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PloneNG: What's new in Plone 4.2, 4.3, and beyond


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PloneNG: What's new in Plone 4.2, 4.3, and beyond

  1. PloneNG:Whats new in Plone 4.2, 4.3, and beyond
  2. PLIP Process
  3. ApprovalProposal Implementation Integration Review
  4. PLIP Criteria
  5. Feature balanceWe <3 content managers AND developers
  6. Useful to 80%Should it be an add-on instead?
  7. Maturity outside the core
  8. Code quality Clean, tested, documented.Not over or under architected.
  9. Migration path
  10. Changes for end users
  11. Improved Search Results Plone 4.2 Denys Mishunov
  12. Make byline use the publication date Plone 4.3 Vitaliy Podoba
  13. Plain text searches ignore accents Plone 4.3 Thomas Desvenain & Manabu Terada
  14. Plone is cool! Changes for site admins
  15. New collections Plone 4.2 Cathedral sprint et al
  16. Adding a collection index <records interface="" prefix=""> <value key="title" i18n:translate="">Review state</value> <value key="description" i18n:translate="">An items workflow state (e.g.published)</value> <value key="enabled">True</value> <value key="sortable">True</value> <value key="operations"> <element></element> </value> <value key="vocabulary"></value> <value key="group" i18n:translate="">Metadata</value> </records>
  17. In-Plone theme editor Plone 4.2 & 4.3Martin Aspeli, Alice Tseng-Planas, et al
  18. Dexterity Plone 4.3Martin Aspeli, David Glick, et al
  19. Changes to Dexterity installation● Dont need special KGS: extends=● Might need extras: eggs =[grok,relations]
  20. Improved Syndication Plone 4.3 Nathan van Gheem
  21. Add "test mail server"button to mail settings Plone 4.2 Alex Clark
  22. Changes for developers
  23. Switch to HTML5 Plone 4.2 Denys Mishunov
  24. Resource bundles forResource Registries Plone 4.2 Martin Aspeli & CMSUI sprint
  25. Add z3c.form support to Plone 4.3 Yiorgis Gozadinos
  26. API for passwordvalidation policy Plone 4.3 Dylan Jay
  27. Provide subsectionCSS classes on <body> Plone 4.3 Nathan van Gheem
  28. Infrastructure
  29. Officially support Python 2.7 Plone 4.2 Hanno Schlichting et al
  30. Declare dependency on Pillow Plone 4.3
  31. Upgrade to jQuery 1.7 Plone 4.3 Rok Garbas
  32. Fewer dependencies Plone 4.3 Pre-PSE Strategic Sprintacular
  33. Upgrade to TinyMCE 3.4.9 Domen Kozar, Tom Gross, et al ̆
  34. DateTime 3.0
  35. Cleanup
  36. Unified batchimplementation Plone 4.3 Tom Gross
  37. Bye bye kupu Plone 4.3 Rok Garbas
  38. Bye bye KSS Plone 4.3Nathan van Gheem, Craig Haynal, Eric Steele, Joel Kleier, David Glick, et al
  39. plone_deprecated skin is no longer enabled Plone 4.3
  40. Under consideration for 4.4●●●●●● configurable CSS class for portlets● ...
  41. A few PLIPs Id like to see● change the logo in site settings● configure things without going to ZMI ○ portal_actions ○ Resource Registries ○ portal_skins● standardize how things are done in Plone ○ skin layer items -> browser views ○ formlib -> z3c.form ○ portal_properties ->
  42. Get involved
  43. Help review PLIPs
  44. Champion a PLIP
  45. Contact
  46. Questions?