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Channels legeto


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Channels legeto

  1. 1. Channels
  2. 2. Channel Types - Channel Phases 1. Awareness 2. Evaluation 3. Purchase 4. Delivery 5. After sales
  3. 3. Awareness How does LEGETO raise awareness about its services?LEGETO plans to implement a strongcampaign on social networksimplementing a community managerand buying advertising on Facebookand Google
  4. 4. Evaluation How does LEGETO help customers evaluate its Value Proposition? LEGETO is opened to receive the most feedback as it can, offering forums dedicated to improving customer experience, and enabling a feedbackspace in every app (mobile, desktop, web)
  5. 5. Purchase How does LEGETO allow customers to purchase specific services? LEGETO is going to develop a mobile app that could be found in the mainmobile markets, also integrated with a web app and a desktop service
  6. 6. Delivery How does LEGETO deliver a Value Proposition to customers?LEGETO gives each customer the best nightlife plans, with the greatestevents, on the hottest places and with the best discounts
  7. 7. After sales How does LEGETO provide post-purchase customer support? LEGATO guarantees that all of thebenefits offered on the platform areprovided without any setback, willing to bring the best experience for its customer
  8. 8. These channels describes how LEGETO communicates with and reaches its Customer Segments to deliver a Value Proposition Communication, distribution, andsales Channels, comprise the LEGETO interface with customers.
  9. 9. These channels are customer touch points that play an important role in the customer experience, serving several functions, including:• Raising awareness among customers about LEGETO services• Helping customers evaluate LEGETO Value Proposition• Allowing customers to purchase specific products and services offered on LEGETO• Delivering a Value Proposition to customers• Providing post-purchase customer support