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How to #Werk a Networking Event by @Partyaficionado


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As the event organizer, social marketing specialist, and admitted Twitter addict, Cheryl helps attendees navigate the Social Media Tulsa Conference using the tools of the social web and mobile. First things first... Don't turn off your cell phones. This presentation was broken into 3 parts: Welcome: How to #Werk: and Reflection section at the end of the day. Learn more or

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How to #Werk a Networking Event by @Partyaficionado

  1. 1. How to #W erk a Netw orking eventCheryl Law son @P artyAficionado
  2. 2. What do I want to have happen? What is the current situation? What am I willing to do?How will I know when it happens?Where and how will I get support? Via