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Vendor Consolidation Checklist


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Vendor Consolidation Checklist

  1. 1. Vendor Consolidation ChecklistPurposeThe purpose of this tool is to provide a checklist for vendor consolidations. Key areas toconsolidate vendor contracts include printing, and software applications.Remember that your purchasing power is directly related to your annual spending, and theamount and size of vendors who are competing to earn your business. Implementing astrategic purchasing process will reduce administrative expenses, process, help younegotiate the best possible pricing, and increase service levels.Vendor Consolidation ChecklistDone Description of Task Completed Determine Vendor/Supplier Requirements by Department Enter Date Create a List of All Vendors/Suppliers used in last 12 months Evaluate Overlap between Vendors to Reduce Vendor List Identify Specialty Service Vendors – cut if possible Conduct a Comprehensive Cost Analysis for the Vendor-type
  2. 2. Assess Purchasing Power based on Cost Analysis & SpendingResearch potential “one-stop-shop” vendors who can deliver onyour Quality, Service, and Price criteria. Create Short-listDiscuss Vendor Consolidation Strategy with Vendor Short-listDevelop RFP for your Needs and invite Vendors to CompeteEvaluate Pricing, Quality, and Service-Level AgreementsNegotiate Best Possible Pricing based on Purchasing PowerHand-off to Procurement for Contract AdministrationRe-negotiate Contracts at end of term for better rates