Teach do review


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A 'Teach, Do, Review' revision lesson using the PEEL 5 out of 3 task.

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Teach do review

  1. 1. “Five out of three”:Organise which questions you will answer inwhich order.Answer them one at a time and bring them up tome.I will mark them and keep a running score.You can redo a question if score was low1/3: Poorly answered2/3: OK but lacks detail3/3: Answer as expected4/3: Answer above expected - outstanding5/3: The best answer for that questionWhat do youremember?
  2. 2. “Five out of three”:What do youremember?
  3. 3. Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6StudentStudentStudentStudentStudentStudentStudentStudentStudentStudentStudent
  4. 4. Answers, keypoints, examtechniqueRevision
  5. 5. Teach Do/ReviewWith me learning the Carrying out various taskstopic - Concept maps- Keywords- Definitions- Topic sheets- Exam questionsRevision
  6. 6. Anyquestions?Revision