Point Rolls Fat Boy Banner Ads


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A look into the features of Point Roll's Fat Boy Banner Ads- how they work and how brands are using them.

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Point Rolls Fat Boy Banner Ads

  1. 1. PointRoll’s FatBoy Banner Ads
  2. 2. Overview: Features Benefits Examples Worth Considering?
  3. 3. Features Display ad format beyond the standard 480x800 Expands instantly when user mouses over it, exposing additional panels around the original ad area (depending on placement & size) Instantly disappears once mouse leaves ad area, permitting the viewer to continue viewing the original website Panels can contain text, images, applets, HTML, Flash, dynamic information & streaming audio and video, polling, gaming, instant email, & data collection User initiated and non-intrusive (happens on command from POV of consumer) User isn’t re-directed, but rather exposed to a page-based mini-site Lets viewers check out different aspects of a product such as viewing a trailer, photos, or showtimes for a movie without leaving the page they’re on
  4. 4. Benefits Advertisers can promote brand awareness, generate leads and capture data Access to PointRoll AdTracker, which displays advanced data metrics & effectiveness of all elements of ad unit Quick and easy to build, hassel free with PointRoll AdPortal Easy to manage & maintain Recognized as a Standard Ad Unit on the 3 largest Internet portals: AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! at no additional charge No templates to limit creativity Compatible with any ad unit size Instantaneous- the user does not have to wait for the message Effectively enhances the user experience
  5. 5. Brands Utilizing FatBoy
  6. 6. Successful FatBoy Banner Campaigns
  7. 7. Universal Home Video & DVD Put trailers or FatBoys continually as part of their online initiatives Fuji Photo Film Co. Revenue more than quadrupled in 2002 after utilizing FatBoy banners
  8. 8. Black by Infiniti Cine-screen expanded from a flash banner Enticed viewers to enter a very rich & evocative brand content experience Resulted in exceeding client’s Click- Through goal several times over Add-a-Line by Alltel Combined the creative & media plans with PointRoll technology Achieved metrics beyond their expectations
  9. 9. FatBoy Banner Examples
  10. 10. Is this the direction we should be going with our banner ads? Not particularly useful for CPC vehicles like keyword ads Useful for ads that: • feature interactive elements like polls, games, & instant emails • have additional info, photos, music, or video they want to add in once they have the viewer’s interest And therefore...good idea for any clients who want to add more interaction to the regular banners they’re running