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NYCwireless 2006: A Year In Review


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NYCwireless 2006: A Year In Review

  1. 1. NYCwireless 2006: A Year in Review Dana Spiegel Executive Director December 27, 2006
  2. 2. NYCwireless Accomplishments • NYC Council Testimony on Park-based Wi-Fi • Launched 4 park hotspots: Stuyvesant Cove, Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza • Launched WifiDog Hotspot Management Software and SuperNodes • SuperNode Upgrades: Community Access and Brooklyn Museum • Worked with Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to respond to Parks RFP • Launched the Wireless Census Project to map wireless usage in NYC • Launched Wi-Fi hotspot survey in New York and Montreal • Launched monthly Community Wireless Roundtable discussions with groups worldwide
  3. 3. NYCwireless Accomplishments (cont’d.) • Served 2nd year of FCC Consumer Advisory Committee • Presented at National Summit for Community Wireless Networks • Presented at Wireless Day (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) and CTCNet Conference (Washington, DC) • Helped launch the CAIDA COMMONS project to bring a community owned national fiber backhaul • Met with individuals interested in community wireless from San Diego, California; Cleveland, Ohio; Edinburgh, Scotland; Belfast, Ireland; London, England; Tanzania; Helsinki, Finland; • Worked with Dunn Development on a fourth affordable housing installation • Collaborated with Monroe College on Harlem and Bronx SuperNodes • Collaborated with Wireless Harlem to develop Harlem Wi-Fi zones
  4. 4. 2006 SuperNode Numbers 630 users 16 SuperNode Hotspots 145 Registered Hotspots ~12,000 day visits 500-600 visits per month (fall and winter!) 725GB inbound traffic 179GB outbound traffic
  5. 5. Other Big Things That Happened • WiFi Salon “launched” park hotspots (2+ years late) with Nokia • NYC Parks Department 2nd RFP for Hotspots (only 3 responses) • NYC EDC put out an Broadband Feasibility Study RFP • Municipal wireless deployments in US cities (including New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland and Philadelphia) • Wi-Fi VoIP and Skype phones released and starting to see usage • Network Neutrality battle: AT&T and Verizon haven’t won
  6. 6. What’s In Store In 2007? • More parks — Wagner Park, Crotona Park, others... • Continue working with Monroe College • Continue working with Wireless Harlem • Vision for the future of wireless broadband in New York City • International Summit for Community Wireless Networks • Plan projects to take advantage of free COMMONS fiber backbone • Wireless Census Project • Possible new RFP from Parks Department (based on NYCwireless ideas)
  7. 7. Thanks for a great 2006!