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  1. 1. INDEX 11Nonwovens ExpositionApril 12-15, 2011Geneva, Switzerland !
  2. 2. PGI Corporate ProfilePGI is a leading global nonwovens producer and marketer with a strongpresence in four major markets.
  3. 3. Globally Integrated BusinessPGI is a global company where regional management ispopulated with local personnel who help merge culturalindividuality with global objectives.
  4. 4. Global Customer BaseOur customers are geographically diverse:•! North America: 37%•! Latin America: 27%•! Europe: 25%•! Asia: 11%
  5. 5. PGI Profile•! PGI became a leading global nonwoven technologies company through a series of mergers and acquisitions orchestrated by the InterTech Group of South Carolina•! In 2010, it is a $1.15 Billion company, operating 14 manufacturing and converting facilities in nine countries•! PGI employs more than 3,200 people worldwide•! It has global leadership positions in hygiene and healthcare segments
  6. 6. Significant Developments – 2010 to present•! We completed consolidating our Arkansas facility into the Benson, North Carolina plant to better align our manufacturing capabilities with our long-terms strategic direction.•! We commenced construction of new a spunmelt line at our site in Waynesboro, Virginia.•! We applied our spunmelt process engineering expertise to dramatically increase productivity at our newly-acquired manufacturing facility in Spain.•! We continued to expand our presence in China, installing a new spunmelt line at the manufacturing facility in Suzhou, and signed an agreement to obtain full ownership of our joint venture in Nanhai.•! We successfully managed the recovery after major flooding of our facility in Cali, Colombia.
  7. 7. Developments / Plans – 2011•! Publish third GRI-based sustainability report / first integrated Stakeholders’ Report•! Commercialization of new lines in U.S. and China•! Integration in Spain•! PGI will make an immediate follow-up installation of spunmelt machine and a pilot line at its current facility in Suzhou, China, that is expected to result in commercially available material in mid-2012•! PGI will have a greenfield installation in Southern China by late 2012 with multi-line expansion capability•! The company will also have a greenfield installation in Central Brazil by early 2013•! Longer-term investment plans include a thrid spunmelt line at its plant in Cali, Colombia
  8. 8. PGI Leadership Team•! Ronee Hagen "!Chief Executive Officer•! Mike Hale "!Chief Operating Officer•! Dennis Norman "!Chief Financial Officer
  9. 9. PGI Leadership Team•! Daniel L. Rikard "!Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary•! Mary Tomasello "!Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources & Employee Communications•! Charlie Saine "!Senior Vice President, Global Procurement•! John Heironimus "!Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer•! Bob Dale "!Senior Vice President, Research & Development•! James Infinger- Chief Information Officer (not pictured)
  10. 10. PGI Leadership Team•! Rolando Dominguez Vice President & General Manager, Latin America•! Richard Gillespie Vice President & General Manager, Canada•! Daniel Guerrero Vice President & General Manager, North America•! Scott Tracy Vice President & General Manager, Europe•! Wuling Zhang Vice President & General Manager, Asia
  11. 11. PGI Purpose StatementPGI strives to be the premier partner of choice for companiesseeking materials that, in simplest terms, perform better and offersuperior value. We will achieve this by delivering outstandingcustomer satisfaction and innovative solutions that help ourcustomers succeed. We are committed to improving the way peoplework and live in the way we provide the highest quality product.
  12. 12. PGI Brand EssenceWe are leaders in helping our customers succeed Global Capabilities Operational Excellence Innovative Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility
  13. 13. Our ValuesOur culture is based on values that ensure PGI’s 3,212 employees remainfocused on the key initiatives that deliver superior customer value.These shared values work together togive our organization its core strength:!
  14. 14. Market LeadershipWe offer products in all major nonwovens sectors and have leadershippositions in many key markets.#1 Latin America #1 Globally #1 Food Service #1 Cable Wrap#2 USA #1 Commercial #1 Fire Retardant Dusting Bedding Materials#2 China #1 Beauty Care #1 Produce Bags
  15. 15. Commitment to Customers•! At PGI, we are committed to delivering superior customer value•! We work closely with customers in more than 50 countries, which include well-established multinational and regional manufacturers of consumer and industrial products
  16. 16. Customer Satisfaction – SurveyPGI continues to understand and improve on the customer satisfactionprocess. The study is conducted in five languagesThe latest survey rated PGI on 25 attributes in areas such as:1.! Partnering to develop new solutions2.! Consistent execution across multiple geographies3.! Customer service and technical support4.! Sustainability5.! Corporate Social Responsibility
  17. 17. Customer SatisfactionOur Survey-Process ToolKey Objectives of our satisfaction surveys:•! Understand how to bring more value to the customer•! Identify levels of Customer Satisfaction•! Establish sector performance baselines for our budget and goal-setting for our five-year plan•! Establish a global standard process for regional value management
  18. 18. Voice of Customers•! The industry’s best people•! Reputation for delivering on our commitment•! Partner in developing progressive solutions in every aspect of the business•! Unique value-adding capabilities•! Industry-leading processes for customer satisfaction and support processes•! Industry leader in corporate social responsibility, driven by the voice of the customer
  19. 19. Leveraging StrengthsPGI’s market-driven strategy is to invest in the four key areas thatwill deliver superior value to customers Global Capabilities Innovative Solutions Operational Excellence Corporate Social Responsibility
  20. 20. ApplicationsPGI’s Hygiene Group offers high-quality nonwoven fabrics are engineered toprovide comfort and discretion through fluid management and textural designfor the following hygiene absorbent products:•! Infant diapers and training pants•! Adult incontinence briefs, underwear, pull-ups and pants•! Feminine care napkins, panty liners and shields
  21. 21. Performance Benefits•! Total fluid management•! Barrier protection•! Even distribution and flexibility•! Reliable opacity and strength•! Lighter and softer feel
  22. 22. Hygiene Customers Tell Us This•! We have strong industry knowledge and industry leading professionals•! We deliver on our commitments•! We partner with customers to develop solutions that help their business•! We have industry-leading service, support and customer satisfaction processes
  23. 23. ApplicationsOur disposable nonwoven fabrics ensure the comfortand safety of medical professionals and patients:•! Surgical gowns and patient drapes•! Healthcare worker and patient apparel (isolation gowns, patient gowns, headwear, footwear, warm-up jackets, scrub suits, lab coats, etc.)•! Facemasks•! Wound care substrates•! CSR wrap and transfer wrap•! Medical accessories (back table covers, mayo stand covers, patient screens, bed linens, baby blankets, etc.)
  24. 24. Performance Benefits•! Superb barrier protection / infection control•! Strength and softness•! Breathability and drapability•! Puncture and liquid resistance
  25. 25. Healthcare Customers Tell Us This•! Industry-leading commitment to sustainability•! Leading, trusted partner in customers’ success•! Leader in capabilities and execution•! Leading investor in next-generation solutions
  26. 26. ApplicationsPGI offers a wide array of nonwoven cleaning fabrics and packagedwipes to meet every consumer and professional need:•! Wet wipes•! Dry wipes•! Utility towels•! Dusting tools•! Soft cloths•! Personal wipes
  27. 27. Performance Benefits•! Superior absorbency•! Strength•! Durability•! Softness•! Lightweight
  28. 28. Chicopee BrandPGI’s subsidiary brand with divisions in North America and Europe:•! Viewed as innovative packaged wipes supplier in both North America and Europe•! Seen as clear industry leader in our markets•! Rated as Best in Class by customers in third-party surveys
  29. 29. ApplicationsPGI offers high-performance engineered fabricsutilizing a variety of fibers and resins:•! Construction and cable wrap•! Home furnishings, including bedding & carpet backing•! Agriculture•! Filtration•! Food packaging•! Acoustics•! Specialty materials
  30. 30. Performance Benefits•! Protection, insulation and durability•! Silent, efficient and strong•! Capture, separate and contain•! Increased crop yields
  31. 31. Global CapabilitiesWith revenues of more than $1.15 billion, PGI has 14 world-class facilities located in the world’s most important markets
  32. 32. Global CapabilitiesFrom 2003 – 2011, our investment to upgrade and expand ourassets will total $340 million as we continue to invest in growth!
  33. 33. Technology ProfileWe operate the broadest array of technologies in the industry,which allows us to serve a wide range of customer needs
  34. 34. SustainabilityPGI thinks about our sustainability program not just as a way to drive progress,but as a way to position our company for success in the future world.PGI is paying particular attention to two global trends:•! The growing gap between supply and demand of strategic resources•! The rising expectations in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility
  35. 35. Sustainability ObjectivesPGI’s primary sustainability objectives:•! To reduce our ecological footprint largely by driving operational efficiencies. Our particular focus is on electric power consumption with is 83 percent of our carbon footprint.•! To expand our innovation to new nonwoven products that have sustainability benefits or enable others to realize them. Also we aggressively seek partnerships in developing more sustainable raw materials.•! To achieve best-in-class customer satisfaction and differentiation in value proposition design and execution.•! To inspire our employees to invent, substitute and conserve. To encourage the incorporation of sustainability practices in everyday activities. To increase employee engagement and, connectivity to their communities.•! To achieve industry leading recognition for Corporate Social Responsibility and global community contributions.•! To position our company for a future world that is very different from today’s
  36. 36. Sustainability Commitment•! In 2009 PGI produced an inaugural sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines in G3 format.•! In 2011 PGI has introduces a Stakeholders’ Report which combines it Annual Report with its Sustainability Report•! PGI is one of the first companies to collaborate with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in a pilot project, and the only company in our industry•! PGI co-chairs INDA Sustainability Committee•! PGI is being featured on “Green Magazine Television” which can be viewed on CNBC, Discovery, and TLC
  37. 37. Sustainability Commitment•! The Benson facility earned Business of the Year Award from Benson, NC Chamber of Commerce•! The Suzhou plant earned ISO 14001 certification and OHSAS 18001 certification•! The San Luis Potosi plant received a development grant from a Mexican government technology research agency and a corporate social responsibility certificate from the Mexican chapter of the Red Cross•! PGI Argentina and Colombia received the Johnson & Johnson 2010 Gold Award for productivity improvement and sustained quality, service, cost & innovation results
  38. 38. 2014 Sustainability Goals
  39. 39. 2010 Progress Against Sustainability Goals•! Commercialization of our biodegradable and compostable J-Cloth® 3000 wipe•! Carbon footprint down 17% • Electricity consumption down 11%•! Water consumption down 8%•! Natural gas consumption down 16%•! Solid waste generation down 28%•! Average basis weight down 3%•! Transparency- added 5 core GRI indicators•! Employee engagement -increase score by .05 and moved closer to Low Risk benchmark range•! OHSA incidence rate down 11%
  40. 40. Our Five-Year VisionGlobal leadership in the Hygiene and Healthcare market segmentsthrough our ability to consistently serve customers around the globewith our physical presence, partnerships and logistics.
  41. 41. Our Five-Year VisionSuperior economic returns in each of our core markets of Hygiene,Healthcare, Wipes and Industrial by pursuing creative ways tocapture more value. PGI will meet specific market needs withinnovative materials by capitalizing on advanced market insights,inventive manufacturing processes, and expertise in spunlaidand hybrid technologies.
  42. 42. Our Five-Year VisionWorld-class operational efficiency and best-in-class totalcustomer value utilizing globally standardized business systems,market-driven priorities, and highly respected professionals.
  43. 43. Our Five-Year VisionRecognition as a leader in promoting health, safety andsustainability through the products we make, and by attainingworld-class safety metrics, reducing the consumption ofresources, and minimizing environmental impact.