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WOW Bali Information 2013-2014


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Brief outline of WOW Bali progress in "Sustainable Dynamic" Development for the year of 201-2014. Based on Ms. Kim Calderon, Academic Researcher for The Development Academy of The Philippines.

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WOW Bali Information 2013-2014

  1. 1. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS WOW BALI INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE INFO SHEET About  WOW  BALI   Wow Bali is an internationally recognized program specializing in the areas of regenerative development and sharing the knowledge of sustainability via mutualism in a process coined as “Sustainable Dynamics.” Our projects and programs are based on human-centered, evolutionary design system for the integration of local wisdom with applied modern methodologies. We sustain through mutualism and creative economics with our partners, allowing us to regenerate and venture into more sustainable projects. 2013-­‐2014  Presentations,  Collaborations,  and  other  Efforts     • In January 2013, WOW was case studied by Presidio Graduate School for Sustainable Management for IDEO’s HCDConnect sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Case study headlines presented on: http://www.hcdconnec tri-hita-karana-bali- permaculture-to-save- a-disappearing- culture/ • Since 2013, we have been asked to present at various international conferences and workshops in regards to our programs aimed at “SAVING A DISAPEARING CULTURE” as well as the case studies, models and framework upon which we are basing our efforts. WOW basic claim of “holistic participation” framework via regenerative processes, such as applying creativity and technology fused with evolutionary design system thinking was well-received. v Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Workshop on Low Carbon Towards Green Growth.
  2. 2. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS Please find excerpt of APEC 2013 Workshop here: v Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Workshop on Development and Marketing of Agrotourism for Increasing Farm Household Incomes. Please find excerpt of APO Workshop Presentation Exchange shared by the Development Academy of the Philippines here: v World Forestry Association/ International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) 6th Annual Ecosystems Partnership Conference Please find presentations at International conferences (APEC, APO, and ICRAF): v Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) Seminar on Sustainable Tourism and Tourism Ethics
  3. 3. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS Please see exceprts of FEALAC Seminar Presentations here: v In March 2014, we were case studied by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity and the Development Academy of the Philippines for our “Human Biodiversity” framework based on WOW’s eight (8) pillars of sustainable dynamics and dynamics wellness modalities for our current regional development here in Gianyar Regency. v The WOW Awaken the Spirit: Conference, Concert and Ceremony was conducted last 29 March 2014 with our stakeholders as part of the case study for ASEAN Centre of Biodiversity and Dwijendra University, Bali’s oldest professional ethics University and one of our partners.
  4. 4. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS Please visit the following website to find out more about the eight (8) Pillars of the Human Biodiversity model presented during the WOW Awaken the Spirit Conference: Stakeholders’  “Active”  Initiatives                                                                                                                                          .   In our presentation to the Chancellor, deans and top faculty of Dwijendra University during the case study being carried out by the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, Ms. Kim Calderon, academic researcher from the Development Academy of the Philippines and a delegate in the intergovernmental Asian Productivity Organization Agrotourism Workshop who is currently doing research on sustainability, “WOW Sustainable Dynamics is not just one of the top sustainable projects, but the best project in sustainability” that she came across in her research here in Southeast Asia. WOW sustainable and wellness initiative is developed at a regional level here in Bali from Sayan to Penjangan; the largest and most prosperous area in Gianyar Region, just outside the internationally-acclaimed village of Ubud. WOW Initiatives are composed of the following stakeholders and efforts: . Tri Hita Karana Bali Yayasan (NGO) . Sustainability development in the areas of permaculture community projects; based on Hindu philosophy for human centered designs supporting the harmony with nature and god. Tri Hita Karana is WOW Bali’s local sponsor. It supports Wow Bali projects in the area of polyculture development. Mansion Ubud . Hotel and resort in Sayan Road considered to be in the “five star” hotel and resort row, which includes resorts such as the Four Season. The Mansion Hotel is dedicated to WOW Dynamic Wellness vision and alternative eco-development in the areas of “new celebrations,” “edutainment” conferences, services, tours and clients’ activities. The Mansion Ubud is also home of WOW Bali projects through mutualism and collaboration in our “dynamic wellness” development and So-Ho Entrepreneur development.
  5. 5. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS Dwijendra University . Oldest “professional ethics” University here in Bali offering programs from Kinder to Tertiary Level (Bachelor). Dwijendra University is collaborating with WOW to implement our “Human Biodiversity” framework within its curriculum and to co-create academic case studies for the framework to encourage International conferences for the regenerations of our “Human Biodiversity” Framework. This will include hosting and inviting Internationally recognized Universities here in Indonesia, ICRAFF academics/ecosystems services communities; plus ASEAN countries, its inter- government organizations and academia. . Kerta Generations . Kerta Village has offered WOW 115 hectares of land for the development of WOW Eco Village that features the WOW House and polyculture development, including the regeneration of permaculture practices via the Kerta Generations, university youths of Kerta village. Kerta village, 30 minutes away from Ubud is one of three certified organic sites in Indonesia that is using biogas for house hold energy and bio- fertilizer for all farming practices. Our stakeholders via this collaboration are Tri Hita Karana Yayasan for the development of polyculture programs and The Mansion for support in ecotourism; plus educational resources from Dwijendra University. This will be the largest regional development formed through a collaborative effort for sustainable community’s development that is directed and engaged in by the Generations youths of this village. Sekar Bumi Farm . This is one of Indonesia’s largest organic exotic flower farm and orchard located in Gianyar Regency of Bali. Sekar Bumi Tropical Farm is a home of WOW Bali’s ecological program. Programs includes Sekar Bumi’s tropical farm education village tours, floral arrangement, Eco-camp with a dynamic playground, trekking, cycling, flying fox (up to 500m), and paint ball course. Sekar Bumi and WOW’s stakeholders are in partnership to create a sustainable eco village for future regenerations of “sustainable dynamic” development and academic exchanges such as monthly/quarterly intensive practicum. Please refer to the following link for more information on the Cultural Wealth Project in partnership
  6. 6. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS with Sekar Bumi: cultural-wealth-development. Bindu Village . Bindu village and its land offering of five hectare for WOW sustainable development is the perfect village to exemplify WOW “Human Biodiversity” framework. Through our International stakeholders and partners, including our partnership with ASEAN countries, this will be the perfect eco-tourism development showcasing “holistic participation.” Few minutes way from the Mansion Resort in Ubud, visitors from our WOW International Network will experience best of both “sustainable” worlds on their trip to Bali: a five-star eco-resort and holistic and sustainable eco-village. Bindu’s dedication to showcasing our internationally recognized “human biodiversity” framework and how it can regenerate an eco-lifestyle and holistic participation will be the most dynamic efforts in sustainability. Current  Leading  Project  &  Developments Sustainable Dynamic Tour WOW Sustainable Dynamics International Collaboration Initiative is one of the projects of WOW Team based in Bali, Indonesia. This project aims to set out on tour to eleven (11) countries in Southeast Asia (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Timor Leste) to share dynamic wellness and sustainability with cultural communities and stakeholders (government, nonprofit NGOs, academia, and business). Through the tour, we intend to open opportunities for exchange and co-develop a social holistic (SO-HO) participatory framework we call “Sustainable Dynamics”. With the case study conducted for the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, this framework is currently being readapted to be the “Human Biodiversity Model”. The whole tour will be documented through social media, photographs, sound recording and film, in effect generating creative edutainment contents for a Mobile Network Technology applications to facilitate new media active learning by the public. Other Projects : Please ask for more details in our Sustainable and Wellness Technology Development, Social-Holistic (SO-HO) Entrepreneurs Conferences and WOW BALI’s Seasonal Intensive Practicum.
  7. 7. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS Other Partnerships & Other Development: AngelHack- Collaboration with Angel Hack Ambassadors from San Francisco, Bangalore, and Indonesia. WOW “Sustainable Dynamic” model hopes to develop a whole new ecosystem of developers in the development of APPS for sustainability and wellness which can be implemented via our inter-government groups and academia. . – Collaboration with TIE Bangalore to create the most innovative programs in the development of SO-HO Entrepreneur Boot Camp and Young Entrepreneur Camp based on WOW Sustainable Framework. Akaku Networks- Local Network Television/ Community Media MacHouse Productions – Film/ Cinematic Video Production Presentations  at  International  Conferences     APEC – Low Carbon towards Green Growth Conference – Workshop Panel with UNTWO for “Holistic Participation” ICRAF- Ecosystem Services Conference - Holistic Participatory Models for Sustainable Communities APO – Asian Productivity Organization- Showcase for Observational Study Visit for the Agrotourism Development and Marketing for Increasing Farm Household Income FEALAC – Eco-tourism and Tourism Ethics – Affective communities based on best practices. Case  Studies  &  Endorsements “Permaculture to save a disappearing culture”, Case study by Presidio Graduate School (MBA) for IDEO’s HCDConnect “The Human Biodiversity”- ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (Case study to be featured in the ACB Magazine) “Top sustainability and wellness framework and projects in Southeast Asia” -Ms. Kim Calderon, Development Academy of the Philippines
  8. 8. WOW BALI’S INTERNATIONAL INTIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND WELLNESS Support  and  Endorsements  Rendered     Center for Sustainable Human Development of the Development Academy of the Philippines “…full support to WOW and its vision for the development of sustainability and wellness in Bali. [WOW’s] initiatives in educating the Bali people to preserve Bali culture and raise their awareness about the environment through permaculture serve as living inspirations among many communities in the Southeast Asian region, like the Philippines” Development Academy of the Philippines as National Productivity Organization of the Philippines WOW founder as “renowned advocate/promoter of new media and sustainable eco tourism and agrotourism”. For this, he will be presenting the Sustainable Dynamic: International Collaboration Framework for Sustainable Development in May 2014 in the 11th APO Grantees Forum with the theme: Green Productivity towards a Greener Asian Economy. Local  Advisors:   v Pak Agung Rai of Arma Museum, v Pak Agung Prana, Village Chief of Uma Soca and Founder of Biorock Project in Pemuteran, v Pak Zan Zan, Founder of Omunity