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Toyota 4x4 Conservation Outreach


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Inagural 4x4 Toyota Conservation Outreach that took place in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa

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Toyota 4x4 Conservation Outreach

  1. 2. Following the successes of 7 years of the 4x4 Eco Challenge, the Toyota 4x4 Conservation Outreach was born out of a lifelong dream of Game Ranger Association of Africa to reach out to their fellow rangers, often in very remote locations, to extend the hand of brotherhood , by sharing experience, knowledge and universal problems. The first steps have been taken towards building bridges across borders between different conservation agencies, governments and local game rangers.
  2. 3. <ul><li>4 Countries </li></ul><ul><li>8 Trans Frontier Parks </li></ul><ul><li>4 border crossings </li></ul><ul><li>5500km </li></ul>
  3. 5. The main objective of the Southern Africa Wildlife College is to provide people from Africa with the required motivation and relevant skills to manage and conserve their protected areas and associated fauna and flora on a sustainable basis in cooperation with local communities. The main objective of the Game Rangers Association of Africa is to ensure that game rangers from Africa are adequately trained and equipped to carry out their work. Maintain good contact and communication between Game Rangers especially in Africa and support and promote wildlife management activities in Africa. A vital component of Peace Parks Foundation’s objectives is to develop programmes that provide a reasonable alternative to deforestation and continued land-degradation with communities living adjacent to the parks.
  4. 7. Endangered Wildlife Trust World Wildlife Fund South African National Parks Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
  5. 8. Mozambique Ministry of Tourism South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Zambia Wildlife Authority
  6. 9. Number of Vehicles: 13 vehicles Total Journey Distance : 5482.4km (71271km combined) Total Driving Hours: 91 hours 28 minutes
  7. 10. ` Number of meals: 1890 ( 3 meal per day, 21 days) Food & Drinks: 4 ton Number of fridges: 8 National Luna camping freezers
  8. 11. 26 past SAWC Students from 13 parks & 4 countries 24 of these students promoted since SAWC Training 97 New Game Ranger members signed up
  9. 12. 13 Journalists from Print, Radio & TV 131 minutes live Radio Airtime on RSG’s Monitor 7500 unique visitors to blog T V Inserts on SABC 2 ’s 50/50 & SABC Morning News Articles: Leisure Wheels, SA4x4, Getaway, Mooi Loop, Wiel, Media24, Top Car, Beeld & Die Burger, Wheels Mag, Car & Leisure Toyota AutoZone
  10. 13. Vehicles, Clothing, Logistics Website
  11. 14. Toyota South Africa Toyota Financial Services Goodyear South Africa Klipbokkop AVNIC Trading Hi-Q South Africa National Luna 4x4 Mega World MBV SatCom
  12. 15. The success of the inaugural event has generated huge interested and cries for help from countries as far afield as Tanzania. For the 2009 outreach we plan to visit 3 countries and as many as 10 Trans Frontier National Parks. Only with your participation and support can this outreach become a reality!