Is cancer curable


Published on to learn about the power of spiritual healing and how it can help you by taking this free e-course. Cancer is one of the most serious medical conditions that an individual can be diagnosed with. Is cancer curable is one of the questions many individuals will ask themselves and others. A look at the facts about cancer should be able to help answer this question.

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Is cancer curable

  1. 1. Is Cancer Curable? Find Out the TruthBy Brian BowieReiki MasterCreative Expressions E-learning LLCLearn Ways To Heal Cancer for Free
  2. 2. Cancer is one of the most serious medical conditions thatan individual can be diagnosed with. Is cancer curable isone of the questions many individuals will askthemselves and others. A look at the facts about cancershould be able to help answer this question.With the exception of a few types of cancer, the cause ofcancer is not known. The theory is that cancer is causedby changes in the DNA of normal cells that are located invarious parts of the body. These cells may then becomeabnormal due to the change in DNA. Sometimes thesecells will start to grow rapidly and in an uncontrolledmanner. For some reason the body has lost its ability tocontrol these abnormal cells from developing. These cellswill continue to grow and they will eventually form amalignant tumor. It is this tumor that will start tointerfere with the organ or body part in a manner thatdoes not allow it to function normally.
  3. 3. So the process of how cancer develops is known, but theproblem is that with most cancers, scientists do not knowwhat triggers the changes in the cells DNA in the firstplace. Now there are some cancers where the cause isknown. For example, we know that two types of thehuman papillomavirus (HPV) cause about 70% of all casesof cervical cancer. It is important to understand that evenif a woman has been affected by this virus, it does notmean that she will develop cervical cancer. Her immunesystem might be effective in controlling the infection orthe cells in her cervix might never have cancer cells. Onething that still eludes researchers is exactly how HPVcauses cancer to develop.So the problem with curing cancer is that fact that theactual cause has not been identified. Since researchersdo not know how it starts, they also do not know how tokeep it from starting. Because of this cancer is not trulycurable at this time. There are other facts that supportthis claim.
  4. 4. As noted earlier, tumors are formed by abnormal thatmultiply rapidly and uncontrollably. Research so far hasfound that these abnormal changes in the cell are notcharacterized by any specific symptoms. This leads toone of the biggest problems with cancer is that it is notdiagnosed until the tumor has grown large enough toaffect the body part that it is located and then givingsome indication that it is present in the body.Furthermore, the cancer symptoms that a sufferer mightexperience are quite common, such as fatigue, pain inthe affected area of the body, indigestion or theappearance of a mole on the skin. These symptoms areeasy to ignore or just to write off to some else that isafflicting the body.
  5. 5. It is because of the fact that most individuals are nottreated early because of the lack of symptoms during theearly stages of cancer, that cancer treatment success canbe very difficult. The main treatment for cancer is tosurgically remove the tumor. The removal of tissue andlymph nodes surrounding the tumor may also berequired depending how far the cancer has spread at thetime of diagnosis. If the cancer is real bad, it may requirethe removal of the entire organ all though this is notalways possible if the organ is required for living. Forexample, if both lungs were infected, it would not bepossible to remove both lungs. In the cases of thegynecological cancers, the entire reproductive system ofthe female patient is usually removed.The other issue with curing cancer is that even if thetumor is removed, it more likely that the patients mayremain disabled and/or seriously ill for the rest of theirlives. Also research indicates that there is a an increasedrisk of dying after successful treatment of cancer and thelikelihood of living past five years is not as great assomeone who has not had cancer.
  6. 6. The good news is that modern treatment is gettingbetter all of the time and people are becoming moreaware of cancer and ways to help prevent or reduce itsrisk. The key to effective cancer treatment is to diagnoseit in its early stages. If it is caught in its earlier stagesthere is a greater likelihood of successful treatment andto live a more normal life after the treatment is over.One last point is that even if the cancer can be removedand the abnormal cells killed by radiation orchemotherapy, the individual is at a higher risk of gettingcancer in the future and should definitely do anyrecommended screenings and be aware of any potentialcancer symptoms.So the answer to the question of whether cancer iscurable is basically that at this time it is not fully curable.However, research is ongoing and innovative methodsfor treatment are constantly undergoing trials. Oneexample is the transplantation of stem cells, even thoughthis type of treatment is still experimental. Despite this,patients and their relatives should be suspicious of anypeople or clinics that promise certain curing.
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