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WOW Bali's Co-founder Hai Dai


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CV and Bio updated since May 2018

Published in: Environment
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WOW Bali's Co-founder Hai Dai

  1. 1. YAYASAN GLOBAL BANJAR INTERNASIONAL WOW BALI INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE Bali,Indonesia HAI DAI NGUYEN +62 819 9954 5553 Ubud, Bali,Indonesia| Co-founder and Creative Director WOW Bali International Initiative Bali,Indonesia January2012- present WOW Bali is an international initiative working with diverse stakeholders and creative collaborations in co-developing sustainability and wellness solutions and regenerative development. WOW Bali operates under Yayasan Global Banjar Internasional. Co-Founder & Director ProcessSpace Bali,Indonesia 2008 – January2011 Process Space is a creative facility for sharing instructional designs and programs for youths and artists. Case studied by for its human centered designed framework. Co-Founder & Director Hawaii,UnitedStates 2003 – Present(13years) Certified Teacher Trainer American Tae Kwon Do Association Since 1983 OtherFriday is an international new media youth program focusingonpreservingthe youth'screativity via evolutionary, holistic and sustainable models. Leading project from the R&D center of Big Brother- Big Sister of America in Maui, Hawaii. Case studied by for the most innovative youth’s New Media programs. Third black belter for the American Tae Kwon Do Association. Founded ‘Karate for Kids’ in 1986. 25 years of experience in the areas of: • DesignCommunications | Branding & New Media • UserExperience | Instructional Designs • InformationTechnology | Software Development • Education | Long distance Learning/ Life-long learning • Social Services| Wellness & Youth Development • Sustainability| Systemic Frameworks • Wellness|Sustainable and Rightful Livelihood International Recognitions: • InteractivityMagazine MultimediaLIVEAward | Best Multimedia Studio & TeamDevelopment National Alliance ofNewMedia Arts and Culture | Most Innovative and Sustainable Programs
  2. 2. • UNESCOGlobal Digital Ambassador Program | Mentor to 20 of the best youths worldwide in regenerating solutionsto the to 8 global problems (MDGs) using digital technology • Research Advocacy Award| For developing a global model for sustainable and regenerative community-based ecotourism • Outstanding ResearchProductivity Award| For being the Chair of the Asian Conference on Interdisciplinary Research 2017 Publication: Calderon,K.,&Nguyen,H.(2017). Sustainable Dynamics:A frameworkforcreative collaborationsfor sustainable developmentinBali,Indonesia.JPAIRMultidisciplinaryResearch,28(1). Sustainable Dynamics International Presentations (Southeast Asia):  PresidioGraduate School for Sustainable Managementfor HCDConnect (sponsoredby the Bill and MelindaGates Foundation) January 2013| Presenter-Facilitator for the “Permaculture to Save a Disappearing Culture” Case Study in Bali, Indonesia  Asia-PacificEconomic Cooperation(APEC) and the UnitedNationsWorldTourism Organization (UNWTO) June 2013 | Panelist on the Workshop on Low Carbon Workshop on Low Carbon towards Green Growth in Koh Samui, Thailand;presented Sustainable Community- based Eco-tOURismBest Practicesat the Grassroots Level  International Centre for Research on Agroforestry (ICRAF) 6th Annual International Ecosystem ServicesPartnershipConference August2013| Lead Discussant during the study visit in Sekar Bumi Farmto showcase ecosystems services in Bali, Indonesia  Asian ProductivityOrganization (APO) August2013 |Lead Discussant during the Observational Study Visit at SekarBumi Farmduring the International Workshop on Agro-tourismdevelopment and Marketing for Improving FarmHousehold Incomes in Bali, Indonesia  Forum for East Asia-LatinAmerica Cooperation(FEALAC) November2013 | Seminar on Sustainable Tourismand TourismEthics in Bali, Indonesia  ASEAN Centerfor Biodiversity (ACB) March 2014 | for Case Study Tour leading to the development of the “Human BioDiversity” Framework  DevelopmentAcademyof the Philippines(DAP) March 2015 | Asian Productivity Organization Keynote Speaker during the 11th Grantees’ Forum in Pasig City, Philippines,Green Productivity Towards a Greener Asian Economy  Department of Floriculture ofthe Ministryof Agriculture of Indonesiaand the Regencyof Gianyar in Bali August2014 | Panelist for the 1st International Heliconia Congress to discuss Dynamic Wellness and Sustainable Ecotourism  VietNam Ministry ofScience and TechnologySME DevelopmentCenter May2015 | Guest Presenter on Sustainable Dynamics Small and MediumEnterprises (SME) Solutions in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam  Hoa SenUniversityYoungBusinessAssociation May 2015 | Guest Presenter for Learning Exchange on Sustainable Tourism in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam  Forum for East Asia-LatinAmerica Cooperation(FEALAC) September2015 | Presenter (Showcase) during the Indonesia FEALAC Youth Conference 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia  International Youth FriendshipCamp February2016 & March 2017 | Speaker and Youth Mentor to International Youth Delegates in Bali, Indonesia  ASEAN+ ChildrenFestival 2016 December2016|Main Facilitatorand Learning Service provider to more than 60 youth delegates and youth mentors fromASEAN Countriesand beyond  6th International Conference onMultidisciplinaryResearch June 2017 | Presenter (Sustainable Dynamics: A framework forcreative collaborationsforsustainable development in Bali, Indonesia)  International Conference onInterdisciplinaryResearch in Higher Education June 2017|Keynote Speaker on Sustainable and Regenerative Development in SiemReap, Cambodia
  3. 3.  Asian Conference onInterdisciplinaryResearch September2017 | Conference Chairperson and Keynote Speaker on Sustainable and Regenerative Development in Bali, Indonesia  Training on TransdisciplinaryResearch October2017 | Resource Speaker on Transdisciplinary Research:Concepts,Methods,and Techniquesin Cebu City, Philippines  Collaborative Researchand FusionDevelopmentWorkshopOct2017| Lead Facilitation and Resource Speaker in Tagbilarab City, Bohol, Philippines  UNHI UniversityIntroductionsto TransdisciplinaryTraining Nov 2017| Lead Facilitation and Resource Speaker in Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia  Warmadewa UniversityCollaborative ResearchTrainingDec 2017| Lead Facilitation and Resource Speaker in Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia  Warmadewa University“ThinkLocal Share Global” Conference January2018| Keynote Speakerand Resource Speaker in Denpasar City, Bali,Indonesia Awards & Recognitions:  Global Model of Sustainable and Regenerative DevelopmentinCommunityBased Eco- Tourism 2017| International Association of Scholarly Publishers,Editorsand Reviewers Inc.  InterdisciplinaryResearchAdvocacy Award 2017 | Asian Society of Teachers for Research Inc.  InterdisciplinaryResearchProductivityAward 2017 | Asian Society of Teachers for Research Inc.  Research Advocacy Award 2017 | International Association of Scholarly Publishers,Editorsand Reviewers Inc.  Certificate ofRecognition:Resource Speaker 2017 – Training on TransdisciplinaryResearch | Asian Association forInterdisciplinary Research Inc. Education:  Cal State Hayward (1984-1986) Computer Science  San Jose State University(1986-1988) Design Communications  Santa Clara (1986-1987) Business Management  UC Berkley(1985-1986) New Media Studies  American ConservatoryTheater (1989-2000) Congress Programs
  4. 4. Conference Profile: HAI DAI NGUYEN Hai Dai Nguyen, WOW's Creative Director, started his professional career as a SustainabilityEngineer at the age of 19 years oldfor Exel/Exar Incorporated;auditing semiconductor subcontractors inSouth East Asia for its mother companyRohmJapan. He has beenrecognizedfor excellence for almost three decades inthe United States:from being featured inABC’s Channel 7 News “Profile of Excellence” for being headof instructions to one of the largest youthmartialarts program, Karate for Kids, in the U.S. and applyingsocialresponsibilitiesas part of their mentaltraining andtransformative leadership development in 1992, to being case studiedbythe NationalAlliance ofNewMedia Arts and Culture for the most innovative new media youthprograms in2003. Hai Dai's multiple intelligences investigations andhis passionfor creativityandtechnologybegan while he was anearlypioneer in the days of multimedia. He has started the first newmediadesign studio, Envision, andwas the Creative Director for the top New Media DemoTeam, exhibiting for InteractivityMagazine, MacworldDigital Arts Exhibition, and Multimedia Live Expo. His design communications portfolio exemplified work for Fortune 100 Companies, suchas Apple Computer, IBM, Hewlett Packers, DDB Needham Worldwide andSaatchi & Saatchi San Francisco andY&R GlobalAd Agency. He wasthe closing lecturer for Professor RandalSexton Portfolio Programs at SanJose State on DesignCommunications Department andworkingwith handin hand with renowned SiliconValleydesigners such as Karl Miller, Creative Director for IBMandCarlos Perez of Apple Computer. From there he joinedSunLaboratorywiththe original Java Soft teamdoing"Stellar User Experience" for the America Online (AOL) "Anywhere Project." As a corporate researcher for one ofthe leading researchfacilityat the turnof the century(known as "the folks who createdthe backbone of the Internet"), he spent histime developing andresearchinga "three buttonuser interface" and sharing hisvisionof The HumanIntelligence Navigational Guidance System (T.H.I.N.G.S)for natural human informationexchange. After leaving Sun Labs, Hai Daibecame the TechnologyDirector for the first online Silicon ValleyArt Museum( andwriting TechnologyNotes for MacworldMagazine Digital Art Competitions. This propelled himinto pedagogyresearchandalternative education enabled bytechnology;from helpinglaunch KennedyCenter schoolsand teaching at leading academyprep schools, SeaburyHall, to piloting the first online high school, ThompsonAcademy and creating enrichment programs for art-based integrationschool, Pomai Kai Elementary. The core of WOW regenerative programs is based onUNESCO’s DigitalYouthAmbassador’s philosophy, created to helpyouths advocate the Top 8 Global Issues(precursor to today’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals)via digital technology. In 2006, Hai Dai was selectedas MultimediaDirector, andtaught twentyof UNESCO’s Digital GlobalAmbassadors from countries aroundthe world. He also integratedThrow andSow’s ecological practices via creative NewMedia processes and wasshowcased at ZeroOne Festival at InternationalSocietyElectronic Arts (ISEA)Exposition 2006, sponsoredbyAdobe Incorporated. As a natural progressioninhissearch of excellence, Hai Dai's projectile over 15 years of research in the areas of sustainable development via cognitive studies, multiple intelligences andUXdesigns led him to EvolutionaryDesign Systems, collaborating with systems scientists andvisionaries such as Professor Alexander LaszloandDr. TimothyLearyinresearching whole brain model for intelligence. Hai Dai’s sustainabilityresearchbrought himto Indonesia, to studyfrom one of the TOPregenerative cultures;sustainable all the wayup to the 21st Century, collaborating withtheir TOPcultural elitists;such as Jero Gede Batur, AgungRai, Agung Prana and & Gede Ardika, former Ministryof Culture andTourism. Here in Bali, where he co-foundedWOW Baliin2012. In early 2013, WOW Bali was case studiedfor;exhibiting their “Sustainable Dynamic” Framework inpreservationof Balinese culture via a “one-two punch incommunitytrust and New Mediaskills” documentedbyPresidio Graduate School inSan Francisco. Together withcommunitystakeholders inBali, he establishedthe YayasanGlobalBanjar Internasionalto share human-centered design;actionresearch(active learning) and practices on sustainabilityand regenerative development (easy- to-do, simple-to-share). Since these past years, he haspresentedat UNWTO-APEC, APO, ICRAF, FEALAC, DAP, to ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, consulted for numerous five star hotels and resorts on sustainable tourism. Hai Dai haslectured at Universities and schoolson the ‘WOW’s Dynamics’ andpublished researchcase study with Ms. Kim Calderon, Senior Researcher from the Development Academyof the Philippineson his“Sustainable Dynamics”:A frameworkfor creative collaborations for sustainable development in Bali, Indonesia. Hai Dai’s efforts continue to spiraltowards new sustainable dynamic solutions for a more holistic andecological lifestyle via the advocacyof research for collaborations andfusiondevelopment incommunity baseddevelopment. Recentlyin2017, Hai Dai was recognized for his“Sustainable Dynamics” Frameworkapplied as a “Global Frameworkfor CommunityBased Development via Eco-Tourism” bythe International Association ofScholarlyPublishers, Editors and Reviewers Inc. andResearch AdvocacyAwardfor hisMultidisciplinaryandInterdisciplinaryResearch andMethodologies. Plus recognizedbythe AsianAssociation for InterdisciplinaryResearch Inc. as a “Resource Speaker andTrainer onTransdisciplinary Research; Concept, Methods & Techniques.” Currentlyunder MOU with UniversitasWarmadewa (Bali)and UniversitasSebelas Maret (Central Java) developingaccredited programs and in collaborations myriads of Universities in the Philippines;applying WOW’s ‘Sustainable Dynamic’ framework. Hai Dai is excited in sharing hisWOW’s Dynamics, action-based methodologies, for optimum collaborative research andfusion development. His visionis to regenerate WOW’s ‘Sustainable Dynamics’ Framework for collaborations withAcademia in developing networktechnologiesbasedapplications and event based programs for optimum regenerations.