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Sound Formats


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Sound Formats

  1. 1. SOUND FORMATS<br />
  2. 2. Sound/Audio Format <br /><ul><li>a file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system.
  3. 3. This data can be stored uncompressed, or compressed to reduce the file size.</li></li></ul><li>Types of Sound Formats<br /><ul><li>Uncompressed audio formats
  4. 4. Lossless compressed audio formats
  5. 5. Lossy compressed audio formats</li></li></ul><li>Uncompressed audio formats<br /><ul><li>.WAV
  6. 6. a Microsoft and IBM audio file format
  7. 7. the main format used on Windows systems for raw and typically uncompressed audio</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>.AIFF
  8. 8. Audio Interchange File Format(AIFF)
  9. 9. Developed by Apple Inc.
  10. 10. There is also a compressed variant of AIFF known as AIFF-C or AIFC</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>WAV and AIFF are flexible file formats designed to store more or less any combination of sampling rates or bitrates. This makes them suitable file formats for storing and archiving an original recording.</li></li></ul><li>Lossless compressed audio formats<br /><ul><li>.FLAC
  11. 11. Free Lossless Audio Codec(FLAC)
  12. 12. similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality.
  13. 13. the fastest and most widely supported lossless audio codec</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Development in lossless compression formats aims to reduce processing time while maintaining a good compression ratio.</li></li></ul><li>Lossy compressed audio formats<br /><ul><li>.MP3
  14. 14. the best-known example of lossy compressed audio
  15. 15. a form of lossy data compression
  16. 16. designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group(MPEG)</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>.AAC
  17. 17. achieves better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates
  18. 18. Advanced Audio Codec
  19. 19. successor of the MP3 format</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>The lower the rate, the smaller the file and the greater the quality loss.</li>