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  • 1o βυζαντινe festival right

    2. 2. 1ο International ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΝE FESTIVAL• The “ INTERCULTURAL• EURO MEDITERRANEAN CENTER• for UNESCO “ in collaboration with• the MUNICIPALITY of SPARTA• through this unique creative ,• educative and intercultural initiative is• aiming to re – unite through this• reminiscence exchange of Byzantine• memories of all countries coexisting at t this historical period of grandeur and
    3. 3. The BYZANTINE FESTIVAL embraces all social groups, all ages,all interests, all educational levels , combining Knowledge, entertainment , creativity, and expertise ; Carries all the artistic forms and expressions of the Byzantine Cultural Heritage.It is a project of strong intercultural character, of scientific, educational and research interests, intending to function as a toolof multifaceted motive of cross cultural research, promoting all the important common Cultural aspects of the countries involved on the Byzantine period of Justinian (Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Georgia ,Spain, e. t. c) as well as those that wish to acquire more information about the Byzantine civilization, through : Fine Arts, Music, Performing Arts , cultural exchanges…e. t. c
    4. 4. Inspired by Mystrasτα World Heritage Monument of UNESCO
    5. 5. THE DESPOTATE of MOREAS• Will basically host the Festival without monopolizing it since the action will be divided into all the countries that were part of the History of the BYZANTINE EMPIRE and will travel the Byzantine culture to the rest of the world .• Aiming to turn the limelight at the wonderful castles, theatres, churches, works of Art, and towards all points that bear a special role in Byzantine History and contribute at the restoration of the monuments in peril in the countries involved.
    6. 6. P R O M O T IN G C U L T U R E C U L T U R AL T O U R IS M C U L T U R AL S T U D IE S & T R AIN IN G• The BYZANTINE FESTIVAL focuses on the reproduction and promotion of :• Byzantine History• Architectural Heritage• The preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage• The propagation through many forms of application of the Byzantine Culture : Music, dance , design,performing arts e.t.c
    7. 7. PARALLEL TARGETS• * The promotion of collaboration withthe countries where the Byzantine Empire rose and prospered ( Mediterranean ,European , Black Sea & Red Sea countries e. t. c ) as well as the countries wishing to get in a closer contact with more aspects of the Byzantine civilization• The promotion and exchange of common cultural elements connecting and binding together these countries and their people focusing mostly on the younger generation and their interactive participation ..
    8. 8. ACTIVITIES - Live presentation of traditional activities *Revival of legends, myths, stories, narrations and representations of the customs of daily life of commoners and the aristocracy.*R * Revival of Martial Arts and combat techniques * Fencing * Spade combats e. t. c
    9. 9. Chariot races,festive celebrations , bazaars , Musical parades
    10. 10. • Exhibitions and Fine Arts Workshops :• Painting• Hagiography• Mosaics• Tapestry• Handicraft• Wood carving• Sculpture• Jewelry e. t. c
    11. 11. Workshops and performances ofmime, pantomime, jugglers, MicroTheatre ( puppet theatre, Shadow Theatre , Marionettes )
    12. 12. THEATRE Production and presentation of performances inspired by the stories of the Byzantine era: * Constantine Palaiologos * Love story of Princess Isabella & Sgouros, *Theodosios & Eudokia *Empress Theophano,* Empress Theodora and others
    13. 13. * Workshop & performances of Street Theatre* * Workshops & concerts of Byzantine Music, * Diverse Cultural activities for all ages * Training workshops of Byzantine Traditional Popular Music and Dances
    14. 14. a FEATURE FILMS PRESENTATIONS of Movies of Byzantine and Medieval content
    15. 15. Training and Educational Seminars and Studies of Historical sources and research in depth in Collaborations with theworld’s Institutes of experts (as the Istituto Ellenico of Venezia) Academies, Hellenic and foreignUniversities issuing Certificates of
    16. 16. Conferences , Congresses , Conventions, Meetings and Symposiumswith Byzantine themathology
    17. 17. Informative and educational guides and excursions to the Monuments of the participating regions withparallel presentations of activities with strong emphasis to their historical
    18. 18. OBJECTIVES : To shed light , to publicize , and to promote theundeveloped Byzantine Cultural Heritage
    20. 20. • Through a package of diverse cultural activities that attract publicity we achieve a wide spread promotion and highlighting of the rare “ scenery” ( castles, monasteries, churches e. t. c) not only of the Hellenic territory but also of those existing in the countries linked in a common past of a valuable – tangible and intangible – Cultural Heritage as well, since they are the essential source and tool for the development through National and International Tourism addressed at groups of visitors of high quality and distinguished , elegant and sophisticated preferences thus enhancing intercultural dialogue and cross cultural exchange
    21. 21. FIGHTING UNEMPLOYMENT• These days that the indicators of unemployment rise higher and higher , the use of human power becomes the only weapon for counter attack .• The activation of the local, the National and International Touristic bodies and Institutions, of the Regional Governments , of the Organizations , of all Local town authorities, of all Chambers , of the artists, the craftsmen , the traders, the technicians, the producers of local products , the organizers of Cultural activities e. t. c .• With the collaboration and guidance of the Center’s experts on Byzantine history, Archeological Societies , the Byzantine Ephorates, Research Centers and Institutes specializing in Byzanthology , aiming to create the conditions so the activities of the Festival may become a pole of attraction of famous personalities from everywhere and will eventually become centers of meeting places by all experts ,while the collaboration and common projects of the other countries will strengthen cross cultural relations aiming also at the active participation of the younger generation in collaboration with international Youth bodies (Unesco Youth ,Erasmus e.t.c. )
    22. 22. CHANNEL of CULTURE The « BYZANTINE FESTIVAL » can prove to be ahistorical cultural project, a channel of communication and creative collaboration of the European , the Mediterranean , the Black Sea , the Red Sea and Arab countries , developing the core of Intercultural dialogue where the « INTERCULTURAL EURO MEDITERRANEAN CENTER for UNESCO » activates. Mm