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Web Metrics Reporting Tool


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Web Metrics Reporting Tool

  1. 1. Web Metrics Reporting ToolPurposeThe purpose of this tool is to assist you with reporting on web metrics. This schedule containsa few common web metrics. Be sure to add other metrics to the table.Report Date: [enter date]Web Metrics Reporting Schedule: ReportWeb Metrics Prepared By Prepared For FrequencyUnique Visitors Monthly Marketing Analyst VP MarketingReferral Site Monthly Marketing Analyst VP MarketingSearch Engine Hits Monthly Marketing Analyst VP MarketingTotal Website Visits Monthly Marketing Analyst VP MarketingNew Web-leads Weekly Marketing Analyst Steering CommitteeConversion Rates Monthly Marketing Analyst Steering CommitteeClick-thru Results Post-Campaign Marketing Analyst Project ManagerAd Views Post-Campaign Marketing Analyst Project ManagerVisitor Geography Quarterly Marketing Analyst Product ManagementSegment Analytics Quarterly Marketing Analyst Product ManagementPage Views Monthly Marketing Analyst WebmasterNavigation Paths Quarterly Marketing Analyst Webmaster
  2. 2. Web Metrics Trend Direction Areas of ConcernUnique Visitors Increasing What rate is this increasing by?Referral Site Increasing What are the top affiliate sites?Search Engine Hits Decreasing Which keywords are getting results?Total Website Visits Minor Change How can we increase total monthly visits?New Web-leads Increasing What types of leads are converting?Conversion Rates Decreasing Why is the conversion rate declining?Click-thru Results Increasing What offers are working best?Ad Views Increasing Is our investment in ads paying off?Visitor Geography Minor Change Are we penetrating EMEA yet?Segment Analytics Increasing How are traffic rates by market segment?Page Views Increasing What pages are not being viewed?Navigation Paths Minor Change What are the common navigation paths?