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Geography assesment


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    The pyramids were built by raising megaliths have the corresponding counterweight on the opposite side also obviously be placing a pair of rollers on the top edge of each day the ramp slope was more slippery. Some scuff marks left by the strings, are still visible today.

    Las pirámides las construyeron elevando megalitos gracias a disponer del correspondiente contrapeso en el lado opuesto, además, obviamente, de ir colocando un par de rodillos en el borde cada día más alto de la pendiente que tenía la rampa más deslizante. Algunas huellas dejadas por las rozaduras de las cuerdas, aún son actualmente visibles.
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Geography assesment

  1. 1. PYRAMIDS OF GIZA<br />By: Patrick <br />Cordova<br />Daniel <br />Jacob<br />&<br />
  2. 2. Map of Egypt<br />
  3. 3. Pyramids of giza<br />
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION<br />The pyramids of Giza consists of 3 pyramids theses are the pyramid of Khufu his son khafre’s pyramid and the pyramid of menkaure. Khufu’s Pyramid is the biggest out of these three in fact Khufu's pyramid is the largest Pyramid discovered. The pyramid of Khufu was built around 2560 BC he ordered 100,000 slaves to build the pyramid. he built the pyramid so that when he dies he Would rest in there, his chamber is located in the heart of the pyramid. The second pyramid is the pyramid of khafre it was made approximately between 2558 - 2532 BC. The pyramid was built by about 20,000 to 30,000 slaves khafre got his chief architect to draw up the plans. He built the pyramid so that when he dies he should rest in it so then he should go to heaven. The third pyramid is the pyramid of menkaure his pyramid is the smallest out of them all. The pyramid was made in 2490 BC<br />It was made by pharaoh menkaure this pyramid was made so that when menkaure came to the end of his life he should rest in his burial chamber and then wait until he is taken to heaven. These three pyramids altogether make the pyramids of Giza the largest pyramid is the pyramid of Khufu then comes his son khafre’s pyramid and then finally the pyramid of khafre’s son menkaure.<br />
  5. 5. When & Why it was declared a world heritage site.<br />The pyramids of Giza was declared a world heritage site in 1979 and it is listed 86 on the unesco chart. It was declared a world heritage site because it is the largest pyramid. The pyramids are protected because they are important because they are like a time capsule of another culture and another time. Their treasure there art and hieroglyphics can tell us a lot about how they lived and what they did. Another reason is that the pyramids were usually tombs and we can determine there health. It also important because it represents the greatness of the pharaoh and its important because the pyramid of Khufuis the last of the 7 wonders<br />of the world and its not just part of Egypt's heritage but the worlds heritage. The pyramids<br />of Giza are very important but they are not the only ones that are important for example the stepPyramid of Djoser at Saqqara is important as the first pyramid built in Egypt. There are 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt. The most famous pyramids are found at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. Some of these pyramids are of the largest structures ever built. The pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid In the seven wonders in the world. The pyramids are important to Egypt's national identity and of the tourism. Without ancient monuments like pyramids and the karmak temple. Egypt relies on tourist for employment of over half the work force in one form or another. <br />
  6. 6. How The Pyramids Of <br />Giza Changed Over time<br />The outside marble of the pyramid was eroded or might have been removed over Time this might have been caused by the weather. The base of the pyramid cover 13 acres and its base is 754 feet. The original entrance was 15 meters higher then The one used today. Al Mamum opened the new entrance because he couldn’t find the original one. The passage only leads to a subterranean chamber 100 feet horizontally ( a subterranean Chamber is supposed a decoy tomb or a abandoned one that the king decided he Changed his mind about it) . This passage leads down into the earth under the pyramid, This passage is closed to the public. With the Casing off the pyramid it lost 11m. The top platform is 10m square. The descending Passage is closed of by a steel door. A change is the change of white ‘casing stones. It has changed from the outside mostly naturally like erosion or the weather. It is still the same on the inside but explorers can not find the original entrance so they had to make a new one.<br />
  7. 7. Negative effects people have on the pyramids<br />The negative effects that people have on the pyramids is pollution because<br />people drive cars witch produce some pollution.<br />
  8. 8. What would happen to the site if nothing was done to protect it<br />The site wouldn’t be here and it would be destroyed ages ago. It would have<br /> been Gone ages ago if it wasn’t protected by Enesco and the Egyptian <br />Government. It is protected because it is one of the 7 wonders of the world <br />It is important not only for the Egyptians but for the whole world. The pyramids<br />Are protected so that people can not destroy the pyramid and the Egyptians <br />Look after the pyramid because it is a part of them. It is the biggest pyramid <br />Discovered. It would have been eroded fully it would have left nothing that ‘<br />Explorers and scientists could find our about the ancient Egyptian times. <br />We wouldn’t have found anything about the ancient Egyptians because the <br />Pharaohs body would have been gone. We would have know nothing about <br />The pharaoh and about ancient Egypt. The pyramid wouldn’t have been <br />Explored there fore we wouldn’t have known anything about it. If people <br />Didn’t protect the pyramid it would have been gone because of erosion <br />And sand storms.<br />
  9. 9. What is being done to protect the pyramids and who is doing it.<br />The pyramids are being protected by Management closing the pyramids to<br /> Tourists one at a time to restore and clean the interior. The conserver remove <br />Deposits left by tourist and repair cracks cause by humidity. The biggest threat<br />To the site is tourism however tourism help the workforce in Giza. So they <br />limit tours inside the tombs to reduce damage and restrict vehicle from the site.<br />The pyramids of Giza is close to downtown Cairo. The closeness allows tourists <br />easy access to the site. Some People recommend stopping excavations and<br /> spending the time to restore Monuments and pyramids. The site needs<br />management to restore the pyramids. Management goals are to prevent the<br />pyramids from destruction and deterioration Of the sites. The pyramids are being<br />protected by lots of people and they are Making sure that the pyramid will go on<br />for a very long time and that it will be Protected for a long time.<br />
  10. 10. What is being done to protect the pyramids and who is doing it.<br />The pyramid of Giza it being protected by united nations educational, scientific cultural organization. It is also protected by the Egyptian law also Dr. Zawi Hawass the director general of the pyramids in Egypt, had a goal to preserve the pyramids . Since he became a secretary general of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, he has changed his mind to conserving the pyramids. <br />The are also protecting it from the weather because it could erode and if it erodes and important part of the pyramid the pyramid could fall so it is being <br />Checked frequently and being repaired all the cracks get repaired. The pyramids are also being protected by lots of people, the parking lot is built away from the pyramid which will help with the conservation because it would have less pollution near the pyramids and the pyramids will stay up for longer as long as they are protected.<br />
  11. 11. Pyramids Of Giza <br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14.<br />