The great pyramid of giza


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The great pyramid of giza

  1. 1. Great Pyramid of Giza The History About How it all Started
  2. 2. IntroductionThe great pyramid of Giza (also known as the pyramid of Khufu), one of themost famous structures on the list of the seven wonders of the ancient world.A structure that is in shape of a pyramid and thats located on the outskirtsof Cairo in the country, Egypt. What makes this famous man made structureone of the most recognizable ones? Not only is this pyramid the one of theoldest structures ever made, but it is the only structure that still remainstoday.The Great Pyramid of Giza used to be the tallest man made structure in theworld for over 3800 years. Even though this pyramid wasnt the first pyramidbuilt, got all the fame and glory due do its size and was marked as one of themost remarkable structures built. No wonder why this structure was made tobe on the list of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  3. 3. Reasons for it being built/madeNow how did this all start? What made this unique building exist? Thispyramid wasnt just built for the sake of it. It is known that pharaoh Khufuwho ruled Egypt from about 2547 - 2524 B.C., ordered a building thatwould be built over on the Giza plateau. While planning, his brother,Hemienu overlooked the project and restructured the plan so that thebuilding would be the home of his tomb and all of his possessions afterlifeof Khufu.
  4. 4. Construction of the pyramidThe construction of this pyramid took 20 years and contained 2.3million limestones that equal about 5,500 pounds. 800 stones aday were placed by 20,000 to 100,000 Egyptian laborers. It tookawhile for archeologists to find out what kind machines were usedfor moving stones and for raising them and have said that therewas boat that went along the Nile River and then when the stoneswere on land there was use of levers, wood sleds and and ropesmade of the papyrus tree to pull the blocks along ramps to theirlocation.
  5. 5. LocationThe pyramid is located in Giza, the third largest city of Egypt in an area that is known asthe Giza plateau which is a famous and popular location in Giza not only does it have thegreat pyramids of Giza but the Giza Plateau is the home of other popular attractions suchas the great sphinx, monuments and temples.FactsThe Giza Plateau is a dessert at the end of the Giza. A plateau is a flat surface on a steephill.
  6. 6. Things that are located on the Giza Plateau
  7. 7. How it was used before and nowIn the past, The Great Pyramid of Giza wasused for storing Khufus body and hispossessions. Now today, they use TheGreat Pyramid of Giza as a tourist attractionand for archaeological investigations.
  8. 8. SignificanceI think the Pyramid of Giza is really something special. We have never gottena chance to see the olden days, how it looked like or the lifestyle. Its sogreat that we have an opportunity to see a structure that was built in thattime and how Egyptian laborers made one of the worlds largest buildingswithout any modern tools. Another reason is that is was the largestbuilding for over 3,800 years which is quite long. Its so surprising thepyramid hasnt been damaged in a place that has lots of sandstorms. Thepyramid represents the Egyptian citizens. It makes people want to travelfrom home to see the pyramid and makes the Egyptians feel proud thatpeople come from all around the world to see what their ancestors havedone. All that hard work really paid off.
  9. 9. ConclusionIn conclusion its a truly amazing story of how it isone of the largest buildings that exists. Its aremarkable building that has lots of beliefs andtheories to it and gets people excited and reallyinterested to learn about the great pyramid of Giza.
  10. 10. Inside the pyramid
  11. 11. Diagram Cross section of the pyramid
  12. 12. Kings chamber The kings chamber was where his body and possessions were kept.
  13. 13. Khufus sarcophagus where Khufus body was in(Sarcophagus, its a coffin made out of stone)
  14. 14. Queens chamber The Queens chamber is just called that but is unlikely for any queen to be buried in here because Khufus three wives were buried in the three tiny pyramids in front of the Great Pyramid.
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