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International school theatre festival


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Published in: Education
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International school theatre festival

  1. 1. HELLENIC DEMOCRACY Katerini, 24.04.2013MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & RELIGION, Ref. No. : 4494CULTURE AND SPORTS------------REGIONAL DIRECTORATE OFPRIMARY & SECONDARY EDUCATIONOF CENTRAL MACEDONIA----------DIRECTORATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION TO : 1. Foreign Embassies in GreeceOF PIERIA 2. Foreign SecondaryschoolsINNOVATIVE ACTIONS DEPARTMENTAddress : 8, P. Tsaldari Str.Postal Code-City: 60100, KATERINIInfo: MIRANTA PAPPATel. Number: 00302351046965Fax: 00302351046969Website:“ INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL THEATRE MEETING”At the foothills of the famous Mount Olympus, where the Ancient Theatre ofDion sits, the Directorate of Secondary Education in Pieria and its Innovative ActionsDepartment organize an International School Ancient Theatre Meeting, which is setunder the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Cultureand Sports (Ref. Number of Approval:42729/Γ7/29-03-2013, MINEDU) , titled :Theatre Games: " Ολύμπια τα εν Δίω " (Olympia in Dion)Theatre Games will be held on 12 - 20 September, 2013This action is actually a revival of the ancient theatre Games that took placeunder the same title at Dion, the sacred city of Macedonians, and lasted for nine days inhonour of the nine Pierian Muses. Each day will be dedicated to one of the PierianMuses (kalliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia,Ourania).The Festival of Ancient Drama will take place at the actual Municipal Theatre ofAncient Dion in Pieria, a regional unit of Central Macedonia, where Euripides producedand performed five of his plays, the most famous of which is "Bacchae" (Βακχες).1
  2. 2. According to ancient Greek tradition, Dion is where Euripides was buried, which agreeswith the epitaph on his tomb." Χαίρε μελαμπετάλοις, Ευριπίδη, εν γυάλοισι Πιερίας τον αεί νυκτός έχωνθάλαμον".The theme of this school Festival includes plays of ancient drama, taken not only fromthe Greek and Roman theatre tradition, but also from other cultures across the worldas these produced them throughout time.The International School Theatre Games “Olympia in Dion”, are not of a competitivenature. The stated aims of the festival are to:• present and promote the educational nature of early theatrical art as universalexpression• present the most valuable and artistically most relevant stage creations indomestic and foreign production for students and promote students’familiarization with them .• contribute to further recognition of already realized cultural values on theinternational ground.• bring nations and different domestic regions closer and to preserve diversities ofeach culture as the source of our common wealth.• encourage making friendships.• provide exchange of experiences and to make creative connections.• promote theatrical life for children and culture in general.• to bring out the universality of ancient Greek drama and underline its livingpresence in today’s worldAny schools interested in participating in “Olympia in Dion” can send the applicationform attached either by email or by post at the following address :` Directorate of Secondary Education in PieriaInnovative Actions Office8, P. Tsaldari Str.60 100 KATERINI, GREECEEmail : politistika@dide.pie.sch.grPhone Numbers : 003023510 46965, 46952, Fax 003023510 46969,49910Website: http://dide.pie.sch.gr2
  3. 3. APPLICATION DEADLINE : Friday, JUNE 21 2013After the end of the procedure, festival applicants will receive a programme of theperformances of the schools participating.CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION1. Drama groups must be formed by students only aged from 13 to 18 years old.2. Each group will be accompanied by the number of teachers defined by therelevant legislation.3. The group’s production may as well be derived from the local tradition of thegroup’s region. (In such a case a draft of the play must be sent).4. Stage time must not exceed 1 hour and 20 minutes duration.5. Each group participates in the Festival with only one play.6. Three shows will be performed every day according to the ancient theatregames’ model.7. In case the number of participations exceeds the predetermined number ofperformances, priority order will be kept based on the submission date of theapplication.8. Schools will cover their own travel expenses (accommodation – nutrition –transportation).9. The foreign groups’ transportation from the hotel to the theatre and back will beat the expense of the host organizers, provided there is no access to any othermeans of transportation.10. Memorial tablets and praise certificates will be given to participants.11. Only small size transportabe scenery is allowed.Moreover, students will have the wonderful opportunity to visit archaeologicalplaces of great historical value, such as Ancient Pydna, the neolithic village ofMakrigialos and Leibethra (Ancient Greek: Λείβηθρα) , an ancient city close to Olympuswhere Orpheus was buried by the Muses. They may, also, visit the orthodox Monastery3
  4. 4. of Virgin Mary in Petra, the old and new Monastery of Agios Dionysios in Olympus, theByzantine church of the Koimisis of Mother of God .Needless to say, students will be able to exchange opinions and experiences withstudents from all over the world, to get to know the modern greek civilization, theexcellent greek food, and they may, if they wish so, be guided in a tour in other wellknown places of Central Macedonia ( the archaelogical village of Vergina and Pella, thePeripatetic School of Aristotle in Ancient Mieza, the Ancient Olinthos and the Cave ofPetralona in Chalkidiki, the Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki, the Natural HistoryMuseum of Axioupolis).Finally, cultural activities will take place simultaneously, such as presentationand performance of traditional events of Macedonia, teaching of traditional greekdances and a day seminar on Ancient Theatre by experienced and renowned actors.In order to ensure and organize the accommodation for the members of thetheatrical groups please contact us about the reservations that need to be made, afterconsulting the hotel offers on our website : (nonbinding). For further information please visit the website: www.pieria-hotels.grWe kindly request that schools’ headmasters inform the teaching staff of their school.HONORARY COMMITTEEMr Agathonikos, Metropolitan Bishop of Kitros, Katerini and PlatamonKonstantinos Arvanitopoulos, Minister oF Education and Religion, Culture and SportsTheodoros Karaoglou, Minister of Macedonia-ThraceApostolos Tzitzikostas, Regional Governor of Central MacedoniaSofia Mavridou, Regional Governor of PieriaSavvas Chionidis, Mayor of KateriniEvaggelos Polizos, Mayor of Pydna-KolindrosGeorgios Papathanasiou, Mayor of Dion –OlympusGeorgios Karatasios, Regional Director Of Primary and Secondary Education of CentralMacedoniaThomas Papadimitriou, Chairman of OPPAP in Katerini ( Organization of Education,Culture, Sports and Provision4
  5. 5. Sofia Zourzoura- Pavlou, Vice Mayor of Dion –OlympusMaria Tsimitri-Lioliou, Vice Mayor of Dion – OlympusIoannis Kaztaridis, Director of Secondary Education of PieriaGiorgos Manos, Headmaster of the High School of LitochoroGrigoris Papachristos, Chairman of OR. FE . ODionisis A. Paschalis, Chairman of Public Benefit Foundation “ Dionisis A. Paschalis ”Georgios Pavlakos, General Secretary of ODEG ( Organization for the Spreading of GreekLanguage)Aikaterini Mpinta – Fargkani, Chairman of the Olympus UNESCO CentreORGANIZING COMMITTEEAthanasios Mpintas, (PRESIDENT), playwright, member of the administrative board ofNTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece)Miranta Pappa, In Charge of the Innovative Actions Department of the Directorate ofSecondary Education of PieriaReverend Ioakeim Oikonomikos, Archimandritis, General Prelatic church warden ofMetropolis of Kitros and KateriniZiskos Vassilis, In Charge of the Information and New Tecnhologies Centre ofSecondary Education of PieriaDimitrios Kotanidis, Technical Support for the Information and New TecnhologiesCentre of Secondary Education of PieriaKaratzidou Panagiota, Secondary education teacher of Greek Language in Senior HighSchool of LitochoroGeorgios Papaioannou, Secondary education teacher of Greek Language in Senior HighSchool of LitochoroIoannis Tziolas, Secondary education teacher of Greek Language – Archaeologist,Vocational High School for the Disabled of KateriniEirini Papa, Secondary education teacher of Greek Language of 5thSenior High School ofKaterini5
  6. 6. Maria Ntoulaptsi, Secondary teacher of English Language in 1stJunior High School ofKateriniEvgenios Papadopoulos, Journalist, Theatre Director, representative of DION TVKonstantinos Mistakidis, Arts Director of OR. FE. O.Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Playwright, former Chairman of Katerini Bar AssociationARTISTIC DIRECTIONGeorgios Fourniadis, Theatre Director, member of the NTNGTEACHER VOLUNTEERSIn Charge of Director ofInnovative Activities Department Secondary Education of PieriaMiranta Pappa Dr. Ioannis KaztaridisAttached documents : 1. Application form2. Approval of Ministry of Education and Religion,Culture and Sports6
  7. 7. 7