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CCIM CIRE Magazine Sept/Oct 2010 - Technology Solutions


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Time to Share? Cloud-Computing and File Sharing is the technology focus in this Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Commercial Investment Real Estate (CIRE) Magazine, the magazine of the CCIM Institute. creGROW recommends the cloud-based file sharing solution

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CCIM CIRE Magazine Sept/Oct 2010 - Technology Solutions

  1. 1. ERCI A L COMM T M E N T INVES Septembe r | Octobe r | 2010 This article brought to you by Commercial Investment Real Estate, the magazine of the CCIM Institute. To read the entire issue or find out more about Running the Institute, go to Empty ith Working w rs On Receive h Get the Cas g Flowin e Building th v up nd investors re CCIM Bra  Can office for a recovery? Institute ine of the The Magaz ww w.cirema
  2. 2. Technology soluTions tion information with my clients from start to finish,” he says. Lee recently sent marketing brochures, property pho- tos, videos, sales compa- rables, and other infor- mation for an Irvine, Calif., office transaction through DropBox. “It saves me time because I don’t have to create a Web site and organize it each time I add a file,” he explains. Time to Upping the time- saving ante, DropBox recently unveiled apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, share? and BlackBerry mobile devices. The apps allow h users to sync photos and videos to their fold- ers, share links to files, and export files to other by Rich Rosfelder mobile applications. DropBox’s free basic version provides 2 GB of has your e-mail message ever bounced back because the file online storage. The Pro 50 version, which attachment was too large? At one time, a cD-RoM disk sent via costs $9.99 per month, and the Pro 100 ver- carrier pigeon might have been the fastest way to circumvent this sion, which costs $19.99 per month, offer 50 problem — especially if a file transfer protocol, or ftp, site wasn’t GB and 100 GB of storage respectively. available. Fortunately, several Web sites now offer file-sharing ser- Client Comfort vices. Ranging from feature-laden project-collaboration platforms to A cloud-computing platform “must be easy simple file-hosting sites, they provide a more-efficient, effective way not only for the account owner to utilize to share a variety of digital media. but also for the client,” says Dave Lewand, owner of CreGrow, a commercial real estate Send in the Clouds shared folders or add their own files to the marketing firm. Lewand’s projects include During the last few years, cloud-computing folders, which are automatically backed up. corporate Web sites and property brochures, platforms, which provide Internet-based In most cases, the folders also can be synced which both require daily collaboration with storage and services including secure file across multiple computers and operating clients. After researching a variety of plat- sharing and syncing, have become indis- systems, allowing users to access and mod- forms, Lewand chose because it lets pensable to professionals in many collab- ify their files from almost any computer or his clients customize file and folder struc- orative industries, including commercial mobile device. tures so they can collaborate comfortably. real estate. An informal poll suggests that DropBox “Throughout the Web site development Mike Kemp/Photolibrary Most of these platforms offer the same is the cloud of choice for many CCIM mem- process, my client has real-time access and basic features. Users can share files by giv- bers, including Allan M. Lee, CCIM, senior the ability to comment upon all creative ing others access to a file folder via invita- associate with NAI Capital in Los Angeles. work,” Lewand says. “And our communi- tion. Invitees can view and modify files in “I use DropBox to share complete transac- cation occurs within a protected environ-  September | October | 2010 Commercial Investment Real Estate
  3. 3. ment” that users can access on desktop willy-nilly: Though drops can be cus- computers and mobile devices, he adds. WheRe cAn you shARe? tomized to include a password, expi- Like DropBox, offers a free basic ration date, and guest permissions, version, which provides 1 GB of storage and file encryption only is available with has a 25 MB file-size limit. Additional stor- Manager, which offers paid age space is available with the Individual DropBox: subscription plans that include addi- and Business versions, which cost $9.95 per Senduit: tional features and storage space. month and $15 per user per month respec- SpiderOak: Senduit, another free fi le-sharing tively.’s Enterprise version provides service, has an even simpler inter- YouSendIt: unlimited storage and custom integration face. After selecting a fi le, users are with several applications and Salesforce. prompted to choose an expiration com. Contact for additional cost time — from 30 minutes to one week. information. ing up for a service that you might never Senduit then provides a private link to the use again. file that can be e-mailed to whomever users Simpler Sharing allows users to upload up to care to share with. Cloud-computing platforms are useful 100 MB fi les and create sharing points, or But this time, the e-mail won’t bounce when collaborating with a team or regu- drops, with unique URLs at no cost. Guests back. larly sharing fi les. But when a large fi le can use the links to download or modify needs to be transmitted quickly, there’s fi les. Rich Rosfelder is associate editor of Commer- often no reason to spend extra time sign- But don’t start uploading top-secret files cial Investment Real Estate. September | October | 2010 