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NVTC Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Committee - Virginia Subsea Cables Slides - July 2017


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The "Data Center Alley" is getting new connectivity through subsea fiber cables systems which will be landing for the first time ever in the state of Virginia starting in 2017. At their July 2017 meeting, the NVTC Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee presented on the exciting topic of the new subsea fiber cables landing on Virginia Beach, and what it will mean for data centers, cloud and connectivity in Northern Virginia and the world. View the presentation now.

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NVTC Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Committee - Virginia Subsea Cables Slides - July 2017

  1. 1. Subsea Cables Landing on Virginia Beach What it Means for Data Centers, Clouds, Virginia, and the World Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Committee Meeting July 13th 2017 7:30-8:00 am Breakfast and networking 8:00-9:00 am Subsea cables in Virginia – Industry Expert Presentation 9:00-9:30 am Q&A/Panel
  2. 2. Mission Statement NVTC Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Committee To provide a clear, collective and compelling voice for the region’s data center, cloud and critical infrastructure community in an effort to contribute to the long-term growth and prosperity of the industry.
  3. 3. Leadership Board NVTC Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Committee Jim Leach VP Marketing RagingWire Data Centers Vinay Nagpal VP Product Management DuPont Fabros Technology Bill Moser Executive Managing Director Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Detlev Geuss Senior Director, IBX Ops Equinix Stan Blackwell Director, Customer Service & Strategic Partnerships Dominion Virginia Power Brian Green VP, Global Lead, Data Center Engineering & Ops Visa Jeff Ivey General Manager COPT Data Center Solutions
  4. 4. ✓ #1 Data center market in the US ✓ 70%+ world’s Internet traffic @Loudoun County ✓ State tax incentives ✓ Dominion Virginia favorable power rates ✓ Abundant land, power and fiber ✓ Home of the Cloud Northern Virginia “Data Center Alley”
  5. 5. Source: NEFiber 15 mile radius NoVA Fiber Crossroads
  6. 6. Source: NEFiber 4 mile radius Ashburn Fiber Density
  7. 7. Source: Business Insider 113,000 miles of cable | 542 cables optic-cable-network-united-states-internet-2017-7 US Fiber Network Map
  8. 8. Source: Telegeography Cable Landing Map • 10 Major Interconnection hubs in the US • Subsea cable landings on West Coast and East Coast Connecting US to the World
  9. 9. Source: Telegeography Cable Landing Map • Typically carrier consortiums owned subsea projects • As of April 2017, 359 active and planned cables • 99% of international data is transmitted under water • Content providers: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook The World of Subsea cables
  10. 10. Map Source: Virginia Beach Economic Development Board • Alternative subsea landing port to NY/NJ MAREA: 6,600 kms | 160 Tbps | 8 fiber pairs BRUSA: 11,000 kms | 120 Tbps | 8 fiber pairs • Two new subsea cables: 1. MAREA: 2017 2. BRUSA: 2018 • 9 additional cable projects under consideration Subsea Cables in Virginia Beach
  11. 11. • Economic Development impact – $9M towards economy, 61 jobs already created • Faster connection across the Atlantic – MAREA will be fastest cable to connect US to Europe • Low latency to Europe and to South America • Better connectivity options for Northern Virginia – Several dark fiber providers are planning diverse dark fiber routes from VA Beach to Northern Virginia • Data Center & Cloud growth catalyst Why is this important?
  12. 12. Published: Nov-Dec 2016 Full Article Full Article
  13. 13. Guest Speakers & Panelists
  14. 14. MAREA, BRUSA Under Development MidgardsormenUnder Consideration (final stages)
  15. 15. Guest Speakers & Panelists
  16. 16. Meeting Pictures
  17. 17. Meeting Pictures
  18. 18. Special thanks to TE SubCom for providing maps and subsea cable samples. Thank you TE SubCom! Thanks to all the speakers and to TE SubCom
  19. 19. Subsea Fiber Cable Trivia • 4-8 strands fibers in a cable • 160 channels one fiber pair (two-way highway) can be subdivided into • 1000 times strength of fiber compared to hair (same thickness) • 25 years cable lifespan • $300-$400MM project cost • 2 secs transfer Library of Congress across the Atlantic Ocean • 359 cables exist on the ocean bed • 1858 first subsea cable laid
  20. 20. Thank you! VINAY NAGPAL Leadership Board Member, NVTC Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Committee Vice President, Product Management, DuPont Fabros Technology