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SLCSI Focus on Services eNewsletter November Issue1

  1. 1. I SSU E 1 VOL 2 2011 Inside this issue: Spotlight on Professional Services SLCSI Meets with Caribbean counterparts 1 2 Focus on Services Business Opportunities 2 CARIFORUM Mission to EU 3 On Mutual Recognition Tips for Networking 4 CARICOM CANADA Trade and Development Forum Places Spotlight on Professional Services Lucia Coalition of Services Industries vices. These included residency re- provided the opportunity for profes- quirements, licensing/work permits, sional service providers, services Coa- differences in Federal and Provisional litions and other industry representa- legislation and the lack of an equiva- tives to discuss and identify business lency framework among and between opportunities between CARICOM and jurisdictions in Canada. Canada, which may be facilitated by Story continued on page 2 the negotiation of a more mature trad- The CARICO M CANADA ing agreement. Trade and Development Forum (TDF) CARICOM delegates identified was held in Ontario Canada from the fourteen services sub sectors which 2-3 November 2011. The TDF com- they believed held opportunity for ser- prised a series of sector roundtables vices export to Canada. These sectors and panel discussions and formed part included plant processing engineering; 1-3 December: 21st Meeting of the of the consultative process to ensure Regional Cultural Committee, Suriname. private sector input into the negotia- Architectural Services; Energy Ser- tions of the CARICOM Canada Trade vices,; Construction Services; Legal 1- 4 December: 21st Bahamas Services; Business Development Ser- International Film Festival, Bahamas. and Development. This new agree- ment will replace the decade s old vices and Management consulting Ser- 1- 5 December: Caribbean Media Exchange, Jamaica. CARIBCAN Agreement between the vices. two parties. Delegates identified several 5- 10 December: 6th Annual Caribbean Conference on Risk Disaster Management, The Professional Services trade regulations in Canada which- Trinidad & Tobago. Round Table chaired by Ms. Yvonne, posed challenges to the export of ser- Agard, Executive Director of the SaintFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES
  2. 2. 2 CARICOM CANADA Trade and Development Forum Places Spotlight on Professional Services cont d... One recommen- to CARICOM service providers. movement of workers and ser- dation made was that CARICOM Through the AIT, federal, provin- vices. should explore the possibility of cial and territorial governments having Canada s Agreement on have agreed to eliminate inter- Internal Trade (the AIT) extended provincial barriers to the free SLCSI Meets with the Caribbean Network of Services Coalitions to Discuss the Regions Services Sector. The TTCSI led an informa- the Trinidad & Tobago Coalition of tive session on best practices for Services. Industries (the TTCSI). Services Coalition management us- ing its experiences over the years. In sharing their experiences and lessons learnt, one common chal- lenge identified was the sustainabil- ity of the national coalitions. Partici- pants highlighted that the need to From Left to right: Ms. Dinah Hippolyte, Saint Lucia Coalition of Services , Ms. Julian Charles, Antigua& generate streams of revenue for Barbuda Coalition of Services and Ms Michelle Hustler, Request for Proposals German Development Agency (GIZ) sustaining the work of national coali- Client: Government of Saint Lucia tions was an ongoing challenge. Contract: Develop the Govern- There was general consen- On 1st October 2011, the ment of Saint Lucia Website sus that developing a mix of mem- Saint Lucia Coalition of Services met Deadline: 2nd December 2012 bership dues and fee based services with its counterpart coalitions of the Click Here: suited to the needs of the member- Caribbean Network of Services Coa- ship would be successful as long as litions (the CNSC) in Port of Spain, coalitions provided value added ser- Client: OECS Secretariat Trinidad to discuss the work pro- vices to its membership. Contract: Knowledge, Attitude gramme for the services coalitions in Coalition representatives and Practice (KAP) Survey under 2012. also got the opportunity to be a part the project: Reducing the Risks to Presentations were made of the TTCSI National Services Human and Natural Assets Re- by each of the national Coalitions on Week and attended several ses- sulting from Climate Change their ongoing projects and work sions highlighting different aspects Deadline: 9th December 2011 agenda for 2012. The SLCSI took of Trinidad & Tobago s services sec- Click Here: the opportunity to discuss its tor. The meeting was supported opportunities CARFTFUND project Developing by the Caribbean Export Develop- ment Agency and the German De- Saint Lucia s Services Sector . velopment Agency and hosted byFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 2
  3. 3. 3 SLCSI Represents the Caribbean Coalition of Services Network in Exploring Mutual Recognition Agreements with the EU a systematic method for recognizing qualifications obtained by CARIFORUM students attending schools of architec- ture in various parts of the world, was also of paramount importance. At the Architects Mission debriefing meeting held on 11 November 2011, it was agreed that work would have to th be undertaken between the Caribbean School of Architec- ture and educational authorities in the Dominican Republic on the subject of equivalence as well as developing either a methodology for equivalence or a list of schools to be re- puted as equivalent to promote the intra CARIFORUM MRA Cross section of the Members of CAMRAC during a meeting with the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, United Kingdom for Architects. The SLCSI has pledged its support to CAMRAC to In a bid to maintain momentum on discussions re- provide the needed assistance to undertake its work plan . garding mutual recognition (MR) of architects and engineers under the CARIFORUM EU Economic Partnership Agree- ment (the EPA) two exploratory missions were launched by CARIFORUM to key cities in Europe during the month of October 2011. The purpose of the missions were to conduct an exchange of information on the regulatory regimes for archi- tects and engineers in the CARIFORUM and EU states; and discuss possibilities for co operation on negotiating an MRA for the respective professions. The CARIFORUM Engineers exploratory mission on MR took place from 11- 17 October . During the Engineers debriefing meeting held on 10th November 2011, a plan of CARIFORUM Architects Delegation during a closed session, Brussels, Belgium action was agreed for commencing work on the intra re- gional mutual recognition of engineers within CARIFORUM. The CARIFORUM Architects exploratory mission on MR was held from 17-21 October with a CARIFORUM dele- gation comprising representatives of the Caribbean Archi- tects Mutual Recognition Committee (CAMRAC), the OTN and the Saint Lucia Coalition of Services Industries (the SLCSI). The delegation visited key associations in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. Discussions held during this mission emphasized the need for the accreditation of schools of architecture in CARIFORUM Architects delegates during a closed meeting with the Interna- the CARIFORUM region. In addition it was recognized that tional Union of Architects, Paris, France.FOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 3
  4. 4. 4 Networking Tips for Services Professionals The TANGLED WEB is a philosophy about connecting and reconnecting with people and about developing inter- connecting networks that help your business grow. It s designed to help you be efficient and effective and is an approach that actually takes less work and less time but produces better results. There are very common, somewhat surprising mistakes that even very smart professionals make when it comes to network- ing. The tangled web approach shows how these can be corrected. MISTAKE #1: You don t know who is in your network. One of the big- gest missed opportunities is to actually connect, reconnect and interconnect the network you already have. If you don t know who you ve already got, is there much point to adding more contacts to that database? Tangled Web Strategy: Start with what you ve got. Your best strategy is to start with existing relationships. Take a few minutes to make a list of your strategic partners and candidates. Strategic Partners are individuals who 1) are willing to refer your business 2) have the ability to spot potential clients and know how to have the kinds of conversations that will connect those people to you 3) is connected to the kind of people that make good clients for you. And 4) has suc- cessfully referred you business. A person with the potential to become a good Strategic Partner is a Candidate. They meet some, but not all of the criteria above. Place your effort into building your network with Strategic partners and Candi- dates to keep your business ahead of the game. Be sure to look out for our second networking tip in our next issue of Focus on Services! SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES We appreciate your feedback! INDUSTRIES INC. Please share with us your comments and thoughts on any of the stories featured in this P. O. Box Choc 8056 article and let us know what you would like featured in our upcoming Issue. Castries, Saint Lucia. W.I. Tel: 1 758 452 7865 Fax: 1 758 452 8695 Email: . With the Kind Support of CARTFUNDFOCUS ON SERVICES IS THE OFFICIAL ENEWSLETTER OF THE SAINT LUCIA COALITION OF SERVICES INDUSTRIES 4