management Consultants. what the profession presentWe as a national institute for Management Consultants need to define what the profession both to the industry and toactually present both to the industry and to the market. As a certifying body of Management the marketConsultants in Sweden we promote excellence and ethics in management consulting throughcertification, education, and professional resources. Managers with temporary development and a flexible response to needs demands for CMCsWho demands Management Consultants?Managers with temporary needs and customer and market changes. CMCs have to understanddemands for CMCs. the level of impact theirManagement and key individuals are those The Management Consultancy Competence services can have on relatedwho have an overall responsibility of the Framework is the culmination of research and management areasmanagement system in the organization with wide consultation throughout the profession.the aim to define and accomplish desired It builds on the competencies required to To practice as a Certifiedgoals and standards. gain the international Certified Management Management Consultant aA CMC operates on several functions and Consultant (CMC) Award to capture leading CMC has at least to calibratetherefore they have to understand the level of practice and define the standards required by with three of the managersconsistency of their advice and support that the profession. core competence areas towill impact on other functions. guarantee reliability and Given below is the criteria that contribute to credibility in management excellence in performance practice Temporary Function Management • To help improve management consultant Management specialiced Consult performance practices, capabilities and A CMC must have a quality Competence consult results and great performance • To facilitate communication and develop judged by his/her customers. an improvement plan Permanent Employees ”Manager • To serve as a tool for understanding and The management consultancy Management for hire” managing performance competency framework Competence builds on the compentencies Results of Learning & Development CMC Breadth of Skills & Experience Business Competence 10 pts Client Business Insight Consulting Business Insight required to gain CMC Award. Single function Several functions Technical Competence 20 pts In conclusion CMCs onManagement Activities Functional Specialization Consulting Skills a global base needs aTo practice as a Certified Management pronounced differentiationConsultant a CMC has at least to calibrate Values and Behaviour Competence 20 pts so the profession and itswith three of the managers core competence Ethics and Professionalism Analytical Skills competence is clearly definedareas to guarantee reliability and credibility in Personal Interaction Personal Development 30 pts to the practice. 20 pts Reflection / Feedback Setting Enviroment, Organization Accounting,business- and Objectives, strategy and and cultur finance and What you can measure is what you canMarket analysis administration policy control and we think it is an important Human Resource tool for development. Every area has its Production own importance leading to the outcome Marketing and reflection of standard performance. It Communication helps to focus on the right task in Continues Development Plan CDP. Informations technology and system Project Management Conclusion is that CMCs on a global baseTo do so, a CMC must have a quality and great needs a pronounced differentiation so theperformance judged by his/her customers. profession and its competence is clearlyThis requires listening to your customers defined to the market.and anticipating changes. Customer-drivenexcellence demands awareness of skills Mikael Jensen, CMC, Sweden3
  5. 5. An executive guide to employing consultantsSome 85% of consulting efforts are said to fail to produce the intended, and promised, results. While incompetent,unprofessional consultants are a significant cause of this, they would not stand a chance if executives and managers had theskills to identify and avoid them in advance. As long as senior managers allow change efforts to be designed, implementedor managed by people who lack the competence, experience or commitment necessary to ensure success, this situation willcontinue.In order to avoid such situation these Not recruiting Short- run costs are acceptablechecklists can be referred to before you 3. Identify consultant competence Long –run benefits objectively projectedhire a consultant. Technical competence to exceed the long- term investmentIdentifying the kind of help you Consulting competence Everyone with primary responsibility forneed Interpersonal competence this project has/had input to the final1. Do you really need a consultant? Personal characteristics contract.Are you prepared to identify problems Choosing the best consultant for theshould they arise? job Managing the consultant projectDo you have a problem now? 1. Preparation 1. Ongoing consultant evaluationShould something be done about the Preparing for selection interviews Level of resultsproblem? Determining what to tell your consultant Keeping the effort on trackDo you have internal resources to solve Judging the candidate against your Evaluating the likelihood that yourthe problem? selection criteria change effort will succeed.Should your internal resources be Judging the candidate’s responsesutilized? Evaluation of post-interview summaries2. What type of consultant do you Evaluating the objective contents of Richard E Zackrissonneed? proposalsDo you need Helping Hands? Evaluating the subjective content ofDo you need a Training Consultant? proposals Some 85% of consulting effortsDo you need an Expert Consultant or a Evaluating consulting contracts are said to fail to produce theProcess Consultant? 2. Before you sign the contract intended, and promised, results. Support consultant to gather data While incompetent, unprofessionalBuilding consultant selection criteria necessary to design, implement and consultants are a significant cause of1. Identify professional consultant evaluate the project this, they would not stand a chance ifbehavior Assess the acceptability of the project to executives and managers had the skillsTreat the organization as the client other stakeholders to identify and avoid them in advance.Focus on the root cause of problems Success factors of the project have beenFocus on long- term effects considered and are readily available In order to avoid such unfavorableDevelop and utilize internal resources Contingency plans have been prepared situations check the following criteriaProvide help to self- help to eliminate or reduce risk factors before you hire a consultantFocus on practical reality Evaluation and acceptance of indirect effects that full or partial project failure 1. The kind of help you need2. Identify ethical consultant may have 2. Consultant selection criteriabehavior Considering legal regulationsMaintain confidentiality 3. The best consultant for the job Availability of sufficient resourcesPresenting realistic expectations Scheduling the project in a way that itAvoiding conflicting assignments Managing the consultant project doesn’t affect other scheduled plans 4
  6. 6. Driving CMC Value Through the New Media & Global CMC Community New Media tools have fast becoming a powerful new approach to bring acrossFrom the Presidential election campaign of Barrack Obama in 2008 to the recent General messages to the targetElection 2011 in Singapore, from the self-promoting artists on Youtube to the big celebrities audienceor ordinary folks on Facebook pages, the use New Media tools have fast becoming a powerfulnew approach to bring across messages to the target audience, much more effective than the Global CMC Community is onetraditional means such as emails, phone calls, newspapers etc. of the Breakthrough Strategy Projects –Global CMC aims ICMCI celebrates the International Technology driving social interaction - social to exploit currently-availableManagement Consultants’ Day in June each collaboration technologies, online groups, instruments and social mediayear. My message is that the Globalcmc. blogs, and other electronic messaging tools (such as Linkedin,com can potentially be a powerful platform in systems etc enhance networks of personal Facebook, etc)connecting CMCs to each other and selected relationships. The use of Webex in the ICMCIcommunities. Ex-Com monthly conference has enabled Rising of Generation C- CMCs closer working relationship among the Ex- and consultants are similar toThere are a least 3 things CMCs worldwide Com members (without physical face-to-face) “Generation C”should be aware of: meeting. At the same time, the enhancedGlobal CMC Community is one of the personal relationships in turn make the face- Technology driving socialBreakthrough Strategy Projects – the to-face meetings such as the biennial congress interaction -- socialobjective is to create an active global and meeting much more effective. It will collaboration technologies,community with diversity across geographic, be a waste not to extend such learning and online groups, blogs, andcultural and industrial boundaries could outcome to the global CMC community. other electronic messagingmotivate CMCs and related stakeholders to systems etc enhance networksreach their full potential. Among other things, In the months ahead, the Global CMC of personal relationships.this project aims to exploit currently-available Community project team will work outinstruments and social media tools (such as programmes which will enable CMCs to be The Global CMC CommunityLinkedin, Facebook, etc) better connected. If you have any suggestions project team will work outRising of the “Generation C” – a term coiled please contact the project lead Liew Shin Liat programmes which will enableto refer to very frequent users of Internet who at CMCs to be better connected.are “connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, Liew Shin Liatalways clicking or browsing”. Enabled Vice Chairman of ICMCI Follow us onby Internet, mobile devices, and social Singaporenetworking, we can find more and moreyounger (and even not so young) CMCs andconsultants are similar to “Generation C”5
  7. 7. Are you an archetypal consultant?Some interesting terms and phrases used frequently by consultants during their conversationwith clients and with each other have been compiled to a checklist given below. Read and seeif you use some or most of these phrases as well.Boil the ocean: To embark on an apparently impossible or fruitless task or when the effortexpended to achieve is not worth the potential payoff.Development opportunity: A shortcoming that should be rectified usually by the subsequentsuggestion.Directionally correct: You have a long way to go in getting the right answer.View from 30,000 feet: Often used to suggest that a particular situation needs a preliminary orcursory look.At the end of the day: A phrase used to attempt summarization and perhaps close off certainavenues of discussion.Bandwidth: Generally used to indicate that the speaker cannot or would not prefer to doadditional work.Buttoned –up: This phrase is used to indicate that a particular piece of work or analysis iscomprehensive, accurate and capable of withstanding close scrutiny.Buttoned-down: Means opposite to buttoned – up.Crisp: An adjective indicating that the referenced work or analysis is thorough and complete.Granular: A detailed level of abstraction, often used in context of increasing the fitness of ananalysis.Hands: Often prefaced with clients, indicates the interpersonal skills of an individual in relationto a particular group of people.Hard stop: Used to indicate that after the time indicated, the listeners are on their own as theperson stating that they have a hard stop isn’t going to be around to help.Key: Critical, essential, required, important and central; the key analysis is generally thelinchpin.Let me play this back: Used when the listener wants to refract and color the conversationthrough his or her own perspective.Low- hanging fruit: The initial opportunities or areas of exploration that are easiest to cover.Push back: This term is used to indicate resistance and/or disagreementSniff test: This term is used when gauging the viability or reasonableness of a particularanalysis.Take the lead on: A phrase used by more experienced consultants when they wish to delegate amenial task.To be transparent: A term that indicates that what follows will be particularly revelatory.The GlobalCMC Team 6
  8. 8. GLOBAL CMC ICMCI SecretariatExecutive Management Institute P.O. Box 1058Svardvagen 23 NL-3860 BB NIJKERK, NetherlandsSE-182 33 DANDERYD, Sweden Accredited Website of ICMCI