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Internet of Things in 2025

Where is the Internet of Things going in the upcoming years. How could we take the right path right now. Starting with the Cloud, Bots and Cognitive services.

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Internet of Things in 2025

  1. 1. Internet of Things in 2025 Ex Machina (2015) Alex Danvy / Microsoft @danvy
  2. 2. You are here
  3. 3. Expected benefits of the IoT 1. Cost savings from operational efficiencies 2. New/better streams of data to improve decision- making 3. Staff productivity gains 4. Better visibility/monitoring of assets throughout the organization 5. New/better customer experiences
  4. 4. 4 Transcendence (2014) Cloud
  5. 5. Why the cloud?
  6. 6. Easily turn data into intelligent action Action People Automated Systems Apps Web Mobile Bots Intelligence Dashboards & Visualizations Cortana Bot Framework Cognitive Services Power BI Information Management Event Hubs Data Catalog Data Factory Machine Learning and Analytics HDInsight (Hadoop and Spark) Stream Analytics Intelligence Data Lake Analytics Machine Learning Big Data Stores SQL Data Warehouse Data Lake Store Data Sources Apps Sensors and devices Data
  7. 7. Her (2013) Bots
  8. 8. Bot Connector Basics
  9. 9. N° 11 Starwars A new hope (1977) Cognitive
  10. 10. Cognitive Services Emotion Computer Vision Face Video Speaker Recognition Speech Custom Recognition Translator Linguistic Analysis Language Understanding Bing Spell Check WebLM Text Analytics Entity Linking Knowledge Exploration Academic Knowledge Recommendations Bing Image Search Bing Video Search Bing Web Search Bing Autosuggest Bing News Search
  11. 11. User interactions LUIS Language Understanding Intelligent Service
  12. 12. Let’s build the IoT of 2025 @danvy