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The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies, and APIs


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The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies, and APIs

  1. 1. The New 3-Tier Architecture:HTML5, Proxies, and APIsBrian Mulloy@landlessnessKevin Swiber Apigee@kevinswiber @apigee
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  5. 5. @landlessness @kevinswiber
  6. 6. “ It’s more than a feeling -Boston
  7. 7. Agenda• Traditional 3-Tier Web Architecture• The App Revolution• The New App Architecture• How To Get Started• Questions
  8. 8. Presentation image image image
  9. 9. Logic
  10. 10. Data
  11. 11. A 3-Tier Web Architecture image image image Presentation HTTP Mobile Web Logic Binary Web Data
  12. 12. A 3-Tier Enterprise Web Architecture Presentation Mobile Web SOAP / Binary image image Logic image Binary Data Web
  13. 13. The New 2-Tier Architecture image image image Presentation Logic HTTP APIs Logic Data
  14. 14. Issues• Authentication• Authorization• Often Don’t Control APIs• Cross Origin Resource Sharing• Logic Bloat in Presentation Tier
  15. 15. The New 3-Tier Architecture image image Presentation imageMobile Web Web HTTP PROXY Tech Logic HTTP APIs Biz Logic Data
  16. 16. How to get started?
  17. 17. Start with the presentation tier.
  18. 18. Look for APIs to meet app requirements.
  19. 19. You will run into issues and blockers eventually.
  20. 20. Work around blockers with the proxy.
  21. 21. Watch for bloat in the presentation tier. Movetechnical bloat to proxy.
  22. 22. Watch for bloat in the proxy. Move business logicbloat behind an API.
  23. 23. Move non-functional requirements from individualAPIs to proxy.
  24. 24. Questions?
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  27. 27. THANK YOUQuestions and ideas
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