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Careers work: Make things happen


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This presentation highlights innovative developments in the English region of the West Midlands. Deirdre has worked closely with a group of professionals who have a strong interest in building a careers offer for young people in the Black Country. As a result of shared efforts, Ambitions Black Country (ABC) sets out a dynamic vision underpinned by an evidence-base and implementation plan. Slide 20 on new forms of careers dialogue was originally developed by Professor Marinka Kuijpers - professor by special appointment in 'Learning Environment and Learning Careers in the (V) MBO' at the Open University, The Netherlands.

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Careers work: Make things happen

  1. 1. Careers education and guidance that works
  2. 2. Overview The journey so far Lessons learned Evidence and practice matters Where next?
  3. 3. Context Operation of the youth labour market and expectations of young people Technological change, forces of globalisation and BREXIT Job quality and skills requirements Curriculum reform – academic and vocational e.g. new ‘T levels’ Institutes of Technology STEM skills shortages and gaps Infra-structure, political and culture change
  4. 4. Politics
  5. 5. Industrial Strategy “Our improved education and skills system must be supported by high quality careers provision…Careers provision continues to be patchy and inconsistent…both in schools and later in life. The government is reviewing the current careers offer for people of all ages, and will build on the best international evidence to publish a comprehensive strategy later this year for careers information, advice and guidance” (p.45)
  6. 6. Ministerial focus – 2012 -2017
  7. 7. Lessons learned: Infrastructure Schools, colleges, universities Local authorities - targeted services National Careers Service - Inspiration agenda Careers and Enterprise Company Jobcentre Plus in schools National Citizenship Service HE and Apprenticeships e.g. UCAS and NAS Other local and national initiatives e.g. LEPs, charities, social enterprises, sole traders… Statutory guidance……a new careers strategy
  8. 8. Pressure and uncertainty
  9. 9. New challenges UK Office for Budgetary Responsibility (OBR) estimates more fiscal tightening over the next four years, particularly in the public sector (Oxford Economics, 2017) Local authorities in England lost 27 per cent of their spending power between 2010/11 and 2015/16 in real terms. Some services have experienced cumulative cuts to the order of 45 per cent (JRF, 2015) National Audit Office indicates schools in England must reduce spending by 8per cent per pupil by 2020 - the biggest real terms cut in a generation (NAO, 2016) New funding allocated though continued regional disparities
  10. 10. Learns learned: social mobility
  11. 11. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Hair and beauty Transport – Bus and coach Transport – HGV Housing and property management Transport – Maritime and boat Construction – construction trades Environmental health and safety M&E – Defence Transport – Automotive Agriculture, horticulture and animal care Power and utilities Transport – Aviation Transport – Operations Construction – operations Culture and heritage Fashion and tailoring Retail sales and customer service Security, safety and emergency services Arts, crafts and design Construction – architectural Food and drink Sales and marketing Construction – surveying M&E – Design and development Construction – site management Freight, logistics and distribution M&E – Aerospace engineering M&E – Automotive engineering Construction – building services engineering Publishing and journalism Sports and leisure Legal services Hospitality and tourism M&E – Civil engineering Performing arts, broadcast and media Science and research M&E – Manufacturing Construction – civil and structural engineering Financial services, banking and insurance M&E – Electrical/electronic engineering Social work Public sector Education and training: Digital industries and IT Business, management and administration Healthcare, nursing and dentistry
  12. 12. Challenges  Keep more people switched on to learning  Encourage them not to close down opportunities too early  Broaden horizons and challenge inaccurate assumptions  Create relevant experiences and exposure to the world of work  WATCH THIS VIDEO: ONvC2rM
  13. 13. Building a careers offer for young people
  14. 14. BCCDAP’s aim is to ‘Develop Career Ready Young People’
  15. 15. Ambitions Black Country: The Framework 100 hours experience of the world of work Personalised Digital Portfolio Relevant access to Labour Market Information Clear policy commitments Strong governance and management Trained professionals Extra support for vulnerable groups Develop careers partnerships Equality of access
  16. 16. Gatsby Principles (2014) & Area Frameworks (2017 - 2022) A stable programme Learning from careers and LMI Addressing the needs of each pupil Linking curriculum learning to careers Encounters with employers and employees Experiences of workplaces Encounters with FE and HE Personal Guidance Young People  Equity of access  At least 100 hours of experiences of the world of work for all young Londoners  A personalised digital portfolio  Extra support for vulnerable groups Leadership and accountability  Clear policy commitments  Strong governance and management to ensure the institution supports all students to relate their learning to careers and the world of work from an early age
  17. 17. Gatsby Principles (2014) & Regional Frameworks (2017 - 2022)  Trained professionals  Relevant access labour market intelligence/information (LMI)  Formation and development of ‘career partnerships’ to share expertise and resources
  18. 18. Evidence for Teachers/Advisers Careers Education International Literature Review with support from
  19. 19. Tools to ‘open up’ career development
  20. 20. Identity Experiences of Work Performances Evidence Network Experience Choice for next step Reflection on qualities and motives Work explorationCareer action Networking New Forms of Careers Dialogue Dialogue Estimate chances Discover chancesCreate chances Exploit chances
  21. 21. CONTACT: Karen Adriaanse Email: Deirdre Hughes Email: Tel: 07533 545057 Visit: Thank you!
  22. 22. • Hughes, D. & Meijers (2017) New School for Old School: Guidance and Counselling, Editors, International Symposium Series, British Journal for Guidance and Counselling, Vol, 45, No.2, April 2017. • Hughes, Mann et al. (2016) International Literature Review: Careers Education with Education and Employers, London. Visit: ns/Careers_review.pdf • Hughes, D. (2016) Informed and impartial careers information, advice and guidance: reaching out to support the apprenticeship agenda? In Way, D. (ed.) A Race To The Top – Achieving 3 million more apprenticeships by 2020, University of Winchester Press, July 2016. USEFUL RESOURCES: References