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THE MACHINE that prints money orders


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Mailbox business opportunities are super popular right now.
Unfortunately, most of them are operated by shady characters.

MTM is the first private ecosystem that pays money orders directly thru the mail that has a real team you can connect with.

We are backed by Vigilant America, a registered 501(c)4 nonprofit organization in the state of Arizona.

Text "MTM" to 602-899-0266 for more info.

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THE MACHINE that prints money orders

  1. 1. What is MTM? Marketing Thru the Mail Making Tons of Money Money To your Mailbox Monetize To the Max Machine That Monetizes
  2. 2. What is The Machine? The Machine consists of the people, platforms, and processes we use to generate predictable streams of revenue!
  3. 3. Hi, my name is... CW JOHNSON •23 years of business ownership expertise •3 college degrees including an MBA •10 years of living 100% from my laptop/phone •3 Successful crypto trading apps •10,000 member audience with no social presence. •ZERO Complaints/Ripoffreports •Current Director of Vigilant America (VA)
  4. 4. How I can comfortably live with NO 9 to 5? These are my secrets •I drink lots of water •I workout alot •I do meditation/visualization •I have an openmind •I question EVERYTHING •I treat people fairly •I share my profits with my friends
  5. 5. Private Money Groups 101 •Membership is by personal invitation only. •VA is respected/ registered nonprofit org. •No debt means no need for exit scams. Trust •Work when you want. •Make how much money you want. •Use the platform to build other businesses. Scalability •We own the entire codebase. •We own all IP. •Members on 6 continents. Support • Access to a team of real people. • Access to top productivity tools. Flexibility
  6. 6. Platform Specs VA network of data centers all over the globe. 1.Fully scalable, secure, and stable infrastructure. 2.Offshore hosting to avoid censorship and DMCA issues. 3.In-house content distribution network. 4.Advanced social media syndication/analysis tools. 5.Ai-enabled cryptocurrency aggregator/liquidator.
  7. 7. Private Peer-to-peer Crowdfunding The fastest way to raise money. ? 1.Make initial contribution to another campaign. 2.Recieve 3 contributions of the same amount. 3.The first contribution goes to your referrer. The other two go to you. 4.You have doubled your contribution. 5.You can repeat this over and over.
  8. 8. Streamlined Process | Almost Hands-free business ? Your initial contribution includes: Exclusive marketing training. Access to our blogging platform. Discounted high quality leads verified by CASS. WE CLOSE YOUR LEADS! WE HANDLE ALL TECH ISSUES! WE WRITE ALL SALES COPY! YOU DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!
  9. 9. Ready? Time for some action! 1.Need more info? Text me 602-899-0266 2.Think this is a scam? Report me to Be sure to include a link to this presentation. 3.Ready to begin making money now? KEEP WATCHING!!!
  10. 10. Start Recieving money orders in the mail. How to join •One-time Admin Fee: $50 •Initial Contribution levels $100 | $500 | $1,000 | $2,000 | $5,000 Send your initial contribution money order payable to: Vigilant America PO Box 6511 Glendale AZ 85312
  11. 11. Start Recieving money orders in the mail. After you join •I will personally process your membership. •You will receive marketing materials to share. •You can begin bringing in contributors. •You can automate the prospecting process by buying CASS verified name/address leads. •VA handles all of the selling/explaining/onboarding. •You can double your money as many times as you like!