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  1. 1. WALKER FAMILY HISTORY Geography 10
  2. 2. Waves of Immigration   Sigrist (Secrist) – 1720 Willey – 1640  Walker – Unknown, In America in 1845 Groover – 1762  All First Wave of Immigration 
  3. 3. Push/Pull Factors    Sigrist from France left to escape resurgence of bubonic plague. (Push) Peter Groover came as a German mercenary for the British to fight American Colonials in the Revolutionary War. (Pull) My parents left Orange County for cheaper housing in Ontario (Pull)
  4. 4. Economic Sectors   Almost all of family in tertiary sector. Both grandfathers were mechanics – one for planes the other for cars.
  5. 5. Mormonism   Sigrist (Secrist) family converted around 1850’s, around the time Mormonism was created. Moved west into the empty interior to help settle there.
  6. 6. Other Tidbits My father’s side is related to an infamous politician Oliver Cromwell – saw as a dictator and controversial figure in Britain in the 1650’s  My grandmother went to grade school in 1931 in CA and they had whites segregated from Hispanics. 